$PAC Turning Points…..

$PAC Turning Points…..

The whole Digital Asset space is walking on eggshells unsure what the market is going to do next. As the crypto space capitulates and tries to find the right valuation, we are looking forward to getting the $PAC project put on stage at the Washington-Elite Blockchain Convention this week in Washington, DC. We have seen our fair share of many other smaller projects raise the white flag and surrender to the market forces. $PAC marches onwards – most people on our team and I still have our day jobs and are committed to the project for the long-haul. People have come and gone – and will continue to do so while we keep the core team intact and functional. This has been $PAC’s strategy from the beginning. Protect the core assets and people while continuing to build around this nucleus.

We have had an action-packed few months especially working with our exchange partners. Cryptopia, one of our major exchange partners has been working behind the scenes to move $PAC to some new infrastructure on their platform. We look forward to positive news, and we will continue to ask them when $PAC will be trading again. We will notify everyone when we get more news on this.  Some of our other exchange partners are going into maintenance erring on the side of caution.  We will continue to work closely with all of them.

We need to give a shout-out to a small people-engine within $PAC that is cranking on one of our four ‘Cs’ – Content. Our $PAC translation department has been mobilized and is growing on getting the $PAC message broadcast into the cryptosphere. This energy will be recognized later when people come back to invest in the space and take notice on which projects keep working -vs- the projects that give up. Keep up the excellent work!

Recognizing some other magnificent contributions, we also need to recognize what an incredible job Robin Matthes is doing building up one of our other ‘Cs’ in the charity department. His work finding real currency uses for $PAC where it can make a difference is a trail-blazing effort of enormous proportions. Robin, the $PAC community recognizes your passion for this project, and we are behind you 110%!

Let’s talk about passion for a minute – that is why our team is still here today. Personally, this space sparks my entrepreneurial mindset and makes my problem-solving skills tingle! I am passionate about solving problems – I have to remind everyone here to focus this into what you do for $PAC needs to have that passion. We are actively trying to recruit the right resource foundation to scale – and long-term members -vs- short term contributors will always be our focus. If you have a skill-set that could help us – reach out and let us know! We would love to find an area where we can plug you into $PAC.

It is business as usual for us as we have a busy week ahead. After the Washington DC show, we will assess all the new opportunities and relationships and build our game-plan for next year. We are also planning on some massive use case projects for $PAC that would essentially be their own companies. We are planning on going to the investment community to raise funds for these new ventures. More to come on this as we mobilize our team to achieve this goal.


-The $PAC Team

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  1. Thank you for the post!

  2. thumbs up. Your hard work will reward some day

  3. Good Job.
    what happened to Pac coin on Cryptopia Exchange. market is on halt since nov 06, 2018. Any update on this?

    1. We are working with cryptopia to get traded on there again. Testing some new ways.
      We all just need patience.

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