‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here’ – $PAC Landmark achievements of 2018.

‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here’ – $PAC Landmark achievements of 2018.

As the year of 2018 is coming to a close, it’s important we take a moment to reflect on just some of the achievements $PAC has made.

Most would agree it has been a wild year, with ups and downs, the global crypto market has seen some of it’s trademark volatility breaking record highs and achieving unexpected yearly lows and despite tremendous adversity and uncertain market sentiment, $PAC has been massively productive. This year has seen more crypto scams, false ICO’s, malicious attacks and ‘bad eggs’ within the space than ever before and many, many people have been affected by them. Finding sincere projects that are in it for the long run and not driven by greed are few and far between. $PAC and its team, both core and voluntary have dedicated the past year (with no financial compensation I might add, yes, that’s right, nobody within $PAC has a salary…) to tirelessly improving the projects utility, use-cases, adoption and brand exposure.

Here is a summary, for the benefit of everyone who is with us and new investors alike, who want to see what can be achieved when communities and core teams come together to drive a project forward.

Successful redemption swap to embark on the new $PAC journey. Spanning a large portion of the year and involving countless hours of dedication to successfully move 280,000 individuals investors capital from one digital asset to another with a 98.2% success rate.

Releasing all wallet platforms within two months of launch, including desktop, mobile, paper, electrum and third party applications for monitoring Masternodes and the growing $PAC network. iOS app store approval was a landmark achievement in itself that some coins in the top 50 have not achieved.

Overcoming tremendous network stress and attacks. To protect users and security, $PAC development team successfully fixed and responded promptly to continuous ‘project-breaking’ challenges.

Updated reward structure via a successful soft fork, to solve market down pressure from large mining waves and sell-offs, due to abuse of mining reward system.

Re-worked fee structure across the coin, with needed urgency, via a successful hard fork. Ultimately stopping massive amounts of malicious transactions, aimed to bring the network down.

Tremendous amount of continuous work on the back structure of wallets and core coin structure of the blockchain to make $PAC even more robust with security going into 2019.

The team for $PAC has grown from just under 20 voluntary staff, including devs, founders & marketers to more than 60 individuals all working on a part-time or near full-time basis for the project, all still completely un-paid. New departments have been set up to tackle industry-relevant issues and make $PAC a leading blockchain project within the space.

Launch of new teams and departments

  • Treasury Department
  • Charity Department
  • Public Relations Department
  • Web Development Team
  • Community Development Team
  • Regulatory Compliance Team
  • Translations Departement
  • $PAC Advisory Team

Brand presence at some of the biggest blockchain conferences in the world

Large events attended by the $PAC team

  • World Crypto Con, Las Vegas, USA
  • Washington Elite Blockchain Summit, Washington DC, USA
  • The London Cryptocurrency Show, London, UK
  • MJAC conference, London (twice)
  • Private invite to the Huobi Quant Trading Summit, Canary Wharf, London (pictured below)

Partnerships and integrations

  • General Bytes ATM machines worldwide
  • Vendit visa-backed debit card partnership
  • Pacnode.net integration with Blockchain Asset Group (BAG)/Summit to allow on-boarding of institutional money

Meetups and $PAC sponsored events

  • Cryptocurrency conference in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Hilton $PAC payment demonstration Bournemouth, England
  • International Blockchain Conference, Nigeria, Africa
  • TopGolf Glendale, Arizona, USA
  • New exchanges added, from only 3 to 17, more on the way for 2019.
  • Launch of new websites, constantly evolving into useful tools for both investors and developers:
    • Paclyfe.net – social media platform and Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) platform. Scaling to include a market in 2019.
    • Blog.paccoin.net – large resource of all PAC announcements, updates, market analysis, and community highlights.
    • Masternodes.paccoin.net – extensive guides to masternodes troubleshooting, ROI monitoring, and guide to the DAO complete process.
    • Explorer.paccoin.net – place to monitor transaction status, wallet balances, coin distribution, masternode status and geographical outreach map, along with market watch capabilities and network hash rates.
    • Constant upgrades to main paccoin.net site with many new features such as retailers, wallets on all platforms, FAQ, white paper in 8+ languages, team profile page.

Charity use cases and donations

  • Charity/Sponsorship across the world, helping thousands of people and embracing our communities. As one of the 4 C’s which forms one of the cornerstones of the $PAC Foundation, this section of the white paper is dedicated to the Charity Department. $PAC has designed an infrastructure where 5% of all block rewards go directly to charitable use-cases. Hence, $PAC has an active “Charity Department” which consists largely of $PAC Community Members and is currently ran by Robin A. Matthes. A brief overview of the initiatives $PAC supports can be seen below:
    • Guardian Gym – helping to educate kids on finance and reward for good behavior. – Summary Guardian Gyms by Charity Dept: here. More information about the gym can be found on their website here.
    • Venezuela Relief Efforts A massive relief effort aimed at with saving Venezuela refugees during financial struggle that achieved giant success while solving challenges of compliance and movement to Cúcuta. Find out more on the recent blog post: here. Also a great article found on Coin Rivet here and recent award won in collaboration here!
    • Tour de Crypto – Tour de crypto 1M for HAWC, PAC sponsors as a community contributor to the Tour de Crypto is the first annual cycling road trip created to raise cryptocurrency awareness for charity. See more here.
    • Sponsor Andrew Maciel racing career, which was proposed by him in detail using our DAO structure. The project was funded and supported several races done by Andrew, see his twitter here.
    • Marie Curie Charity sponsor of a Tea Party event for local residents and families to come and support the charity, link to the charity is here.
    • Community Chosen Charitable Cause is an initiative where The community submits their favourite charity. We have this whole list of charities and then the community votes on their favorite one and every few weeks we select the most voted on and we start funding them.
      • Brynn Children Home –  Orphanage in India – A non-profit Orphanage with 18 Orphans and abandoned children. Please take a moment to see some pictures of our initiative here and main website: here.
      • Food for the Hungry : Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going to the hard places and walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. A link explaining their core activities can be found here.
      • Foundation for Kids with Cancer: Fundación para niños con cáncer that cares for children with cáncer a link to which can be found here.
      • Saving Man’s Best Friend (Curaçao). This is an initiative to increase the effectiveness of addressing an increasing stray dogs problem. More about the proposal can be found here.
      • Blinded Veteran Athletes: Mission is to operate as a not-for-profit corporation exclusively for charitable, educational, patriotic, and civic improvement purposes; to promote the welfare of blinded veterans.. Please click here.
      • CPAC (Drew donated & Steve running) Fundraiser to allow CPAC to purchase food, gifts and other holiday items for those who may otherwise not have any holiday season. More can be read here.
    • Our current focus for 2019 and beyond is to be part of: Hosting Washington Elite Conferences mainly in Washington DC for charity, to be further involved in projects with Cripto Conserje, and many projects brought about by the PAC community! To find out the latest, Charity’s current website is https://paccharity.net/, however will be moving to a new charity.paccoin.net later early this year.

Reflecting on the year made us realize how truly undervalued $PAC and our project is. Despite the market conditions it is spectacular the amount of amazing achievements the team and the community have achieved in a synchronous venture. This year has only been a small teaser as to what $PAC can bring into 2019. We look forward to working with everyone at making $PAC the coin that embodies mass adoption and services the world across all aspects of life.

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  1. “Successful redemption swap to embark on the new $PAC journey.”

    So tell me again how a successful redemption swap took me from 2.2 million PAC worth (at the time) around $200, down to 2133PAC worth $2? I don’t know how that can be called a success!

    1. The redemption was 1000:1 from PAC to $PAC. That swap was succesful.
      The whole crypto market has been in a downwards trend since february. The redemption was a success because there were almost no problems with it.

  2. Excellent work thus far, with many huge achievements ahead it is very exciting to be a part of the $PAC community!

  3. Fantastic news– the older coin had my reservations due to the extreme supply amounts– been reading up on all the changes with the new coin and must say it’s impressive– I’m going to get a MN and stake away– jpk USA Virginia

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