Pacnode announces partnership with Blockchain Asset Group

Pacnode announces partnership with Blockchain Asset Group

Pacnode is proud to announce a HUGE partnership with Blockchain Asset Group (B.A.G.)

B.A.G operates as a hybrid-Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is a borderless,non-conventional operative and management structure. What this means to you is: efficient, rapid, cost-effective product and support delivery. This cuts out the overhead and bureaucratic “fat” that is always passed down to you the client and costs you money AND time. Those days are over. You, the client, get what you want, the way you want it, and you get it swiftly, with unprecedented speed.

B.A.G. specializes in many different avenues, but specific to the Pacnode partnership will be their DAPI Programs-Digital Asset Passive Income. Complete with full mining and masternode evaluation, setup, programming, and wallet maintenance services. The management team is USA-based, while their support staff is located in Mumbai, Estonia, London, Singapore and other locations. They deliver 24-hour, round-the-clock service and support. While B.A.G is a legally recognized business entity in the USA, they will soon open locations in London, Estonia, and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

This partnership was created because the clients B.A.G. has, want to invest in $PAC. The masternodes that are bought by these clients will be hosted through Pacnode. B.A.G. will be offering packages to get investors started immediately with masternodes without any technical knowledge.

Pacnode is excited to announce that our first client through B.A.G. will be Summit Blockchain. Summit has decided that $PAC is a masternode coin worthy of their investment goals and future growth. Below is information on their strategy as to why $PAC fits their model of worthy investments:

As there are many coin projects out there today, it is imperative that we choose the right ones based on their overall risk profile. Many projects have little to no technical data to back up their business plan and these coins have failed. Also limited information on the team attached to a specific project would raise significant concern for us as well.

Our internal due diligence approach to undertaking a new coin project for our masternodes will include, but not be limited to, asking the following questions:

  • What is the utility of the coin and does it have real-world applications?
  • What has the coin and their team accomplished to date regarding milestones?
  • How transparent is management and the development team – also what available information is there on their background?
  • How thorough and descriptive is the coin project’s white paper technical analysis?
  • Have the developers updated their software code recently to indicate that their project continues to move forward?
  • How many Master Nodes are currently attached to the project?
  • What is the price of the coin and do we feel that it is fairly valued today?
  • What are the daily/monthly/yearly transaction fees and how stable are these going forward?
  • Chances that the coin will appreciate significantly over time?
  • Does the overall risk to reward make sense for the project?

Below are links to both B.A.G. and Summit websites for more information.

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