The $PAC Africa, first conference report

The $PAC Africa, first conference report

This report was prepared by:

Micheal Juwon Ogunseye

The 2018 PAC Africa Conference (held at Work station Lagos, Nigeria) included talks on numerous topics and had several side talks/topics in smaller rooms throughout the day. Most of them were practical workshops focused on the underlying $PAC Blockchain technology and project. Juwon held two of them, the first one focused on General Blockchain Technology and the $PAC and investment opportunity the second on $PAC Masternode opportunity/setup.

Several people mentioned that they would love to see workshops focused exclusively on just the $PAC masternoedes, as they were a hot topic throughout the conference. Some concern was shown by attendees about the lack of exchanges for $PAC in Africa and also wanted to know if they can easily use $PAC in Nigeria the way some merchants are already accepting BTC and DASH. Both of these issues will be addressed in the coming months as we expand the $PAC foothold in the region. We invited mostly business owners and above average income households who have expendable income to the event, but welcomed all attendees regardless.

Juwon used a multiple-choice approach during the Masternode workshop, explaining how to use Vultr to setup their nodes due to the inconsistency of electrical power in Nigeria. Juwon also demonstrated how to use the $PAC wallets both on PC and Android.

Juwon’s presentation offered suggestions on how to get involved in the $PAC community and the DAO. Giving them a practical experience on how to submit a proposal to the $PAC network and how to also get involved with the community via the various social channels.

Progressing the $PAC brand

Grace Innocence, developer of, was also in attendance, showing samples of projects that we as the $PAC Africa team are planning to implement in 2019 (PAC Africa websites, exchanges, bitcoin conference event and increased utility for $PAC) also spoke about the next $PAC event in South Africa and how we are planning to make $PAC the dominant currency used in Africa. We also shared how we will implement $PAC into to make sure Africans can use $PAC for topping mobile phones, TV subscriptions, flights and hotels.

We also explained how to start working with our $PAC social media team in Africa by writing articles in local African languages and translating the white paper to 5 different local African languages and how to compile the white paper in a way that it can be shared during road shows and events, bounty incentives will be run to engage attendees on these topics and encourage collaboration.

The $PAC Africa conference brought people from various companies including Andella, GTbank, Union homes, and CryptoHub to talk about Cryptocurrency with a focus on $PAC and how it intends to disrupt the traditional banking system. Many of the attendees where getting frustrated with the inflation affecting the Niara (14.5% this year alone) and they are looking for ways to replace BAD MONEY (Naira) with good money ($PAC) and since this is an open market many of the attendees showed great interest in owning shares in the $PAC project and Masternodes. Some attendees also considered setting up masternodes for their friends as a means of generating passive income.

Achievements at the conference

We also talked about the Steemit platform and how they can begin to write about $PAC on their platform as a means to earn income in their spare time. After feedback from the attendees we felt it necessary to create a Whatsapp group for $PAC in Africa and also showed them every part of the website and where to look up future events.

Despite a last minute date change we had a total of 60+ attendees. We originally wanted to have the conference on the 5th and had to shift it to the 8th. We achieved more than 20+ wallet downloads/installs at the event alone and after the event many sent their wallet addresses so we could tip them some complimentary $PAC.

Many bought drinks with their $PAC at the event, with the venue owner also willing to accept $PAC to cover the cost of the venue hire.

We had a lot of merchandise, $PAC t-shirts, etc which were handed out to the attendees. We even helped over 15 attendees make their first $PAC purchase on one of the active exchanges that same day. Which was humbling.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

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  1. I have a question about my desktop wallet can someone help me? I sent a email on the official Pac site but no reply,been a few weeks now.

    1. Hello,

      Please email [email protected], join our discord, send a message to the facebook page or message PAC_Helpdesk on twitter.

      There we are able to help you

  2. Awesome work!

  3. This is the main reason i believe in $pac. Also humbling blog post.

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