Update your wallets and masternodes before fork at block 50,000 – Guide

Instructions to update your wallet: 

1) Start with making a backup of your current wallet, just in case.
(a) Go to your main Pac core folder and copy and paste the wallet.dat file to at least 2 usb keys
2) Close your wallet.
3) Choose your operating system here –
4) Install the wallet.
5) Your $PAC Core wallet should now be open and updated.
6) To make sure you’re running the right wallet open the wallet and click on “Paccoin Core” and click on “About $PAC Core”.
7) The wallet version should be saying $PAC Core version v0.12.3.0
8) Delete your old $PAC Core SHORTCUT, otherwise, you will load up the old $PAC Core wallet.

How to update your masternode with shell script on a VPS to the latest verion (only for Cold wallet setup)

1) Go to your VPS and execute the following commands on the command line.
2) Run this command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PACCommunity/PAC/master/pac-update.sh

3) Run this command:

chmod +x pac-update.sh

4) Run this command:


Or run this single line to execute all the previous commands in one go:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PACCommunity/PAC/master/pac-update.sh && chmod +x pac-update.sh && ./pac-update.sh

5) Get the new wallet update by following the above instructions (Instructions to wallet update).

6) Start Masternode again. Two options:
(a) Run this command:

./pac/paccoin-cli masternode start-alias MNxx

MNxx is your masternode alias name.

(b) Open your new wallet and under the masternode section choose your MN and click start alias.

7) To check that your masternode is successfully started – run this command from your VPS:

~/paccoin-cli masternode status

It should say if the masternode is successfully started and under your masternode section check that it says Protocol 70213

Follow the instructions: 1) Do you want to autobackup wallet.dat and continue with the process? [y/n]: Type yes to backup and continue or no to stop process.

If you have any questions to the above then feel free to reach out to some of our mods on discord.

– Saul


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  1. can i make update after the block 50000?

    1. If you have a Masternode, it will not generate payouts after block 50k, unless you update it.

      Your wallet will not be able to process any transactions after block 50k, unless you update it. If a payment is sent to your non-updated wallet after block 50k, you will still get it, but only after you update.

      1. I updated my wallet to there is a problem with downloading blocks. although there are 8 active connections, the number of connections is 0 and the wallet does not synchronize

          1. I have updated to 12.3.1 but still wallet does not synchronize

          2. Hello,

            Go to tools > repair wallet > rebuild index.

            If it then becomes stuck at some point enter this command in the Debug console:
            ‘invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525’

  2. Hope this isn’t required for PAC at Cryptopoia wallet.

    1. They will be updating the wallet shortly. Tradesatoshi and Coinexchange.io have already updated theirs.

      1. Thanks for info.

  3. “Delete your old $PAC Core SHORTCUT” – how can I do it? Please, write.

    1. Drag and drop it in your Recycle Bin.

  4. how to restore new wallet

    1. Restore from backup?

  5. are there problems for those who still have Paccoin in the redeem Wallet?

    1. If you are still waiting to receive your coins, send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  6. So this only applies you updating your paccoin wallet if you have a masternode?

    1. The wallet update is mandatory for all investors.

  7. I have updated my old Pac wallet (168 000) pac in it…
    But, in new wallet i have 0 (zero) (((
    all Pacs are still in old one. plz help

    1. Did you overwrite the files when installing the update? Or change the install directory?

  8. Seria bom fazer um video explicando como fazer.

    1. It’s literally just a download and install for the wallet, and run 2 commands that you copy/paste to update your Masternode.

  9. Is Yobit updated?

    1. We have not received confirmation from them yet.

  10. Good day, I am writing to you in order to clarify the value of pac coin about fork. cryptopia Updated to $ pac, 1000/1
    I feel the annoyance but after a lot of reading I still do not understand

    On January 14, I bought 100000 PAC in Cryptopia for $ 10, then I read on his blog that I should not do anything to get my new $ Pac, now I have $ 100 Pac for a value of $ 0.70 but if I look at the quote I can see that the price since January 14 rose from 0.00000001 to 0.00000088, is this normal? I have lost more than 99% of USD value while the currency is up x 88 ?? Thanks in advence and apologies for sent it in other lenguage.

    1. You are mixing the prices of old PAC and new $PAC. The 2 coins have 2 different prices.

      BTC can only go 8 decimal places after 1 whole. (0.00000001 or 1 sat). It can not go any lower, but the price of a coin, can. Pairings such as DOGE/LTC/USD/etc show the true price of any coin that goes lower than 1 sat.

      At the time of redemption, old PAC was 0.000000002 (which is 2/10 of 1 sat if BTC had 9 decimal places). New $PAC was just over x1000 of the old PAC price when it went live on the exchanges in Feb. At the time, 2/10 of 1 sat was $0.00002. New $PAC listed at $0.03. It has since fallen lower.

  11. I did update my windows desktop wallet.
    Updated wallet version saying this: $PAC Core version v0.12.3.0-6faaeae (64-bit). It is correct? It wil the masternode work correctly ?

    1. That is the correct wallet update.

      You need to update your Masternode too. Then start alias using your updated wallet.

      1. How do we update our masternode from windows? and how do we start using alias?

        1. Do you have a Masternode?

    2. Do I need to delete the paccoin wallet shortcut or completely uninstall it, then download the new wallet update, I just want to be absolutely sure

      1. Download update. Make a backup of your wallet.dat. Install update and overwrite files. Delete old launcher/icon.

  12. Is v0.12.3.0-6faaeae the right version? It didn’t open after running the installer and I used the shortcut to find the paccores files

    1. Yes.

  13. What about yobit wallets

    1. We are awaiting confirmation from them.

  14. i still have my oldpac coin 26 million on btcpop staking. i did ask them on twitter and they said they were going to make the swap for us but still hasn’t happened. do you guys know anything about it?

    1. Never heard of them. You’re going to want to withdraw and do the redemption process with us, to ensure you get your new $PAC.

  15. Where do you find the VPS?

    1. There’s many VPS’s to choose from. Vultr is a very popular VPS that many Masternode holders use.

  16. How I update my masternode?
    What doeas it mean: Go to your VPS and execute the following commands on the command line.
    What is VPS? Where do I find this?
    Help me please, I don’t want lost my PACcoins.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. If you aren’t using a VPS (virtual private server), then there’s no need to worry about it.

      If you are hosting your Masternode on Windows, just update the wallet, update the Sentinel (https://github.com/PACCommunity/sentinel/releases), restart the alias.

  17. windows 10. after upgrade status of the masternode is watchdog_expired. Status masternode in console:
    “outpoint”: “d39e00f3f9e3e8ea2b06955d4657b64ce8ded0b810136789bc0f92d0f986b4ac-1”,
    “service”: “”,
    “payee”: “PNKwwPYX96csU2s2Rgqyyuiti5MkPeZjDi”,
    “status”: “Masternode successfully started”
    Sentinel is running.
    What i need to do?

      1. thx. now it’s ok.

  18. Good morning everyone!!! As recommended by you, I performed the portfolio update. It’s the $ PAC Core version v0.12.3.0-6faaeae (64-bit), however following this tutorial of yours – http://altcoin-guide.com/paccoin-vps-masternode-guide/ – to configure the masternode I followed the step of sending pac, when I made the transaction, I could not. That is, it appears as an unconfirmed payment, and I can not make any transfer. I have balance in my wallet, but it only appears that it has not been confirmed and therefore I can not carry out the following steps. I ask your help to solve my problem. Thank you.

    1. After 15 confirmations, you’ll be good to continue.

      1. even with the transfer value showing zero ??? OBS: That was not the value I did.

        1. If you sent the 500k to your new address, it takes 15 confirmations before it’s good.

  19. I have trouble updating the paccoin wallet, do I need to delete the current new paccoin redemption wallet that is version 12.2.3, how do I go about doing that, I followed the instruction, I don’t know if I’m missing something or not, please let me know thanks

    1. Make a backup of your wallet first. Install the update and overwrite the files. Delete the old $PAC Core wallet launcher/icon. Use the new launcher/icon that came with the update.

      1. No “new launcher/icon” has showed up on my desktop. How do I create my own?

        1. Hello

          When you are on Windows, go to Windowskey + R, Type in Appdata.
          Then you go to a folder. then go to Roaming, In there is PAccoin Core. In that paccoin core folder you see Paccoin-qt. Right click and choose Create Shortcut.

          When on MAC,
          Press Cmd + Shift + G and enter ~/Library/Application Support/. Look for the Paccoin Core wallet and create a desktop shortcut for the same file.

  20. Hello, I am about to tranfer my old Pac from the redemption wallet into the the Pac wallet. Given this above update everyone is talking about – Would it be better to update the wallet first and then put the coin transfer active?

  21. Please explain the following in detail: Go to your main Pac core folder and copy and paste the wallet.dat file to at least 2 usb keys

    1. Windows: Press Windows + R and type %appdata%. Locate Paccoin Core folder and open it.

      Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Paccoin Core

  22. Question, Do I get anything from stacking coins in my wallet without running the VPS(given that I donot have the said access)? as of this moment I have 10000$pac on my wallet and if so how much would I get every month if I do? Thank you!

    1. Only Masternodes receive “staking” rewards. You need 500k $PAC.

  23. okay so there’s no need to hold our coins in the wallet since we get nothing if we dont have 500k $pac right? any news about mobile wallet?

    1. If you trust keeping your coins on an exchange, then you can do that.

      Mobile wallets are available: https://pacmobile.net

  24. Can I have staking option without masternode; I have 500.501 $PAC balance?

    1. Only Masternodes and miners receive rewards.

  25. so I have previously downloaded several wallets from the website. Now I have to download new wallets again? how many times is this going to happen? I mean seriously, how many times do I have to do the same stuff? cmon man

    1. We apologize, but these updates are important.

      This isn’t a new wallet download. They are updates. This stops the Prohash issue, and raises the MN rewards.

  26. hi again, is there any way that you guys can do a tutorial on how to set up a masternode? because the instructions appear to be simple but still somewhat confusing…. id really would appreciate it thanks!!

    1. We will look into that 🙂

  27. I have pac coin in iOS wallet, do I need to do anything

    1. There is an update out on Test Flight for iOS wallet.

  28. If only Masternodes (500k $pac) alone receives staking reward then there is no need me keeping my 20k $pac on my PC everyday and running power and data.

  29. It is my $PAC Wallet version after update : $PAC Core version v0.12.3.0-6faaeae (64-bit). Is it true?!
    My wallet now can not connect. What should I do?!
    Thanks a lot

    1. We have a new update out now: http://download.paccoin.net/PACv1231all.zip

      Make a backup of your current wallet.
      Download and select your correct operation system and install.
      Overwrite existing files.
      Start the wallet.
      If the wallet gets stuck while syncing, click on Tools > Debug Console, and copy/paste this: invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525
      Press Enter.
      Restart wallet.

  30. My $pac wallet has been locked and I have problem unlocking it. I have been trying to type in my wallet passphrase as per the one I used when I had the $pac wallet encrypted. I have been trying it out using many different formats, but still failing to have it unlocked. Please let me know how to do it correctly or what kind of help can I ask for. Thank you

    1. You have to use the exact passphrase you created when you encrypted the wallet.

  31. I have question. I sent ~64K $PAC to cryptopia from my wallet. With over 24 confirmations and a tx id of 5a4e88e56438563269ac133f0ba8c0c41d8901139c002aad07fdfa69eb4efcd5-000, the $PAC has not shown up in my cryptopia wallet. It also doesn’t show in the explorer. $PAC is usually not this slow (~2 hours). Can you help? I wait til morning before I start freakin’ out, but wanted to give some kind of heads up.

    1. Did your transaction go through?

  32. But my main question, since I backed up my wallet, I can still go ahead and uninstall the paccoin wallet, because its not giving me the option to delete but just to uninstall it, is that okay

    1. So long as you save your backup away from the paccoin wallet folder, you are safe to delete/uninstall the wallet.

  33. Hi, I am sorry to bother you.
    I have made a back-up of my wallet.dat file. I have downloaded the new OS version and installed it with overwriting all the files. But the new PaccoinCore won’t open. I get the message : ” failes to laod masternodes payment cache”. Can you help me out? FYI.. I am not running a masternode

    1. Go into your Paccoin Core folder, and delete the mncache.dat file.

      Open wallet.

      1. Many thanks for the quick reply. I also had to remove the old governace.dat, manpayments.dat and the netfulfilled.dat files from the Paccoin Core folder in order for the $PAC Core – Wallet to open and update. All works fine again! Keep up the good works.

  34. ola boa noite!
    a minha atualização da nova carteira nunca concluiu a sincronia de rede, parou em 99%.
    o que eu faço?

    1. Click on Tools > Debug Console.
      Copy/Paste this command.

      invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

      Press Enter.
      Restart wallet.

  35. Hello! I updated my wallet to version all done according to your instructions. But now it can not be synchronized to the end! He stopped at block number 49999. Here is a screenshot.


    What should I do?

    1. Click on Tools > Debug Console.
      Copy/Paste this command:

      invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

      Then restart wallet.

      1. Yes, I saw your previous comment and immediately did what you recommend. Now I have done it again. And nothing happens, the synchronization is not complete. (((


        1. Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index.

          If it still gets stuck do this part again, Click on Tools > Debug Console.
          Copy/Paste this command:

          invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

          Press Enter.
          Restart wallet.

      2. Hello
        I have a problem like him. I did but its not work yet. Stop at block number 49999 and did not work !

      3. and when we restart wallet, it shows again block 50242 🙁

        1. Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index.

          If it still gets stuck do this part again, Click on Tools > Debug Console.
          Copy/Paste this command:

          invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

          Press Enter.
          Restart wallet.

          1. Thank you so much. It worked ! I am so happy 🙂

  36. Hello! I updated my wallet to version all done according to your instructions.
    When done installing, I click newly created shortcut, it saiz something about loading new block…yes or abort
    abort ends all, yes opend wallet for half a seond and auto shut it down….delete the shortcut and qt.exe file.

    all i can do is reinstall and it happends all over again…

    wat to do
    thank you

    1. after temporarely turning down all securities, and installing again seems to work ok, ty

  37. After we get the new paccoin wallet, do we then transfer our shares over to he 12.3 wallet or no?

    1. The update overwrites your current wallet. It’s an update, not a new wallet.

  38. My question, my shares are no longer in the updated 12.3 wallet, do I need to transfer the shares over from the old wallet to the 12.3 version paccoin wallet, or it automatically will show up later in there?

    1. IF you overwrote the files when you installed the update, it would have automatically shown up.

      1. When I overwrote the files, I’m not seeing it, Do you have any suggestions

        1. Do you have a backup of your wallet.dat?

  39. I updated it today, and I overwrote the data. antivirus wiped it off my Drive and reinstalled it using the update provided. and now its taking a very long time to sync 4 days worth where 4 weaks took 30 min ish. did i brake it?

    1. Click Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index

      Click on Tools > Debug Console.
      Copy/Paste this command.

      invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

      Press Enter.
      Restart wallet.

  40. Hi,
    I bought PAC before and after the wallet update at cryptopia, then sended them to my wallet, before the wallet I got them recorded. But now (after the wallet update) I do not see any incoming transaction even though the pac explorer is showing it correctly and the recipients address and the amount is matching, could you please explain what happend and give me a solution to correct my balance?

    1. Hello,

      If you are on the correct version (12.3.1)

      Do tools > repair wallet > reindex

      This should fix your transactions

  41. I backed up my wallet, because the coins weren’t updated when I did the new install of the new wallet, so how would that work if I backed it up on my usb, but then the 12.3 paccoin wallet is now on my hard drive, how do I do so and will the files be overwritten

    1. Just update your wallet, and overwrite when installing.

      Once complete, you can insert your backup wallet.dat into the Paccoin Core folder, remove the current wallet.dat, rename your backup to say wallet.dat, and start the wallet.

  42. I have installed the correct windows version of wallet 12..3.1. The wallet splash screen launches and shows a percentage of the wallet loading, but does not finish to 100%. Splash screen disappears and then there is no window open that shows the wallet GUI. If you click on the program icon in the windows taskbar it just shows a white window, but will not maximize.

    1. Hello

      Go to your paccoin core folder and launch it from there

  43. hello, I made the update and I always down left of the wallet “synchronization with the current network” and in the green bar still block “33 seconds late” is this normal? and why encrypt his wallet and what interest to unlock it in the settings please I did not understand

    1. Click on Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index. That should take care of your syncing issue.

      Encrypting/Locking your wallet can prevent unauthorized use/sending of your coins.

      1. Updated both cold wallet and masternode. Masternode shows protocol 70213, Starting node success, but Status stays always WATCHDOG_EXPIRED now, and receiving no more rewards. What now?

        1. In the first 1 hour it is normal that your masternode is on WATCHDOG_EXPIRED.

          If it is still on WATCHDOG_EXPIRED something went wrong in the set up or you are on the old version of your wallet.
          check version under, Help -> about PACCOIN core. Version should be 12.3.1

  44. Question, It still says connecting to peers or syncing with last block on the 21st with 80 progress. It seems stuck?

    1. Hello

      tools > repair wallet > reindex

      If it is stuck then type this: invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

  45. Tell me I updated the wallet as indicated in the instructions, but when you start a new purse, the synchronization occurs from the old wallet and the progress of the start all the time at around 95%

    1. Hello,

      Backup your wallet.dat file.
      go to https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases%5D
      download the newest version
      Update the wallet

      If stuck syncing type this : invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

  46. Hi, I updated both my wallet and VPS as told. BUT my masternodes keep saying ‘New_Start_Required’ in status. Once I start them all, it says ‘Watchdog_expired’ then a couple of hours later, it turns back to ‘New_Start_Required’. What do you think is the problem? Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      check help > about paccoin core.

      Check if version is 12.3.1. If not the update didnt go good and you need to re-do it

  47. How do I do the redemption? I don’t see a redemption wallet anywhere.

  48. which do i use to download if i have a Mac?
    19.2 MB PAC-v0.12.3.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
    12.4 MB PAC-v0.12.3.0-osx.dmg
    12.4 MB PAC-v0.12.3.0-win32.exe
    13.1 MB PAC-v0.12.3.0-win64.exe
    Source code (zip)
    Source code (tar.gz)

  49. tell me where can I download Redemption Wallet?

  50. solved. Thank you

  51. Updated the wallet and masternode VPS. Status is ” Node just started, not yet activated”. Cold wallet has been trying to sync for 36 hours. Is this normal?

    1. Hello,

      No this is not normal, go to tools > repair wallet > reindex
      when this doesnt work type this in the debug console invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525

  52. Completed the update and fixed the syncing issue via “Rebuild Index”, however my available balance is lower and my transactions only show up to 18th April. It seems I’ve lost my transactions/mined coins after this date when the wallet, VPS Masternode was updated/repaired?

  53. I updated my master node and Windows wallet.
    My situation is below. How should I do?

    My Windows wallet:
    My Masternodes tab > Status: WATCHDOG_EXPIRED Active: 00m:00s

    My master node:
    [email protected]:~# ~/paccoin-cli masternode status
    “outpoint”: “0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295”,
    “service”: “[::]:0”,
    “status”: “Node just started, not yet activated”

    it changed like below.

    Windows wallet:
    Status: NEW_START_REQUIRED Active: 00m:00s

    Master node:
    “outpoint”: “0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295”,
    “service”: “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:7112”,
    “status”: “Not capable masternode: Masternode in NEW_START_REQUIRED state”

    My wallet still does not become ENABLED status.
    How should I solve this issue?

  54. I still don’t understand how to put all my old paccoin to my new wallet…
    I have try many times to send from my old wallet to my new and it doesnt work… wrong adress they tell me.

    How can I do? Please help me

  55. Hey how you guys doing, If I don’t see my paccoin shares in the new paccoin 12.3 version wallet, how do I go about retrieving the coins or is there some way to retrieve it from the old redemption paccoin wallet, because the shares are not there, I would really appreciate it, thanks guys

    1. Hello,

      Your wallet should be version 12.3.1
      download the newest version here: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases
      Before updating remember to backup your wallet.

      If you update you have updated your wallet and your coins are still not there go to tools -> wallet repair -> Rebuild index

  56. Hello, I still have the old Paccoins, how can I change it for the new one?

  57. Hello,
    I am storing $Pac currency in cryptopia a platform. Do I have to update or the platform will update automatically as before updating .

    1. Hello,

      I dont recommend you to use an exchange wallet to store your $PAC.

      But if you choose to do so you dont need to update anything. The exchange will update the wallet when needed.

  58. I’m still having issues syncing. I have done the invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525 and then enter and restarted the wallet and still nothing. It stops at “connecting to peers 10 days behind” and doesn’t go any further. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

    1. Hello,

      Do you have the latest wallet? you can check that at help > about PACcoin Core.
      The version should be 12.3.1.
      If you are not on the latest version, Back up your wallet and run the update that you can find here: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases

      If that didnt fix the issue
      tools > repair wallet > rebuild index.
      If it still gets stuck after that you will need to run the ‘invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525’ again in the debug console.

      If you have any more problems let us know!

  59. hello ;
    i have 200.000 old pac’s , i removed my old pac wallet (i got a backup before it) and download pac coin redemption wallet .
    now i have to paste a copy from wallet.dat to wallet folder and after these works i can change old coins to new one ?

  60. I tried rebuilding the index from the new paccoin 12.3 version wallet, and i still dont see the shares in there,
    To open the backup wallet, what exactly does the file look like and is there another way to retrieve my shares through the blockchain or something, I would really appreciate it guys, thanks

    1. Hello,

      If you saved the Private keys connected to the addresses you could retreive the coins this way.

      Or you would need to place the Wallet.dat file into the new Paccoin Core folder. then rescan and your wallet should be retrieved.

  61. Hi! So this my situation. I had the old wallet. At one point I downloaded the new wallet. Had some trouble with it because it said that some files already existed. I managed to install the new one next to my old one, but not sure what did the trick. Then i sended 100 pacs to redeem. I got this message from you guys (see below). So i waited and waited but the new wallet didnt show me the new pacs. I waited a few days, nothing. So i kept reading te instruction over and over again. I backupped the old wallet, deleted both versions from library / application support including the shortcuts in Programs. Then installed the old wallet. Placed the wallet.dat in the correct folder en started it. It is syncing but it is very very slow. Its been running for a few days but is about 1/5 underway. Yes, i have 8 connections but no firewall installed on my mac. This is hurdle one, because even when i see my pacs in the old wallet, i still have to install the new one, and i’m afraid it will again say that some files can not be overwritten.

    Question 1: how can i speed up the synching of the old wallet? I would like to see my old pacs back in my wallet
    Question 2: how can i install the new wallet besides the old one without getting te message that some files couldnt be overwritten?

    End of may is coming fast…Thanx

    This is the $PAC transaction id:


    1. Hello,

      There are a lot of possibilities, I have sent you a email with the request to chat about it on our discord.

      This way we can solve it quick and easily

  62. I submitted 1200000 old coins for redemption on 3/3/2018 and to this day, I have not received any new coins to my wallet. On the same day when I submitted these coins, i had made two separate other test submissions and they both came through fine; i received new Spac coins. I have submitted messages twice to your website and never received a response. It seems that folks are getting answers here so i hope you guys can do something about this; I can’t afford to just lose my coins. The transaction information is included below.

    Date: 3/3/2018 17:16
    To: 3rd Coin Submission For Redemption ~ 1200000 AxqfDhAkhbna8Ft9WmqE2QwVqQUEfnNRnh
    Debit: -1199999.9995 PAC
    Transaction fee: -0.0003 PAC
    Net amount: -1199999.9998 PAC
    Transaction ID: c8571d23de5a3686fc16854a25bede2b653393325883854684975ebed72bf943
    Transaction comment:
    text: Aw9yEjiCUXtoJzav9vCiFTm98UBk5GombU

    1. Hello,

      Please Email to [email protected].
      That is the redemption helpdesk
      Please send all the details about the transaction and a explanation of the problem they will help you from there.

  63. Hello,
    my $PAC-wallet currently shows 0 coins.
    Actually there should be 27000 coins.
    Currently I have not made an update.
    If I do the update then all coins are gone?
    How do I get my 27000 coins back?

    1. Hello,

      You should back up your wallet and then go to https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases
      There you can download the latest version for your platform.
      Run the install and it will ask to overwrite files, Choose yes.

      Open the wallet again and go to help > About PACcoin Core. There the version should be 12.3.1
      When you have done that go to tools > repair wallet > Reindex

      This will re index the blockchain of your wallet and everything should be restored

  64. i need help.
    It does not sync forever the new $PAC wallet. The version is 12.3.0. I uninstall and reinstall but it wont help at all.
    Sync process is started when I opened. But it goes be delay and delay. 3 hours delay, next 5 days delay, next 1 week delay, now 3 week delay. I let the PC open a couple days but it doesnt finished at all. Give me a way to redeem way without using new wallet.

  65. I download 12.3.1 and reopen the desktop wallet. It gets worse. 15 weeks delay and it looks nothing work on.Should I sell all of old pac coin before 6/1?

  66. Ciao, ho appena eseguito l’aggiornamento del wallet Pac Core alla versione
    Purtroppo, quando avvio il nuovo wallet il mio antivirus (Avast) lo blocca e non posso aprire il nuovo wallet.
    Come posso risolvere? Grazie

    1. Hello,

      You should go into the settings of your virus scanner and allow Paccoin core.

  67. Actually, I get the same message when trying to transfer to the new PAC core wallet. Something is wrong with my redemption wallet. How do I get my coins out of it?

      1. I have my coins. I can’t get them OUT of the wallet. When I try, it says the address ( and I have tried 3 different ones ) isn’t a Pac coin address. Doesnt make sense.

          1. They are in my REDEMPTION wallet. I can’t transfer the out. Every address I try to send to, the address line goes red. When I try to add the address to my address list, I get an error message saying it is not a “Paccoin” address. It does this for all exchanges and the newest wallet. What am I suppose to do?

          2. Hello,

            Since they are not Pac addresses they are $PAC addresses. $PAC is a hard fork of PAC.
            To redeem your coins from PAC to $PAC please email [email protected] with a request to redeem your coins.
            Since the first redemption window has already closed and now we are on a case to case basis

  68. Hello. I have downloaded new wallet 12.3.1 for windows – all set there. Now trying to set up MS1 from link http://altcoin-guide.com/paccoin-vps-masternode-guide/ at step where waiting for 15 confirmations in transaction page which is done now on to debug console type in masternode outputs hit enter and I get
    How do I fix? – need address.

    1. Hello,

      when you dont get a masternode output you dont have a 500.000 $PAC stack in 1 address.
      You would need to create a new address and send exactly 500.000 $PAC there. Wait for the 15 confirmations and do the masternode outputs.
      Then you should get a good masternode output

  69. how to I copy my wallet.dat I don’t see it anywhere?

    1. Hello,

      Your wallet.dat is placed in the paccoin core folder.
      On windows, Press Windows key + R, Type in Appdata, go to the Roaming folder.
      There you should see the paccoin core folder and copy the wallet.dat to a USB drive to back it up.

      On Mac Press Cmd + Shift + G and enter ~/Library/Application Support/ and locate the paccoin core folder.
      there is also a wallet.dat

  70. hello sir,
    how can I set up a masternode of pac coin…?
    i want to set masternode …please get me the details instruction so that i can set up it.

  71. Hello, I attempted to setup a masternode today using Vultr for my VPS and a mac for my wallet. I was following the steps on the altcoin-guide.com and got to the part where you add data to the masternode.conf file when I keep getting the following message. “Error reading masternode configuration file: Could not parse masternode.conf”. I cannot open my wallet until I comment out the line of code that I added to the file. Can anyone assist? I have tried removing the file and trying again as well as deleting the wallet, restarting the server and going through all the steps again. Should I try it on a Windows device? Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Delete all the text in the Masternode.config file.
      Then put in the line starting with Alias of the masternode. No extra enters or text

      That should fix it

  72. Looking for assistance recovering a few masternodes. Saved dat files from previous wallet. Replaced new dat in new wallet with old dat. Restart wallet with no luck. Running the 12.3.1 version. No balance appears. Can pull up addresses and view both masternodes in the tool window. Thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Can you message me on twitter Pac_Helpdesk or the $PAC facebook page?

  73. I have read all the comments up to this point and have tried all the suggestions but I am still having problems. I have version 12.3.1 and ran the wallet repair/rebuild index (twice) finally I ran the debug console and pasted the invalidateblock 0000000000000754f839dfb218969be644a14227f98878a178adde8f801b7525. The wallet will restart and begin to update, counting down the weeks (from 16 weeks behind) until it gets to 4 weeks behind, then abruptly stops. Its been sitting like this for 2 days. What now? I have my original 7900 PACcoins in this wallet and had just transferred 40,000$PAC from Cryptopia, although they haven’t showed up yet since the wallet hasnt synced. I am new to crypto and terminology, so Im a little lost now

    1. Hello,

      Can you contact me on the $PAC facebook page or the Pac_helpdesk twitter?

      It would be easier to debug while chatting

      1. I am working out of town for the next few weeks, but when I return I will contact you on the $Pac facebook page. Thank you

  74. Hello,

    I’m running masternodes but for past few days my nodes have been set back to ‘NEW_START_REQUIRED’… can anyone let me know why this is happening and how to avoid this?

    Looking at ‘All MasterNodes’ tab, I see that some nodes didn’t get affected by this and still have been running for months… while the majority of all other nodes are saying ‘NEW_START_REQUIRED’… this has happened several times now in past few days and I have not been getting any rewards.

    1. Hello,

      As i read here you check the status of your masternodes on the wallet. This is bugged sometimes and shows new start when it is actually enabled.

      Always check you masternodes on the masternode monitoring mobile app or on monitor.masternodes.work

      If they are enabled there everything is good

  75. Hey. I have already extinguished coins for a long time. and made all the updates. sechas I have a version of $ PAC Core version v0.12.3.1-38662a0 (64-bit). It’s been more than a month and a half now, but the rewards do not come. My last transaction was a week ago. With yobit, the transaction went almost instantly.

    1. Hello,

      Can you email me the whole problem with some more explanation? [email protected]

  76. Whether Electrum wallet version need to follow this?

  77. hallo ich habe ein Masternode eingerichtet, es kommt fast jeden Tag vor das die Wallet im Status anzeigt : New Start required ,
    wenn ich alias Name starte ist der Status enabled, ist das normal ??
    muss ich jedesmal alias Name neu starten??
    der zähler wird jedesmal zurückgesetzt- bekomm ich trotzdem meine Gutschrift ?

    1. Hello,

      I have replied to your email.
      I hope that will solve it

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