$PAC treasury changes & future budget transparency

$PAC treasury changes & future budget transparency

Dear PAC Community,

It is my responsibility to announce, that the previous Treasury Division has been dissolved.

Over the last year the funds we have had available has been used for operational expenses, partnerships, development expenses, exchanges, 51% attack balance recovery and community interaction expenses to its fullest. Our current balance in the treasury budget is 0 (ZERO) $PAC.

Moving forward, it is my goal and aim to deliver a thorough report on the budget requested from the PAC Network superblock and ensure accountability along the way. Every month we will evaluate the needed expenses to grow PAC, deliver the total expenses broken down in a detailed manner, and post the prop on the PAC network.

Here is the budget request for the month of June 2019

Every month a new budget request will be posted, along with showing any residual balance from the previous month.

PAC needs a budget to operate, and we thank you for your support and encouragement. I see a bright future for PAC, we can achieve great things together.

– Drew Saunders (COO)

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  1. Hello. I do not know what to do! I uploaded the wallet of the latest version and did everything according to the instructions – I deleted the wallet.dat and inserted my backup wallet.dat from the wallet of the old version that I have 4000000 РАС on. After that I click on “Repair wallet” and re-scan the blockchain. After that, the wallet closes. I run it again and it gives me an error: “Error reading wallet.dat. All keys read correctly but transaction data or address book entries might be missing or incorrect” I click on ok and after synchronization of the wallet the balance is still zero. Why are my funds not being restored???
    And another question – how to unlock the wallet? I downloaded the latest version of the wallet and did not set the password on it, but it is blocked. What to do?

    1. Hello,

      Please join our discord since there is a lot of information in your message above. In our discord we have some good individuals that can help you with your problems.


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