$PAC Social Governance ‘Gears of Improvement’

$PAC Social Governance ‘Gears of Improvement’

Compared to our first vaguely poor written proposal listed on the DAO more than 6 months ago – we have made some huge strides as a self funded ecosystem and we are improving! But, we still have a long ways to go. Efficient use of our DAO now and consistently will be one of our focal points. The treasury team will play a large part in this process – the team is almost solidified (this week I hope).

Please pay attention to those prop owners that stand behind their props afterwards and become more active in the community. Having a dozen more leaders with these qualities will make our efforts more measurable and successful. The ones that go dark and silent – we should figure out ways that we can avoid this next time.

Some nice things to see this time was prop owners actively in Discord answering questions. There were several examples of this leading up to the super-block closing. Some areas to explore would be discovering how some props can become more centralized to ensure they are not scams etc. As the price of $PAC increases, this will become a necessity as well as we will have to prioritize our voting etc.

We have some larger consortiums of investors in $PAC. As you may know already masternode ownership has its perks and gives you control over blocks of votes – one “vote” for each masternode. Soon we will be building some blocks of operational nodes that will be controlled by the community – everyone via voting on PAClyfe. They will help ensure single entities or groups do not expose these DAO weaknesses. The blocks of votes balance each other off and will ultimately provide checks-and-balances against larger blocks. All good for $PAC in the long run.

Our $PAC DAO is a technical, network based, hybrid political system that disseminates budgetary outflows beneath a veil of anonymity.  There are no real rules, just pass or fail outcomes of 10% of the masternode population. Afterwards it is clear that their are anonymous chunks of votes get put against a proposal. This system works, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Some ideas for base guidelines and standardization are:

Would a revision request process be valuable?
Would a pre-proposal review team be beneficial?
Would a proposal design/discovery template be useful?

Also, we should remember that if a proposal fails it can be redone and resubmitted – this is what we need to discover and support and implement. Should proposals have a maximum duration of say, four months before mandatory re-submission?

We will shortly be announcing a DAO Town Hall meeting

This entails a new process we will evolve in our community. A town-hall meeting will be kicked off with a verbal brainstorm and introduction of the problem and basic solution. Then an open discussion on discovering other ideas or changes. This is a loose conversation that will be summarized and put into a living “meeting” that will occur over a period of days or a week. It will allow members to participate when they have time and they can pipe in their two cents. This is not meant to be a debate or a political posturing but more of a solution finding exercise. Our initial tests on building our town-hall format will focus on how we can make our DAO more resilient and functional.

Overall everyone well done! Thanks for everyone’s passion and focus on this super-block!


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