PacCoin – Born Again!

PacCoin - People's Alternative Choice Coin
PacCoin has doubled in the last two weeks!

Good morning PacCoin network!  Wow what an amazing few weeks!  This is my first BLOG in a bi-weekly series to capture and document our story.  Our weekly goal for this BLOG will be to celebrate our successes and to refine & unify our community’s problem solving skills.  Our public facing identity as the PacCoin network will reinforce PacCoin and our place at the table in the cryptosphere.  PacCoin’s commitment and actions surrounding being an ‘EASY’ to to use coin will be our core differentiator as others members join our story.

This last few weeks has seen tremendous contributions with banners & marketing ideas, wallet compilations, structured team rooms & communication channels, a website launch and even a blockexplorer – everything from t-shirt ideas to establishing a treasury.  Wow –that is some pretty fast progress!  Pat yourselves on the back – the market surely has noticed!

In the last week we have discovered a community focused “mission” for PacCoin.  We have uplifted its status back into the “real world” with real people focused on solving real problems.  The coins foundation will also be fueled by people’s alternative choices.  Definitely something that excites me and keeps me up at night!  We have refreshed PacCoin with a new logo and some basic branding best practices. PacCoin’s new focus will be to support alternative choices in the cryptosphere. “Peoples Alternative Choice” coin was the simple consensus. Branding and marketing is never a perfect science – and some members liked the old coin – quickly the community has rallied and supported a broader brand focus backed by a nurturing community.

Let me share my PacCoin story.  One day while trading another coin on Cryptopia, I recognized PacCoin from years ago and was intrigued by the chart pattern and decided to delve a little further into it.  I soon found the community that had dust and tumbleweeds with unanswered pleas for somebody to invigorate it.  These requests fell upon deaf ears.  But I felt like there was energy behind those queries….I could feel it – I think others had the same feelings as well.  I quickly found at the end of the thread one of members had posted a link to a PacCoin Discord room.  My curiosity kicked in and I entered the room and was quickly was inspired to help.

Now I have a good friend in Portugal – we call him Mr. CryptoPT and he has been a huge asset to the our PacCoin relaunch story.  Members like him and others that have jumped on-board and rolled up your sleeves to contribute your ideas and solutions.  I look forward to providing some of the leadership to grow our community into a viable asset for the whole cryptosphere to envy.

Personally, I would have never guessed that I would be spending my evenings helping people fix their wallets & be up until midnight writing a blog such as this after troubleshooting staking issues etc. and helping a community relaunch of an older defunct cryptocoin.  Not just for me, but for many others so far this has come naturally to our community so far.  Together as a community we are on the cryptocoin world stage marching upwards steadily from the bottom of the charts!  Our success as community will be full-filled in the coin marketplaces as our coin’s purpose evolves from being symbolic to being action focused.

In order for PacCoin to succeed we will overcome and solve some big problems as a community.  One of theme is bringing people from all languages together with on-the-fly language translation.  This would be HUGE.  We need an online ‘forum’ that can serve everyone and serve as a better communications vehicle.  Our coin is missing this “Facebook” like community for PacCoin’s new users to approach to learn about PacCoin and the basic cryptolingo.  Currently Facebook only works for a small part of the market and people in general don’t like to delve into investments & business on Facebook.  Also, let’s face it – most of us are geeky folks or we have some related background that makes us comfortable jumping into a dark gamer like environments (Discord room) and role our sleeves up to solve problems.  This particular Discord channel will always serve a purpose for some of us, but we need to differentiate and separate ourselves from the pack of what the other coins are doing.  As a community we need to take a risk on building our own community social platform.  Facebook will only appeal to some – but our PacCoin social forum should be built with the goal of being the best entry point to join our community!   How we build it – should be a fun story.

Rock’n’Roll…..Saul (or Mr. Expos on Discord)


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  1. good jop!

    from SOUTH KOREA / Mr.BAEK

    1. Thanks for joining us.

  2. I have some of the original paccoin. Will/can they be transferred to the relaunched coin wallet?

    1. Yes – all coins will be accounted for – no coins left behind. Devs

    2. what was your thoughts when you had them coins from a long time ago.
      did you just consider the coins would eventually disappear?
      were you relieved that some one rejuvenated the coin again?

  3. yes i buy paccoin i love this coin

    1. We love it too! Devs

  4. nao estou conseguindo baixar a carteira, tem data especifica do relançamento se nao baixar a wallet eu perco minhas moedas ?

    amo paccoin divulgo ela em varias midias E-socias

  5. paccoin復活を待っていました.

  6. Buy Pac stay safe Secure ur future 🙂

  7. Paccoin Community you rocks

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