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It has been exactly one month since we officially launched our PacCoin story.  What a story this is shaping up to be!  Our community base is exploding and rallying behind PAC.  We also had to move the website to handle the extra traffic and the SSL load.  Great problems to have in our opinion.

We appreciate all the emails we get on the site and we try to answer everyone individually- so please keep the ideas & the feedback coming!  Currently we are focusing on our “alignment” phase of our growth and putting structure in place to organize and identify talent that wants to help the PacCoin story.  Why all the mystery on the team?  Well for one it will be a great marketing tactic for us later – who is Saul Wolf t-shirts will be worn by hundreds.  ; )  Our DEV team’s moniker or alias is ‘Saul Wolf’- no single point of failure for PAC!  Remember this coin was sitting in the dust as there was nobody actively supporting it.  Recreating a problem is not in our coin’s future.  Remember we are not a cheaply focused ICO – we are an RCO – we are MUCH bigger and focused on being a universal currency!  We launch our three month RCO campaign Dec 1st.

We get this same question a lot, “What is the purpose of PacCoin?”  Well, PacCoin’s purpose is is quickly focusing itself into being an everyday world digital currency.  We will focus on four C’s – community, charity, choice & content.  PAC is the People’s choice – fast, secure & trusted.  We would be surprised if PAC wasn’t being used as a trading pair on major exchanges later.  The new fork will make this even more possible & faster than a many other coins!  Having the perfect design is important and the DEV team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure this.

Our community solutions, decisions and choices will enable tremendous content creation and charitable focuses for improving the lives of others.  How will this happen?  Our next big project to enable this phase will be launched on Jan 1st. will be a social site for our community to strengthen and find more uses for PAC.  We will need moderators and social media mavens to join us and make a fun and inviting community for all crypto enthusiasts. will be no minor undertaking – as this technology launch will be very similar to a facebook for PAC.  We believe that users will choose to enter either as themselves or as their alias or moniker.  Our belief as a DEV team, is that that people need to have a new type of Digital Identity or FYLE that they will use when they traverse the Internet – similar to digital passport but impossible to steal.  More on this later when more resources are in place to pursue this.  This is one of the many ‘out of the box’ our DEV team has for the future of PAC.

In the thrilling world of digital assets we believe that people are still reluctant to “jump in the pool” and try using crypto-currencies.  PAC will change this for many as our community will be an entry point for ALL walks of life to share and contribute to the community.  Using digital assets like and this blog, we will continue to enlighten and nurture our consistent deliberate approach to growth.  PAC will be a top 10 digital currency in the future.  Why are we so sure?  Come join the story and we will see together the biggest “purposes” are still…..


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  1. O PAC será uma das 10 principais moedas digitais no futuro.
    Vamos fazer PaccCoin ser maior ou igual ao crescimento facebook chegou hora essa?

    The PAC will be one of the top 10 digital currencies in the future.
    Let’s make PaccCoin be bigger or equal to the facebook growth time has come?

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