Up, Up, Down, Up!

Another week and what a wild ride it was!  Hang onto your hats everyone because we think the next three to six months are going to be even more exciting.  Most of the past week we have been trying to dig myself out of emails and support everybody as best as possible.  I personally want to thank everyone on Discord for being so helpful with new people entering PAC for the first time.  When I reflect how much has happened the last few months we should be very proud of PAC!

The affiliate program launched last week has been a huge success.  We should have over 500 affiliates by Monday!  We had a small hosting issue on Friday with traffic where we lost the tracking for around an 8 hour window.  If you feel you lost credit for commissions please email me with the details.  We will be launching a ticketing system this weekend so we can better manage issues and queries.

The marketing team has been working on completing a presentation piece on an overview of PAC and an intro into what the short term plans are for the coin.  This is coming together very nicely and we are finalizing the deck in the next few days to have it produced for next two months.

As of today we now are accepting BTC, LTC DOGE & DASH on the site directly for PAC.  Again as a reminder this is for new people to PAC more than a place to get PAC at a bargain price.  We rotate the funds through the market and cannot absorb huge price fluctuations or purchases.  We appreciate that this is not taken advantage of.  We try and keep the price slightly above market.  Next week we hope to be able to accept credit cards on the website for purchases up to $100 and there will be a small premium charged in case there are future chargeback claims.

Jan 1st we will have the Alpha site of PacFyle.com up for anybody that has signed up as an affiliate.  PacFyle wil be our own social network for PacCoin where we will be able to work as a community to evolve the focus of PAC projects.  We will need your help to work out the kinks the first little while before we open it up for the masses.  This is very important as we have very limited resources until we get to the fork.  All of us still have our day jobs and are doing this as a hobby right now.

As a follow-up to last weeks post about a press release that we had hoped would have been released.  It was a hoax by the other party – so, I feel I need to disclose this as it was a fishing expedition looking for inside information.  That doesn’t mean there will not be a press release – we will take an alternative route to get this exposure we were wanting.

The DEV team has confirmed they are still going to be ready with early masternode redemption on Feb 1st.  Masternodes will be the foundation of the new PacCoin network.  They are basically like virtual ATM’s – and the owners of masternodes reap the benefits of owning one.  The actual redemption will be a little more difficult but will roughly occur like this:

  • We encourage everyone to get their coins off the exchanges a few days before March 1st
  • Having them in your own wallet earlier will ensure less transfer issues with Cryptopia and Yobit
  • There will be a new wallet available for download for the new PAC before Feb 1st
  • This wallet will be your new coins “redemption” ID for getting your new coins
  • The new coins will be transferred to your new PAC wallet
  • The exchanges will take a little time to catch-up and get back flowing again

The redemption program will resume for three months after this change to ensure that all people that want to redeem will be able to.

We wish everyone the best and for those celebrating holidays, we wish you and your families the best!


-saul wolf





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  1. I’m just getting my account set up >
    to ride-a-Top the roaring economic up^currents!

  2. nice coin

  3. Hi Saul Wolf,thanks for the information about the redemption. As an a-technical person, I have some additional questions just to be sure: should I move the current (“old”) coins to the current wallet? And on March 1 these old coins will be transferred to the new wallet automatically? Or can I download the new wallet when it is released, and transfer the old coins from the exchnge to this new wallet? If I keep the coins on the exchange, they will be converted to new coins automatically (with some delay)? Thanks, Casper

    1. The new wallet will be released shortly before Feb 1st. The current chain is the same chain as the new logo. The old PAC that is currently being traded will redeem for a new coin on a new blockchain.

      1. Ok, so there is no action that owners of the current “old” coins have to take? If I have my coins in the current wallet, I download the new wallet, and then the coins will disappear from my old wallet, and show up in the new wallet? (“Forks” and “chains” are still too technical for me 😉 )


        1. No worries – the redemption will be a simple process – a small inconvenience while you await your new coins. But every redemption will handled professionally by a third party. Most likely Bitcointalk team.

  4. No texto acima,vocês sugerem a transferência das moedas Paccoin da Cryptopia ou da Yobit para a sua própria carteira até o dia 1º de março. E se eu deixar minha moedas onde elas estão, tem algum problema?


    In the above text, you suggest transferring Paccoin coins from Cryptopia or Yobit to your own portfolio by March 1st. And if I leave my coins where they are, is there a problem?

      1. Bom dia Saul Wolf, você disse que se guardarmos na carteira local ganhamos de 7 a 9% de recompensa, mas resta ainda uma dúvida, se eu instalar a carteira no meu computado e este vier a danificar o HD, perdemos as moedas? Ou mesmo assim podemos recuperar.
        Good morning, Saul Wolf, you said that if we keep the local wallet, we earn a reward of 7 to 9%, but there is still a doubt, if I install the wallet in my computer and it damages the HD, we lose the coins? Or even so we can recover?.

      2. I hold some Paccoins with Yobit. Will I get the interest?

        1. Yes – you will get 7-10% per month after 30 days.

          1. Hi Saul,

            I hold all my coins with yobit, should I move them to the windows wallet? are they at risk with the talk of “new” coin in march if I dont move them? apologies if stupid question.



  5. Hello,

    I bought some PAC coins yesterday but despite all my effort with cryptopia I couldn’t pay for them
    I have lite coins on a social trading site and was wondering if I could pay through them
    Secondly looks like my sale has been cancelled. Any chance if this could be overturned?

    1. You can just try another transaction – it will work. You can pay via LTC.

  6. I understand that the new PAC will remove three zeros from the old pac. OK? Is there a launch price set for the new currency signed on March 1?

  7. Hi Saul.

    Give me 10,000,000 PAC

    I will share this information to my country.


    1. Please email us a proposal of how you would do that – and we will see if it makes sense to grow PAC.

  8. Hi saul wolf,

    Thanks for your information, I have a question, with maximum 100 tn coin supply..what is your prediction for paccoin? I think it can be difficult to reach higher value..and it takes long time..by doing simple math, you will need really high circulating supply.
    How long does it take to reach 0.1 usd?

    1. Coin supply will be dropping to 100B on March 1st not 100T.

      1. But if right now there are 3Trillion circulating (if i’m not mistaken), how will the redemption of those current coins accomodate for the people that have hundreds of millions. I guess what I’m asking is: how much “new paccoins” will my current 100Million paccoin be after March 1st?

        1. Your 100 Million coins will be 100 thousand new PAC.

          1. Hi Saul – One other question I forgot to ask in the 1st post: Currently it would cost me a little over $14K to purchase 100 million coins. When the adjustment takes place in March 2018 and the 100 million coins lose 3 zeros and they become 100 thousand coins, will I also lose value, would I lose a portion of the $14K it cost me to purchase 100 million coins?

            Thank you kindly –

          2. No – it is quite the opposite. If you are long term investor – the current PAC is 100 Trillion coins -vs- 100 Billion for the new coin. Would you rather have $1 or pennies?

          3. You are correct my friend! Thanks for your prompt response…

    2. Tough question – as a team we don’t comment on market pricing predictions. We leave that to the market to decide!

  9. Hi Saul,

    I would like to buy Paccoin, but I have 3 questions:

    1) What is the goal/primary use of Paccoin?

    2) How will the supply go down to 100 bil? Will you burn the coins? or if there is a fork, will we be credited the new coin?


    1. The goal of PAC is evolving quickly -via the community’s ideas so far:
      1st – it is a currency & a community driven coin – we have ~5,000+ investors piled into 3.5% of the current supply.
      2nd – it will be an exchange pairing coin that is supported as a crypto pairing with the new PAC – as it will take seconds for transfers.
      3rd – it will be a charitable coin where a percentage of all coins will go to charities decided by the community!
      4th – it is a choice coin where projects will be chosen and paid for via decentralized voting

  10. There is no virus in our wallet – some virus packages will believe it is – we have ensured it is not if you download the wallets from our current sources.

  11. Hi I want to Purchase Paccoin My questions are the following
    1) Where to buy them?
    2) Do I need to create a wallet from you guys or can I just use one that I have by Bitpay?
    3) How many paccoin can I purchase?
    4) can I use cash?

    1. You can buy them here – You will need to download a wallet – we suggest that. Cash is not supported yet – just LTC, DOGE BTC & DASH.

      1. Hello
        When will PACCoin be listed in other exchanges? That will gain popularity to the PAC project.


        Or Binance.com

        Binance has over “2 million” users as they claim.

        Happy New Year Everbody

        1. When we trade against BTC after the fork we can pursue these markets.

  12. Obrigado pelas respostas às minhas perguntas e Feliz 2018.

  13. Hi Saul, I am from Malaysia and we are very new to cryptocurrency. Glad to come to know PacCoin today and bought some. When I bought them is it safe just to leave it on the Exchane as I dont know how to operate a wallet yet.

    Thanks for your early guidance and advice.

    I am using Cryptopia Exchange

    1. Yes – Cryptopia is safe – we have had no complaints.

  14. Hello, when are you releasing paccoin android wallet for Android users

    Should I transfer my old coins to the new wallet by 1st March and is the change going to affect it automatically in my new wallet?

    1. The new coin will have an electrum android wallet.

  15. May I know the developers involved in the project other than you.?

    1. Newcrypto, Smoker, Kainreh, CryptoCashman, Xandorman, Nets

  16. Hi Saul, I have purchased Pac Coin on Yobit as I believe your website or somewhere I had read that recommended them and Cryptopia to be the only two coin exchanges to purchase from and I would like to know how to transfer my coins from there to a Pac Wallet the safest and most effective way. Do I do so from the YoBit USD, BTC, or PAC withdrawal on YoBit? I have also recently read quite a bit of bad comments from individuals losing their money from transfers from the YoBit site after I had purchased the coins from there. Is this so? Please let me know so I can make a successful transfer. Thank you!

    1. Be careful with Yobit – always transfer small amounts first until you are comfortable. Cryptopia works very well in our experience so far.

  17. Looking forward to this coin! I will spread the word.

  18. Hello there i am so confused please help i hold a really good amount of pac coin but it shows on cryptocompare.com 0.00000900 and on the coineranking it’s 0.0000236 is there anything wrong going on and would i get the same amount of coins when the update happen ?

    1. The price gets thrown off quite a bit with the btc/pac pairing on YoBit. Their pricing method isn’t perfect – and we don’t endorse Yobit having that pair at all.

  19. Hi, Will you be releasing a “whitepaper” any time soon? Thanks

    1. We will – we have a framework for it now we need to involve the community on the pacfyle project to determine what we really pursue and when.

  20. Hello Saul I can’t seem to get my wallet working? It just says thats its ”out of sync”. I want to bring my coins from Cryptopia and store them in my wallet but it won’t let me since my wallet isn’t set up. Any help would be appreciated…


    1. The wallet sometimes will take days to download the 1.6 Gig blockchain file. One of the reasons to move to a new chain for PAC.

  21. Hi guys,

    New to PAC this morning, am I good to keep these in Yobit or do I need to move them to a windows wallet? if there is an FAQ I missed please link me and ill go and read 🙂



    1. You can keep them there – they just don’t POS.

      1. Hi Saul. What is the cap of new coins that will be made?

        Should I buy more now or wait until after the Fork?

        I’m still a little confused on how this whole thing works

        1. New cap will be 100 Billion not 100 Trillion.

      2. what is the meaning of (pos)

  22. Hii Saul, while buying from your shop it shows out of stock

  23. hello what will my 1million pac be after march 1 will i still have 1million pac or will it decrease

    1. Market will dictate this we hope that it will be positive.

  24. Hi Saul

    If we keep our PAC coins in Cryptopia, what happens after 1st march to them? and how I can change it to New PAC after 1st March?

    By the way, I get an error of st13runtime_error blkindex on MAC Wallet. what should I do about it?

    1. You will send them to a redemption wallet. The new coins will be sent to your new wallet.

  25. Are you on telegram?
    If you are, I need the link to join…

    1. Not yet – we are still getting our social team together.

  26. The only thing I’m worried about with buying now is if the new coin sells for the same price it is at now then it would be better to wait since I will be basically be paying the same amount of money for the same amount of new coins. I could be wrong

    1. Dave – it is up to you. The amount of people that believe that PAC has value going forward will determine the price. Combined with a plethora of other things.

  27. Hey Saul, synchronizing the MAC wallet is still in progress but has been running for 24 hours or so. Does this take days to finish the sync?

    1. There is a new package – without it it takes days! Sorry. The blockchain on this coin is long. Until the fork then it will be normal.

  28. Hello Saul,

    I have 25 millions PAC into my Cryptopia… sorry I’m a little bit stressed because I don’t have the habit to do that kind of thing, it’s the first time… Shall I have to move them somewhere precisely or I let them sleep into my Cryptopia wallet and the change will be done automatically at the D Day on my Cryptopia.

    If I need to transfer them (only if this is the case, maybe I don’t have to move them, you ll tell me), where shall I have to move them? Can you give me the precise link? Is it complicate? Which day is it opening? Feb 1st or March 1st?

    What happens if someone will foget for months or years to redeem the PAC? Will he or she be in deep shit? Is it a lifetime redemption for people that could be forgetful?

    If we are reduced by 1000, we ll get less PAC of course but are we losing money on the value? How does it work that we don’t end as “loosers” in this operation?

    Excuse me for all these questions but I’m just a a little bit worried that I don’t fuck up my operation by doing sth wrong and “burning” my PAC…

    Thanks for all your precise answers and your kindness and understanding 🙂

    1. The PAC holders are the value of PAC – the more that believe in it – the more value it has.
      It isn’t the amount. If somebody forgets they had PAC the old PAC block-chain will still be around I am sure – but people will not be using it at all – my guess is that the value will reflect that.
      Questions are fine – it isn’t D-Day or one day the window will be a period of time 3 months.
      Remember the old PAC had almost zero value – so they were worthless as such until the community took over.

  29. Oups Saul, sorry 3 more questions

    1/ What’s the target or goal of this redemption coin operation?
    2/ Will this operation boom the coin to the top 100 crypto on volume market traded each day?
    3 / I know you are not medium but as an expert of Paccoin, do you have a precise price prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020? Do you think that the PAC has serious chance (not crazy dreams, I mean real chance) to reach 1 dollar in the short time or mid term?

    Thanks again for your answers

    1. 1. The target goal is to “resolve” a blockchain that is to big and will not scale properly. There are some other technical issues within the chain as well that cannot be fixed with a code release.
      2. We hope to do our best for PAC – we have a ways to go – but we will succeed one step at a time!
      3. I have to abstain from price predictions.

  30. Hi Saul;

    I’d transfer my coins from cryptopia to the PacCoin wallet but still not showing.. It says “out of Sync”
    I have a macbook Pro and It still Synchronizing with the network
    I saw the instructions on how to rebuild the walled but, the instructions is for Windows
    Should i be worry less regarding it?
    Thanks and best regards.

    1. There is a new MAC package on the website. Please give that a shot instead.

    2. I had the same issue.

      First, you need to allow hidden files to be shown on your mac. There are instructions here: https://ianlunn.co.uk/articles/quickly-showhide-hidden-files-mac-os-x-mavericks/

      Second, press CMD+CONTROL+G and search for: ~/Library/Application Support/paccoin

      Third, Replace the DAT files with the ones that were included in the wallet download.

      Make sure that the wallet is closed during the process. When you reopen it, it should have the majority of the sync finished.

      Good luck!

  31. Boa noite Saul Wolf, eu instalei a carteira no meu computador,fiz algumas transferências (send e receiver) e funcionou bem. Mas tenho receio de despejar todas as minhas moedas na minha carteira e quando eu precisar fazer backup da carteira não conseguir reativá-la. Se possível escreva um tutorial de como fazer o backup da carteira para um HD externo e depois pô para rodar novamente no computador, quando este for formatado, ou até mesmo em outro computador. Creio que tais informações serão de grande utilidade para todos nós. Obrigado.

    1. Salvar seu ID privado ou privid será uma coisa boa a fazer também. Vamos procurar fazer uma instrução de backup.

      saving your private id or privid will be a good thing to do as well. we will look into making a backup instructional.

  32. Should I Encrypt my Paccoin wallet (windows) which now holds 2 million PAC?

    1. Up to you – we recommend you do what makes you feel secure. A good habit though.

  33. Mac wallet doesn’t work, keeps saying ”out of sync”. Might have to pass on this coin because of this…

    1. The Mac wallet takes a long time to sync as the block chain is so long.

  34. This person with 50 billion pac blocking up everything should die! That’s my comment, I hate him and those like him and wish ILL on him. What sort of a little faggot will jam up everything and prevent a coin from flowing?! They could care LESS about the coins survival!!!!
    there should be a limit to the amount of coins anyone person should have to influence so big the market ..its up to the exchanges to tell these twats to LEAVE .. ..let me say this you see someone with that many coins NO ONE will trust the coin at alln THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME ENRAGED!!! it can be pumped and dumped to that faggots choosing . 50 BILLION sell buy wall sells it NOW 50 billion sell wall same price .. choke to death on your coins you FAT FUKN PUKE!!! ..

    1. Well – I let your comment post as-is. Yes it is to bad that a big wallet like that clogs up the market. The good news is that the wallet is now “consolidating” to other hands.

  35. Ok I have the redemption wallet. Have checked the addresses four times put when I try and send coins the address bar turns red and no message pops up. Wallet is synced up and unlocked. I have about 54,000 in my wallet. Any tips?

  36. I am trying to find out what wallet PAC from Yobit goes into. The Old wallet or the New wallet. I do not want to send them to the wrong paccoin wallet.

    1. New $PAC Core wallet.

      1. Now I’m seeing information on electrum wallet. What’s up with that and what does have to do with $PAC wallet?

        1. Electrum wallet is a light weight version $PAC wallet. it takes the blockchain of a server and doesnt download it on your PC.

          It is just a different kind of wallet

  37. I check my $pac wallet occasionally and this time it has been trying to sync for 3 days. It is staying at 85% What can I do to make it sync or start over?

    1. Hello,

      You will need to be on version 12.3.1 (check under help > about PACcoin core)
      if you are not on 12.3.1:
      – Backup your wallet
      – Download the latest wallet version and run the install, it will ask to replace files, do yes
      – Start up the wallet check the version again if it is 12.3.1 now go to tools >repair wallet > reindex

      that will most likely be your problem of being on a outdated wallet

  38. Thanks for your help. New wallet version installed and updated.

  39. One more question. Under PrivatePAC, why does it say Disabled?

    1. To use PrivatePac you need to mix your coins first then it becomes enabled

      Under mixing there is a info button explaining mixing

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