$PAC Update v0.12.6.0 – NOW LIVE

$PAC Update v0.12.6.0 – NOW LIVE

We are happy to announce the launch of $PAC protocol 70215 & wallet updates v0.12.6.0

Please note: During testing, we noticed some small alignment and resolution errors with the new wallet UI (the screenshots you have seen advertised lately) because of this, we have delayed the implementation of the re-design until we have isolated the cause. This means the wallet v0.12.6.0 will have the OLD wallet UI. All new features and all new security patches to the chain are still LIVE and exchanges should be back up and running soon. We apologize for the delay, but we wanted things to be perfect before public.

Wallet Installation Instructions:

  • Make a backup of your wallet.dat file
  • Click the link to the correct wallet for your device
  • Allow the new wallet to sync and check you are on v0.12.6.0 (Tools->Information)
  • Update your Masternodes to protocol 70215 if necessary
  • After installation wait for your wallet to sync and then check your block count against <http://explorer.paccoin.net/>, to view the block count of your wallet: `Tools > Information`
  • If your block count matches the explorer you have successfully updated your wallet, if it does not match follow the steps below.
    • Go to `Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index`.
  • Click ‘Start Alias’ on any Masternodes you own

Important information for windows wallet users only!

Make a backup of your wallet.dat file and masternode.conf, then fully uninstall your older version of paccoin-qt.exe and any desktop shortcuts etc.
The new installer places paccoin-qt.exe in a new file location.

Again, make sure you make a backup of your wallet.dat and masternode.conf first and then remove paccoin-qt.exe, this can be found in:


Then make sure you are running the latest version, you can check version info by going to Tools > Information (client version should be v0.12.6.0-437aeea).

Wallet Install locations:

Windows 32: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/download/v0.12.6.0/PAC-v0.12.6.0-win32.exe

Windows 64: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/download/v0.12.6.0/PAC-v0.12.6.0-win64.exe

Mac: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/download/v0.12.6.0/PAC-v0.12.6.0-osx.dmg

Linux x86: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/download/v0.12.6.0/PAC-v0.12.6.0-linux-x86.tar.gz

Linux x86_64: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/download/v0.12.5.1/PAC-v0.12.5.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

GitHub Source: https://github.com/PACCommunity/PAC/releases/tag/v0.12.6.0

Masternode Update Instructions:

If you haven’t already please ensure you have updated your wallet to v0.12.6.0.

To update your masternode please connect to your VPS and input these commands:

1) `rm pac*.sh*` (this might fail, if it does, move onto the next step).

2) Cut and paste the following into your VPS:

wget -q -O- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PACCommunity/PAC/master/pac-update.sh | bash

3) Wait for it to update and sync then check if the block count matches <http://explorer.paccoin.net/>, to view the block count on your VPS use: `./paccoin-cli getinfo`

4) Restart your VPS with ‘reboot’ command
5) If your block count matches the explorer you have successfully updated your masternode, if it does not match follow the steps below.
6) `./paccoin-cli stop | ./paccoind -reindex`
7) Wait for the blocks to fully sync, check periodically with `./paccoin-cli getblockcount`
8) When it’s fully synced and the block count matches the explorer your masternode can be started from your local wallet.



OR, visit the main website for the direct download links.


Thank you all for your continued patience whilst we improved the network.

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  1. i have 1840 PAC on Yobit, how can I withdraw it

    1. Hello,

      Please contact yobit support. They need to update their wallet to version 12.6.0.

  2. I have my pacs at cryptopia. Do I have to update something or will cryptopia do ist automatically like the last Time?

    1. Hello,

      If you have your coins on cryptopia you do not have to update your cryptopia account or something similar.

      But if you also have the paccoin core wallet you need to update that.

  3. Hi!
    Yesterday (02.04.2019 18:41) I send my $pac from new wallet to p2pb2b ex. But it is not confirmed till now. What’s the problem and what shoud I do to speed the transaction? Thx.

    1. Hello,

      I cannot find a transaction with that TXid. your wallet is probably not on the correct version 12.6.0.

      To check that go to help > about paccoin core.

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