$PAC | What’s Been Happening – 24th March 2018

Steady as she goes! – You often hear those words from the most sea hardened captain of a ship when traveling across intrepid waters. To me, this embodies what the $PAC team is doing and their working mentality over the last few weeks. Sometimes when there is a downturn in the market it’s not always wise to release your newest and greatest features, there is an element of market timing to good marketing for any business, otherwise it risks falling upon deaf ears and negating the positive effects it would have achieved.

That being said, plenty has happened and plenty needs to be shared with you. The purpose of these regular updates via the blog addresses many issues that the community has been feeding back to us. Firstly, the language barriers on our social platforms (where news is normally found) are quite high. The majority of our posts and updates are sent out in English, which in reality only accounts for about 19% of our total global audience, tiny when you think about it. To combat this, posting here on the blog allows you to use the built-in language translator to better held spread the positive efforts of our team to an otherwise left out audience.

Secondly, our news and updates are posted across a large variety of different platforms, these include Twitter, Reddit, Facebook & Discord. Not everyone has time in their daily routines to check these different platforms every day and thus could miss important updates. Having a synopsis of everything that has occurred in one place allows you to simply check back here once or twice a week and never miss out on anything.

This week in $PAC

What a week it has been. It’s fair to say every single one of our team members, including the volunteer moderators on our Discord have outdone themselves this week. I find myself genuinely quite excited at what we’ve achieved and what is to come.

So, introduction out of the way. Let’s get into things.

Investing.com lists $PAC

Investing.com is a global financial portal and internet brand composed of 30 editions in 22 languages and mobile apps for Android and iOS that provide news, analysis, streaming quotes and charts, technical data and financial tools about the global financial markets. And guess who they have decided to add to their platforms? Yes, $PAC.

A massive thank you to TheOne888 our TA contributor who made that happen, investing.com has over 5 million active users across their mobile app alone. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be put $PAC literally into the palms of people’s hands and this will prove an excellent means of brand exposure for us.

The London Cryptocurrency Show – April 14th

April is gearing up to be yet another exciting month for us, we’re happy to announce that we will be attending one of the largest cryptocurrency shows in the UK. The show comprises of hundreds of exhibitors, conferences, keynote speakers and panel shows covering a range of exciting topics.

Brad, has been selected to not only host his own 30 minute presentation (content of which to be determined) but he is also being offered a panelist spot in the main auditorium alongside other major industry professionals to take quick-fire Q&A from the thousands of spectators, hopefully he holds his nerve and does us proud. Be sure to come along and support us if you are based in the UK and can make the trip. Tickets are available online.

Retailers are plugging into $PAC

We also announced this week a new section on our main website that showcases all of the known retailers who are currently using $PAC has a form of payment for their businesses. Adoption of $PAC as a community currency is fundamental in the success of our coin, every new retailer accepting $PAC translates to the legitimacy of our operation, increases brand exposure and brings us one step closer to solidifying ourselves as a leading global digital currency.

Thank you so much to all of the retailers currently adopting $PAC we look forward to working with you moving forward. We are going to be developing a full host of POS systems and payment gateways in the near future which will allow for an easier point of entry for retailers to accept $PAC for their goods/services as well as bringing the use of digital currencies to the masses. https://paccoin.net/retailers/

Bit-Z Exchange Update

Bit-Z was a huge opportunity for us, with an average daily trade volume of over $200 million it was no lie that getting the community involved was a very important goal. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it, but as many of you are aware this wasn’t your fault. Bit-Z’s voting process was lengthy and not very user friendly… on top of that their platform for purchasing additional VTC in order to bump up the voting pool was also near impossible to achieve due to the credit card/payment restrictions on foreign cards. Again, not your fault.

We have a good working relationship with Bit-Z, Caitlin one of their lead listing managers has taken on board all of the criticisms of their voting platform from not only myself but other coins who also shared in the same issues we had. As a result, Bit-Z is completely re-working their entire voting procedure from the ground up and hopefully doing away with the arduous process.

The new voting tool/process will be live in early April, at this time our coin will be automatically re-listed for another vote using their new system, which we are told will be far more accessible. This means we have from now until that time to build up our community and get everyone prepared to have another crack at it. We believe, if you take out all of the issues that plagued the last voting process we will have no issues whatsoever hitting whatever goal they set us this time. We hope you all are happy with the outcome of the meetings. Bit-Z were adamant that they did not want to charge us a listing fee to simply ‘buy our way’ onto their exchange, which we actually respect. Any exchange could do that – which to me signals they don’t actually care about what opportunities get listed, they simply want money… with Bit-Z, they seem to really care that only the most popular and sought after coins get listed and their methodology achieves that.

$PAC community support forum launches

Huge thank you to all of the dedicated community developers who have come together on this side project for $PAC to bring the entire $PAC knowledge base into one singular platform for the ease of our users.


A new forum for all technical questions and queries as well as a source of information you might not be able to find elsewhere. We’re sure Jeffrey (Discord Admin) and his team will do a fantastic job of keeping the new platform alive with a wealth of updates and information.

$PAC announces its first charitable partnership

The teaser for our first charity partnership was due to air on March 26th, in our new objective to hit our roadmap and timelines early we again dropped this teaser early, 3 days early in fact. The teaser can now be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJd64gjdxwk&feature=youtu.be

We are excited to host our livestream on March 31st – 10pm GMT to talk about how $PAC is playing a role in the improvement to key areas of Detroit, more to be revealed about this in due course.

This just marks the first of many charitable projects that $PAC will be working on in the coming months, we’re glad that we’ve been able to make a notable impact already so soon into our coin’s lifespan, we hope this proves to be a benchmark in $PAC’s ability to improve the lives of various communities across the globe.

As always, thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to what lies ahead for $PAC.


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  1. Hi.
    How can I get my old coins out of a trojan infested wallet?I have 700000 coins that i cannot get to.Any ideas would be appreciated.

    1. Our wallets don’t have trojans in them.

      You can save your wallet.dat, uninstall the wallet and reinstall. Insert your wallet.dat in the paccoin folder and launch the wallet.

  2. thanks Saul! great to hear from you and look forward to more posts.

  3. I have been waiting my $PAC for a long time.

    Date: 3/8/2018 21:11
    To: ArUtzuRrCvkBQcK6KZrBsejt74EJjj9ZJC
    Net amount: -2052121.245941 PAC
    Transaction ID: 6c7ae171bb1d09887f6eb6e9bec90f06921e76323234d67073c9e5b03ccf0375

    1. I’m not seeing your $PAC Core wallet address in that transaction record.

      Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  4. why is $PAC price so low and keep going down? why dont invest a litle bit more in marketing, advertise, try to list PAC on more excange

    1. You should say same about Bitcoin and other Alts. The crypto market is bearish atm. Just hodl and see $PAC take you to space when the bull run begins.

  5. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores e equipe de marketing!!!

  6. Congrats Saul and Pac team. You guys have far exceeded my expectations. As a seasoned investor and Forex speculator, I thought I was grabbing just another penny stock style stinky pinky. Absolutely not so. Excellent progress I have to say. Detroit is huge and will reap many rewards. Quicken has set up shop, and many entrepreneurs are running start ups there. Heck a guy even started his own mass transit line there. Detroit will be the go to investment for the next 5 to 10 years.

  7. Pac team, i recieved new pac coin , before i have ,old pac coin 50,000,000, and now i recieved 50,000 $pac in yobit . So what can we do?

    1. You now have new $PAC. Store it on your desktop for safe keeping using the new $PAC Core wallet, or, leave it on the exchange for trading purposes. Your choice 🙂

  8. 3100000 coins nearly cost me $ 550 us dollars at that time.
    But when it divided by 1000:1 . The value of my 3100 pac coin is only 50$.
    Who will be responsible for my loss???

    1. BTC can only go 8 decimal places after 1 whole. (0.00000001 or 1 sat). It can not go any lower, but the price of a coin, can. Pairings such as DOGE/LTC/USD/etc show the true price of any coin that goes lower than 1 sat.

      At the time of redemption, old PAC was 0.000000003 (which is 3/10 of 1 sat if BTC had 9 decimal places). We said from the beginning that new $PAC would be x1000 of the old PAC price, and that is exactly what we did. At the time, 3/10 of 1 sat was $0.00003. x1000 made new $PAC $0.03. It has since fallen lower.

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