Ringing in the New Year!

The most significant statistic about PAC right now is that there approximately 30,000+ PAC investors holding 3.5% of the total supply today.  We know that 15-20,000 of these new investors have come in the last 30 days or less.  After we launch the new PAC there will be ~3.5% of PAC V2 in existence or 3.5 Billion PAC with the remaining supply of 96.5 Billion to be released over the next 20 years!

What happens to PAC when we trade against LTC & BTC?

What happens when we get our 30,000+ into a bigger exchange?

How many coins had this kind of beginning at launch?

I also want to remind everyone that PAC is a digital currency, it is not a cheap oversold ICO token with an unread whitepaper.  Our business plans will be released on Feb 1st, with the revamped website along with the early redemption masternode program.  The community is currently voting on the pricing for a masternode in the Discord chatroom.

There will be some large announcements released in this paper that will likely re-innovate the space if successful.  One of PAC’s ongoing initiatives will be to always give back to the ‘whole digital asset space’, and not just be a one man band!

For the record, we prefer to not use the term ‘burn coins’ in our terminology, so the redemption is our preferred term.  In the space we will call this an RCO -or redemption coin offering.   My guess is that we will see more of these from other coins in the near future as well.

There are a lot a few questions around the upcoming redemption.  When the the\ack is consolidated it merely chops three zero’s. The valuation will temporarily be impacted by this “change” and the new PAC will be able to move across the cryptosphere on a nimble footing.

There will be an early redemption for masternodes on Feb 1st 2017, which will most likely significantly reduce and absorb a lot of old PAC before the redemption on March 1st. The mechanics of the actual redemption are still being finalized with third parties, but there will be new wallets for the new PAC available before this date. You will send your PAC to a redemption desk wallet and we will send the new coins & help ensure your masternode is up and running smoothly. We have a masternode implementation team forming to help with this as well.

The new PAC coin design supports master nodes & transaction times in seconds vs minutes.  There are also new private sending features (PACsend) that will open up HUGE new markets for PAC as it continues to fuel PAC’s liquidity in future market relationships.  Remember, today PAC is primarily tied to DOGE only.

The final coin design will be posted to the site this Friday when the DEV team finishes their testing.

There is a BIG reason why our new announcements have yet to be placed on Bitcointalk……more to come later on this as well.

We have put pacfyle, our new social network on a short holding pattern until we get the PAC direct program running on another server so we can keep everything more scalable and supportable. The DEV team also has some more work to do on the MAC wallet. We apologize for the frustration around the combined blockchain sync package.

The affiliate program was a huge success for the month of January and we will be sending out the monthly commissions when we launch the new store later today.  The new store will also feature PAC merchandise that has been designed by our community.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and help chipping in and getting PAC into the spotlight!  Your hard work deserves it!

Happy New Years PAC hodlers!



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  1. Are you referring to the American or British system, when using the term “Trillion”. This is an important question for us to understand the conversion logic between old and new coin after the planned fork:

    In the American system one billion is 1,000,000,000 and a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 so one trillion is one thousand times one billion. In the British system one billion is 1,000,000,000,000 and one trillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 so one trillion is one million times one billion. (source wikipedia)

    1. It is based on the American system – sorry for the confusion. So the current supply today is 3.38 thousand billion or 3.38 American Trillion.


  2. Quick question: YOu said there were privacy features for sending. COuld you elaborate? Lots of people in this space want a coin that allows the ability to send and receive without being tracked by their respective government. Just curious how Paccoin’s privacy features work.

    Other than that–Great job so far! Good to see you guys doing a lot of work and keeping the community updated. I’m likely buying more Paccoins over the next week

    1. We will be forking the new coin from the DASH code base. The testing is going very well so far!

  3. Thanks Saul. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the team. Keep up the good work on updates to us investors! It definitely gives us confidence that you all are interested in keeping us informed about strategy. You mentioned early on that you’d like to see this as a top 10 coin. When you update us on the roadmap, could you share what strategy you have around partnerships? Through my research, the teams that have lasting success understand the importance of partnerships for better tech, exposure, and credibility. Just wanted to throw that out there as I know investors are interested in this topic. Also, your overall vision for where PAC fits in the larger Crypto environment. Thanks!

    1. This will all be in the whitepaper on Feb 1st. We agree with your points.

      Happy New Year!

  4. You wrote: “I also want to remind everyone that PAC is a digital currency, it is not a cheap oversold ICO token with an unread whitepaper.”

    Where’s the whitepaper? I’ve seen lots of people ask that and I’ve seen lots of people say there isn’t one. I’ve seen a lot of people ask how the coin works and what its mission statement is, which is information that would be in the whitepaper.

    1. John – the whitepaper for PAC will be released on Feb 1st. The original coin is actually from PACIFICA-NATION.

      Stay tuned – the community needs to help provide direction as well!

  5. Happy New Year!

  6. PACCOIN is a sleeping monstercoin. Will sign up for affiliation soon.

    1. What is required for my millions of current PAC coin to be changed over to the new coin in March? Does it happen to the coins I own on the market automatically or do I have to put my old PAC in a specific wallet?

      Is there a procedure to ensure our old coins are redeemed correctly?

      1. The details of the redemption are being ironed out.

  7. Thank you PACCOIN. i belive in you have future .

  8. Paccoin forever!!

  9. Hi Saul,

    So, there will be new wallets for the new PAC available before Feb 1st 2018? Do investors need to send already bought PAC coins to a redemption desk wallet and will receive the new coins? Coin quantity going to be same?
    Btw, you have mentioned Feb 1st 2017 instead of Feb 1st 2018 in your blog above.
    Happy New Year!Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Yes new wallets are being skinned now. New coin will be 1000 less.

      Sorry for the typo – sometimes my hands move faster than brain. ; )


      1. Hi Saul,

        Is YoBit the only place to buy PACCoins?

      2. Hi Saul!
        what means” New coin will be 1000 less.”
        I have around 3 mill coins now, just bought last night, how many i will have with the new coins?

  10. Here is investor Babatunde from Nigeria.

    I just join this movement of paccoin investment and I will like to be the biggest paccoin investor in Nigeria

  11. Just bought some coins !!! lets rock the world !!!

  12. Just bought my first PACs today. Looking forward to 2018!

  13. I can’t wait to make millions on pac. I can smell it

    1. The goal isn’t to make millions, it is for us to build a useful Internet Currency! I appreciate your excitement though.


  14. Hi Saul,
    Happy New Year. “The original coin is actually from PACIFICA-NATION”. Does the PAC coin trading in yobit the actual coin affiliated to the initiative?

  15. Hi Saul,

    From Philippines here. I’m currently using a Windows version wallet. Do I need to use another one soon? Happy new year!!!

  16. I hold a lot of coins in cryptopia how will I be able to swap them?

    1. Yes – but after this past weekend we are recommending people take their coins and put them in their PAC wallets.

  17. What was your order ID sir? – I think that solving the problem is better than legal action? How about you send me the information at [email protected] and we go from there?

    Thanks for being so kind – I will get it resolved for you.

  18. Where do you get new wallet.

    Please post link

  19. Hello how are guys doing, What do I do, when my backup paccoin wallet will not open, because when the system never overwrote the files, I have currently the new 12.3 paccoin wallet but I do have the coins in there anymore, Can you guys please help me, I don’t know what to do

    1. Hello,

      First before you do anything to your wallet you should always backup your wallet.dat
      Then you should download the newest wallet version (12.3.1) https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases
      when you run the new install, your wallet should be closed and you should choose the replace all.

      If you have done this and your coins arent back yet.
      go to tools > repair wallet> re-index.
      If that didnt work you should copy one of your old backups into the installation folder

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