Unity – We are Growing!

In a decentralized community we all have a role to play.  Let’s ponder three ‘C’ words’ that will be a consistent focus of our growth objectives.  They are CHOICE, CONTENT and COMMUNITY.  In a functional community we are all Indians and sometimes we find ourselves as chiefs.  Together, as a community we should focus and prefer hard work over conflict.  As my mom said to me when I was a kid  – “It takes two to do the Tango.”

The cryptosphere was built on a foundation of decentralization equals strength.  The bigger the system gets, the stronger and harder it is to slow progress down.  This them combined with a multitude of other factors ultimately will contribute to success of a Bitcoin clone – which PacCoin.  PacCoin was copied off of PPcoin and compiled and branded for one wallet as PacCoin.

So, let’s focus on CHOICE for a moment as there is a lot of controversy around that subject right now.  Nobody and no fictitious country or entity owns PacCoin or it’s blockchain.  We can all own PacCoins if we so choose, that is our choice.  There is no chief of PacCoin either, our coin just like Bitcoin, is community driven.  Not owned or enforced by one individual.  As a community we will continue to work together building content via fresh innovative ideas.  Let’s focus on the road ahead and choose when we decide to be distracted by misaligned energy.  We all must find our roles in a community to move the ball forward – not hinder is progress.

WOW – our growth in the last two weeks has been phenomenal!  We will shortly see how important it is that everyone has a functional staking wallet!  BTW the PacCoin wallet can be download here:

Our Paccoin ‘Indians’ have produced the following this last week:

  1. 6 active moderators on Discord chat platform – Social & Moderator Teams
  2. 10+ Different countries actively communicating on Discord
  3. Ran a weekly social sharing campaign: – Thanks CryptoPT!
  4. A Russian mirror site: – Thanks Rokoal?
  5. Launched PacCoin Dev Twitter Channel:
  6. Launched PacCoin Youtube Channel:
  7. Put MAC Wallet into testing for release! Thanks DEV TEAM
  8. Close to Launch of PI image for PacCoin POS wallet node
  9. Over 300 new wallet downloads!
  10. Marketing promotional teasers – see Youtube Channel
  11. Sr Dev Team weekly Pow wows scheduled so the Chiefs are organized ; )

WOW – you know what I like about the word WOW – it is universal amongst all languages.  Think about it – a universal word that works for all languages!   Language barriers are a definite problem that has surfaced.  Our growth depends on solving this problem.  So, the DEV team has suggested we launch a fully functional social platform like Facebook for  We are excited as a DEV team to bring this to our community shortly pre-relaunch.  We will have a robust place to take PacCoin to the viral growth phase.

Rock’n’Roll – Please comment below or invite others to join us! DEV team



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  1. Everyday before I sleep I now think paccoin, do paccoin, rock paccoin and dream paccoin. With paccoin, my dreams get bigger!

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