PAClyfe Patch Notes (9th Aug 18)

PAClyfe Patch Notes (9th Aug 18)

PAClyfe has undergone some hot fixes and updates

Below are the full patch notes for 9th August 2018

Hi everyone my name is ’emflomed17′ PAClyfe developer for PAC, you can find me on the PAC Discord.

Thank you to the community for continuing to provide feedback during the first week of PAClyfe’s launch. These are some of the new improvements that we’ve been working on and have already implemented from your valued suggestions.


  • Groups and profile pages will show Updates by default.
  • Blog header was fixed.
  • Users will be able to register and login using Facebook.


  • Show a new list view mode to preview more proposals at once.
  • Statistics section was redesigned and display new data.
  • Show budget approved, budget requested and budget available.
  • Filter to show accepted and unaccepted proposals.
  • Various UI improvements.

These updates are already implemented, make sure to clear your cache if you’d like to see the newer version of the site.

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