$PAC Treasury Update
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$PAC Treasury Update

We, at the $PAC Treasury, in collaboration with the Founders, recently posted two proposals in order to help reimburse and fund the $PAC Treasury, as well as expand and enhance the offerings we can provide. We will begin by addressing the first proposal, which is for reimbursement of funds provided to all successful proposal creators for the month of October.

Just to make sure all are aware, the successful proposals for the month of October were NOT paid out by the super-block

We suspect that the cause of this was due to the network attacks we were experiencing during that time-frame. Regardless of why it happened, we felt that we should support the proposal creators and the will of the community by funding those proposals. We also felt that it would be appreciated by these creators and the community and would therefore be appropriate to seek reimbursement through the DAO. We intended to get this proposal posted much sooner, however, it usually ended up being close to the voting deadline when we thought to post it, so we postponed it until the following month. Recently, we felt that we just needed to get it up, and we apologize for the timing.

Before touching on the next proposal, it is important to note that we were not expecting to get either of these proposals funded during the January super-block. If there was a mass rush of word-of-mouth community members who zealously wanted to support us, that would have been nice, but again, not expected. We now have a month for everyone to ask questions and form a sound opinion, one way or the other.

On to the proposal for block buys and direct buys. This has been in the works for about two months and being talked about since before the Treasury was formed. There has been a lot of request for this feature, and a similar feature has always been on our roadmap. As a current solution, we feel that this will fill in nicely, while we continue to pursue a direct buy outlet similar to what existed prior to the redemption. It will also create more liquid funding for other purposes, which will help relieve some of the downward pressure on the market. Please also see the specifics of this proposal:


We intend to use this for a variety of purposes, all of which enhance and improve the sustainability of the $PAC entity. You may also find the process developed to support this, here:


A couple of other points in closing. The DAO has always been intended to support the infrastructure of the $PAC entity. As we try to move into a more formal structure, including paying people for their time and efforts, and actively promoting in venues, such as the recent shows, we should expect to see more proposals funding these efforts. The other point is that our DAO is rarely in full effect. Every month that passes with only half of the available funds being paid out, means that we are essentially wasting resources, which could be going toward the sustaining and building of our infrastructure. We are doing ourselves no favors by allowing this waste to occur, and these proposals will help ensure that we are utilizing all existing resources.

In conclusion, we in the $PAC Treasury, as well as the founding members are working hard to ensure that this coin/community/company will last through this current market downturn, and into the future. Indeed, we are attempting to go against the indicators and improve and build during this time. We believe that this goal, and its success, will leverage us as a future market leader as we move forward. We hope we can count on your support, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

The $PAC Treasury

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