PacCoin Market Update 12/27/2017

The past week marked a notable change in the Crypto Currency Market. The story was truly about Bitcoin. Bitcoin was Down 8%, and total digital asset market cap was down 6%.

But … Coins 1-10 still represent 83% of the total market cap, which is exactly the portion they accounted for one week ago.

Earlier this month BTC accounted for more than 61% of the Crypto Currency Market Cap, and now is down to 44%.

BTC dominated earlier this month, as futures were listed on both the CBOE and the CME, speculators and new entrants rushed into Bitcoin as it still has the most name recognition in this asset class. The BTC to total market cap value will most likely continue to decrease as both new market participants as well as those taking profit look for other currencies with strong communities and growth potential.

35 Currencies now have market caps over one billion dollars and one of the newest entrants to the one billion dollar level was DOGE coin, which was up 55% in the past seven days.

DOGE is now number 34 with a valuation of just over one billion. To the blind eye, one might say how and why is DOGE in the “Billion Dollar Club?”

In my opinion, there are multiple reasons why. DOGE Coin is one of the most popular coin pairs in the Crypto space. DOGE allows many smaller priced assets to trade with reasonable bid ask spreads.

One “Satoshi” represents .00000001 which is 1/100,000,000 of an asset price. With the BTC supply relatively low at 16 million coins, and the price above $16,000 this simply would not allow many assets to have a bid and an ask price, but DOGE coin provides a tremendous amount of liquidity to those priced at one dollar and below.

PAC coin had a historic week on many different fronts.

PAC/DOGE traded an all time high, and was up more than 166% in the past week, and now has a market capitalization of fifteen million dollars and ranks number 344 in Crypto Currency Market Valuation.

PAC in US Dollars reached an all time high as well.

PAC is now One Satoshi Bid vs Lite Coin

PAC has risen on tremendous volume trading nearly 20 times or greater than the
normal trading volume over the past four days.

The surge in volume started on Christmas Eve, and has continued to climb. The PAC community continues to increase in numbers as more investors find value in PAC.

In closing, compare the valuation of BTC to PAC.

BTC is still an astounding 17,500 times more valuable than PAC.

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  1. This is an amazing project, I stand firmly behind what you are aiming for. P2P exchange is a great idea and should be available to everyone without those hefty costs. I continue to promote your company and look forward to the future with PacCoin!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing where the PAC will take us 😛

  3. Can you please respond to my messages, I have send 21,706.4957 Dogecoins to buy 50million Paccoins 2 days ago for ordernummer #27108 – But I still didnt get anything in my wallet, neither got the dogecoins back. Please have a look into this and respond ASAP!


    1. Your order wasn’t lost – the amount you sent was to much I think. Let us recover from the huge traffic we have had. It will be resolved shortly.

    2. Your order was there – just filled it. Sorry about that! I know how nerve racking that is when transactions don’t go smoothly!
      Your doge was to many and it mismatched the order.

      1. Hi Saul,

        Thank you for understanding, but the amount send is low. I have bought 2x 25M and in my wallet juts 1x 25M came. Can you please check this?

  4. paccoin is a nice project. make news make videos on youtube.

  5. Thank you, in awaiting for your response.

  6. I see great things in our future!

  7. PacCoin on Bittrex?

    1. We will sure try after the fork we can at least approach many other exchanges! We cannot until we trade against BTC – which is very doubtful with the current design.

  8. Hello
    I purchased my first PAC Coins on Cryptopia Exchange Wednesday Evening December 27. Do I or will I need to transfer my PAC Coins into a desktop windows PAC Wallet at some time in near future? Thanks. Cleve C

    1. We would advise that – then you get POS rewards.

      1. Thanks Saul
        I have Windows 10….Do I download the Windows Wallet Mirror #2 for my wallet? Thanks Cleve

  9. I am a PACsupporter that I did so much spam in other crypto chats that I got banned haha. Let’s make PAC top 100!

  10. when new pacs will be available. Thank’s

  11. Pac is very exciting for the future and I’m fully behind it. Unfortunately I’m having trouble purchasing direct from this site… 28/12 was out of stock. Been refreshing your site all of today 29/12..UK time, to see when available. Around 2 hours ago 10 units of 10 million Pacs $80 were available. However when in cart this message appears,”we do not have enough 10 million Pac to fulfill your order..try again in 200 mins or edit your cart and try again..” I’ve been doing this process of removing, adding back to cart every minute or so but still the same message appears. While your stocks of 10 have now dropped to 3?? Why is the stock depleting while this message still appears? Why am I unable to fulfill this purchase?

    1. We have worked the kinks out of the stock control. We had an issue where people made a run to the store when the price rocketed….

      This was not the intention of the store. Our apologies.

  12. I want to buy Paccoin… Can someone guide me how? I want to but 25B but i need to have a certain wallet? I have coinbase and binance at the moment.

    1. Sure – if you buy your coins you can buy them on cryptopia by transferring your BTC or LTC there and then trading to DOGE and buying them with DOGE. We don’t have that kind of inventory here to fill sorry.

  13. To the moon….i see a bright future ahead!!!!

  14. Please can you explain what happens to my coins on the 1st of March, if i leave them in the exchange ( Cryptopia )

    1. Sure – your coins will be safe – we will ensure the redemption program leaves no coins behind. We have to support a period of time for the migration to the new blockchain. Technically two coins will exist for this period of time. Unlike many other coins that “burn” your coins if you aren’t aware of the swap. We will redeem the coins for up 9 months after the swap.

      1. Thanks Saul Wolf … just to be clear about this, so I don’t have to do anything, I can just leave the coins in the exchange and the redemption will happen automatically ?

        Kind regards ….

      2. Thanks Saul Wolf … just to be clear about this, so I don’t have to do anything, I can just leave the coins in the exchange and the redemption will happen automatically ?

        Kind regards …

  15. Saul. It says if you hold 2mill or more you will receive 40% more. I’m in the process of downloading mirror one. My question is do I need to download all three that are on the website? And do the coins need to be in the wallet before the first in order to get the 40%? And is one of these three of the new coin wallet?

    1. You can download the wallet from any of the three mirrors you choose. This is the latest version of the wallet yes.

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