The Wheels are Moving!

This past week dealt us a huge move up the charts and put us ‘on the map’ in a terrific fashion.  We had several huge moves upwards in the markets which in turn gave us an opportunity to identify some areas where we need to bolster our resources.  As a result of this, our community has re-prioritized our focus to optimize the website and make give it a face-lift to get us to the next level.  We have put together the beginnings of an awesome new web team.  We are optimistic they will deliver us some positive results.  Welcome to PAC Veternus!    There is a development to production system getting put in place this weekend to get the website transformed into a better user experience.

Our PAC coins are screaming to be traded against LTC now as well – please ask Cryptopia to take us out of the DOGE only pairing!

Wallstreet Newscast published a nice summary of our focus for the next three months.  We will have submitted this to another media outlet to see if we can get it picked up some more.  I was also contacted by an investment group out of Brazil today that I am going to start doing Telegrams with.



I had a great status meeting with the DEV team on Thursday – they are working on the new PAC infrastructure and design.  I have included his status below:

We have posted a warning in regards to trading BTC/PAC on YoBit.  Unfortunately stuff like this happens and hurts or PAC brand.  We need to educate people about this as it is out of our control.  We have a lot of newcomers coming into PAC it is imperative we make it easy for them.

This last week the development team built a fully synced MAC wallet package.  It can be downloaded on the website directly.  We will keep these packages refreshed every few weeks until the new PAC coin is launched.  We have released a new mirror to prepare for the redemption and to ensure there are multiple network transaction checkpoints.  We will continue to grow PAC this way regionally across the world.

Our moderator team run by sir Jeffrey is shaping up nicely.  They have done a tremendous job helping newcomers to PAC in the discord chatroom.  We are always looking for more ways to foster better communications flow between the team-leads.  Our new social network system – pacfyle – will help with this immensely.  We are closer to the alpha-launch for that on Jan 1st.

As we grow we need vertical responsibility within the business units of PAC, so we are going to start recruiting some key roles for PAC which are:

  • CTO
  • CMO
  • Social Media Director
  • Director of Exchange Development
  • Support Director
  • Press & Media Relations Director
  • Master-node Director
  • Partnerships Director

There will be a join our team page put up for this on the website so we can take the inquiries in as a team.

Our community has wonderful ideas and there are awesome resources everywhere please speak up and share your ideas.  I have tried to keep up with the email volume and we are working on that issue as well.

This is the end of the year in the crypto-sphere and markets slow down everywhere getting ready for the New-Year.

A special thanks goes to the moderator team for all their hard work!

Our team wishes everyone and safe New Year and we look forward to an awesome 2018!



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  1. How does one get into contact to be recruited for an open position? I’m extremely interested in pac coin and what it has to offer.

    1. Just email us on the contact us page. Would love to hear more.

  2. I see a huge potential in this coin and have bought in. Also running a full node on Linux. I think you need to have a copy of the blockchain as a package separate rather than bundling with the wallet directly.

  3. Hello Saul I just bought some PAC coins, but Im trying to figure out what PAC coins actually do? I don’t see any real direction from the company and where you hope to go. The website doesn’t really give any answers. I see video with a man holding a globe that says, organize, community but what is your business model? How will you separate yourself from the other c currencies out there?

    Not trying to be negative but I don’t understand what the company hopes to archive and how your coins will be worth anything after the fork let alone before?

      1. Ok. I tried setting up the wallet many times on my Mac and there is no connection. On the bottom right had of the wallet box it just shows two computers with a red x through them.Maybe its something to do with my mac settings but I don’t know what to do?

        A suggestion is that you guys should add pictures of the team working and doing things in the community so investors like us can relate and have some sort of connection with the company we will be investing in. No one does that from what Ive seen. I think people will buy into the community aspect if you adopt this. It might help people who are skeptical of investing. Make it more personable you know?

        1. Excellent suggestion Dee. The PacCoin peeps need to take this seriously, or they’ll be blown away by the other coins that focus their efforts on their market perceptions. Beta was better than VHS, but VHS won because of marketing. Dare I give hundreds of other examples to the marketing neophytes? This relatively little investment in marketing will go a long way in inviting newer investors into the mix.

          1. We are in constant improvement – getting our team together. Our image will always be improving.

  4. It’s the best coin ….Trust

  5. our coins are safe in crytopia ?
    do we have windows wallet?

      1. kindly provide link for windows wallet?

  6. Hello Saul –
    I noticed that my wallet is still showing “out of sync”. I believe I’ve done everything according to the instructions found here on PacCoin and still nothing. What do I do to get my wallet working properly? I’ve already requested all my PacCoins from Yobit and they have completed the transfer but since my wallet in NOT in SYNC my coins are nowhere to be found. Thank you Sir –

    1. Your coins should show up when the chain fully syncs – it is long give it some time. Especially if you are on MAC.

      1. Thank you Saul – You were correct my friend! My PacCoins are now safe and sound in my PacCoin Wallet. Thanks again!

  7. Do Paccoins gain interest when held in a broker wallet or do I need a seperate wallet? Do you have a wallett for Android?

    1. The will not gain interest on the exchange only in the local wallet.

  8. Boa noite Saul Wolf, eu gostaria de saber como reativar o backup da carteira depois de formatar o computador.

    Good evening Saul Wolf, I’d like to know how to reactivate your wallet backup after formatting your computer.

  9. Hi,
    I downloaded the PAC Wallet for Windows. Shows out of sync.
    How long does it take for it to sync? I assume I can’t buy coins until it’s synced.

    1. The windows wallet should refresh pretty easily – we will make another package shortly though.

  10. Do I earn interest by leaving them in cryptopia, or only in the wallet windows?

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