The $PAC African Charity Outreach, bringing financial support and banking the unbanked

The $PAC African Charity Outreach, bringing financial support and banking the unbanked

Nigeria is facing a series of interconnected economic and humanitarian crisis which, if not resolved, will disrupt basic life-support systems, contribute to the worsening of already fragmented security structures and perpetuate underdevelopment and indebtedness.

Abuja, Nigeria – Yahaya a pastor from the ‘Redeemed Christian Church of God’ and a Computer Science Graduate of the University of Maiduguri struggles daily to keep his facilities afloat that offer education for children in the region. Yahaya, nicknamed ‘HOD’ earns a small income by offering computer installation/repair courses in Abuja and Lagos, however his education work with children on essential computer skills is done, absolutely free.

He escaped the deadly ‘Boko Haram rebellion‘ in his home state of Maiduguri more than three years ago. Resulting in the loss of his house and parents. He also lost the use of one of his legs as a result of the conflict in the region.

“After University I joined my Father as a farmer as there was a lack of Jobs for me locally. I had experience as a farmer in Baga before Boko Haram (a militant Islamic group working out of Nigeria) took over our farmland and killed my family. They attacked my village and seized all our harvest. What they could not carry they burned.” The graduate of computer science, farmer and a pastor told the $PAC African region representatives.

Providing support in the region

Next to a dusty playground on the edge of a refugee camp, a mother sits on a small piece of stone as the sun beats down on her face, palms on her cheeks. Beside her, in contrast, is a rich Major Generals house who has shown no interest in giving financial aid to the local economy…

The last people who visited this particular camp, posing as an NGO (Nigerian Government Official) came in with gifts tied in a bag which had explosives inside. Fortunately for them, inspections are always carried out on all donations and foreign items before taking them into the storage facilities nearby. The explosives were identified before they could be detonated, EOD anti-explosive teams were called immediately.

The over eight-year campaign of violence by Boko Haram, which roughly translates to “Western education is forbidden”, more than 20,000 people have been killed and a further 2.6 million have been injured or made homeless.

Despite the government’s military offensive against the armed group, which wants to establish a strict interpretation of Islamic law, Boko Haram has continued to carry out deadly attacks in northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian Government are doing nothing about the condition at which this people live. The money that was meant to rehabilitate them was stolen by one of the government officials which amounts to over N28 billion. There are 3,000 people in this camp alone.

During our time with them we only asked for a handful of them to take pictures with us as we didn’t come with the required security operatives and we need to be careful with a large crowd. People have been here for more than five years. There is no food, no water, no healthcare and adequate schooling for the children. Life here is very tough, it is miserable.

$PAC pays a visit

The $PAC African representative headed by Juwon (Juwon123 on the $PAC Discord) agree to visit one of the Camps in Abuja, with the funding and supplies necessary to provide food and clothing for the people and children.

We were able to supply more than 100 pairs of clothes for the children, a large amount of food, water and toys for them. The children have no schooling, their ‘classroom’ are derelict buildings considered to be worse than prisons with no chairs, tables or any writing materials.

People live in houses made from political parties fliers and cement bags, some are without roofs which means when it rains they will have to suffer both water and cold with a high risk of becoming ill.


For those who need to watch a full documentary of the situation in Nigeria can check this Al Jazeera video:

We will be sending full details of our efforts in the region to several news outlets so we can gain further exposure of the situation in the attempt to attract more donations and raise awareness of the $PAC brand. We are currently running a competition for country-wide bloggers and influencers to write about what $PAC is doing in Africa and the best article will be published by these news outlets, including BBC Africa which will be rolling out in few days. If you want to publish our article kindly DM Juwon123 on discord or just reply to this post here and we will contact you directly.

Thank you to the entire $PAC community for your constant support on our work in Africa! The children send their heartfelt thank you’s.

Two NEW EXCHANGES for $PAC in the region to improve the on-boarding and retails options of $PAC in the region

$PAC will be listed next Monday morning (28th Jan) on the Africas exchange Gredoe Currency Exchange our listing fee was paid by funds from the representatives.

Also $PAC will also be listed on the KureCoinHUB Exchange in around three weeks time.

You can check out the proposal for continued work in the region and throw in your votes as community members here:

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