PacCoin Market Commentary 11/27/2017

This week was another stellar and record breaking week for the digital currency space.

The entire Crypto Market Cap is nearing 300 bb (billion $)  Bitcoin trades above $9400 at an ATH (all time high).

DOGE Coin has a 50% rally in less than 24 hours trading as high as .0024
PAC breaks into the top 400 crypto currencies on coin market cap. As of this writing it is #419.
PAC is proving to be a little engine that could, where it is in the midst of a strong rally but not experiencing parabolic moves which often times attract major sellers and signify temporary tops in price.
As noted in the previous piece, BTC, is the engiNE and generally speaking, as BTC goes, so does the rest of the market.  Currencies are quoted in BTC terms and that is the pillar for valuation.
Next, DOGE price is of the utmost importance to those involved in PAC.  DOGE having a 50% rally and PAC gaining ground was a huge statement.
After each leg up over the past few months in PAC, it has not often settled on the high, but has consolidated for short periods of time allowing those who want to exit a stable place for those who want to add length.
The key levels in the crypto space are as follows
BTC support … 7508 … 7711 .. 7859
DOGE support … .0013 … .0017
DOGE resistance … .00225 … .002388
PAC support … .000305… .000328 .. .000366
PAC resistance … .000458 … .00498

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