The $PAC redemption is closing June 1st 2018

It has been a long time coming, on the 31st May 2018 at 00:00 CST our 1000:1 redemption window to swap the old PACcoin to $PAC is coming to a close. Although $PAC has been actively trading since the middle of February, $PAC has been unfairly affected by the ecosystem of the old coin, even to this day. The entire team will breath a huge sigh of relief at the unloading of the old coin from our project and this will mark the true ‘launch’ of $PAC.

$PAC is ready to launch into its next phase of growth throughout the rest of the year and in doing so, make note of some incredible milestones we’ve already hit:

Over 4,000 masternodes

We are over halfway to our goal of 7,000 active nodes on the network. Which will possibly give $PAC one of the largest masternode networks in the the cryptosphere. Getting to this point, would put us roughly in line with DASH where 70% of the coins in circulation are ‘locked up’ creating one of the most stable and secure payment networks on the globe.

Just imagine how a secure payment network like this could be of value to commercial industries, everywhere.

Closing the public redemption early

We are pleased to announce that the PACcoin to $PAC redemption will be closing June 1st. From monitoring the network traffic of both iterations of the coin we have uncovered that there have been people abusing the redemption process, therefore to safeguard the community and to stop future occurrences we will be altering the redemption time-frames to:

Redemption is officially closing June 1st – GMT

Public redemptions after this time will be valued at 4000:1 on a case-by-case basis

We have redeemed just over 85% of the old PACcoin for new $PAC that was pre-mined for the redemption. Due to the nature of the way the POS system works with the old PACcoin, it became increasingly difficult to calculate accurately how many new old coin could be produced on an ongoing basis running up to the end of the 1000:1 window.

New $PAC was not mined in advance to account for the extra old PACcoin supply generated in the last four months.

A quick look back at why the redemption was needed

In the aims of educating our community, we feel it’s good to take a step back and re-look at why the redemption was necessary for the future success of the currency.

Back in the fall of 2017 the new PACcoin team decided to redeem the old PACcoin for $PAC at a ratio of 1000:1 for a few important reasons. PACcoin was built on a POS (proof of stake) model where the older your coins, the more you have in a pool together, the more coins you would be rewarded. The original supply was also… overwhelming at over 3.5 trillion circulating supply and the value of the coin was very poor (bottom of coinmarketcap, poor).

The original PAC code-base was also not designed to scale, because as the network grew, the PAC chain started to “delete” or rollback transactions when the block times were too small as well as other issues. Rather than to invalidate the old PACcoins with a burn or a fork, the team decided to run a redemption so people could redeem their old PACcoin to new $PAC at a ratio of 1000:1 to bring the coins design in line with better ratios so $PAC could be opened up to new BTC markets and more use cases.

The old POS system favored larger/older wallets significantly and was putting significant strain on the marketability of the coin making the rich, richer and making the poor, poorer, hardly the basis for a community driven coin to base it’s foundation upon. Larger wallets that were pooling larger numbers of coins to make, even MORE coins proved to be choking the system. Moving to a new masternode system incrementally helps distribute coins evenly across the $PAC ecosystem, whilst rewarding adopters of the currency fairly at any point in the journey they joined us on.

What’s coming?

If any coins remain from the redemption pool these will be used for charity and operations (which involves the hiring of a new, public facing management team and a larger marketing budget built into a treasury program).

Up until this point the entire coin launch and the bulk of the marketing/exchange listing expenses have been funded by the original founding team.

Starting on June 1st all of $PAC community projects will be funded by the community governance system or the DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization). As we refine the governance system as a community, the goal will be to build proposals that get easy approval by the masternode voting/proposal system.

The masternode votes will be used to stop proposal abuse and ensure that recurring proposals hit their dates and deliverables. Our community HUB PAClyfe, which is in active development will provide a point of reference for all voting, proposals, feedback cycles and monitoring of the whole DAO ecosystem.

Evolving the $PAC landscape

We will be releasing some news shortly about $PAC’s POW (proof of work) system moving to a (first of its kind) stricter timer-based transaction model to eliminate potential future inflation issues.

The end result is that blocks will be regular and predictable. More to come on this in the next few months. The whole redemption plan from the beginning was originally designed to not leave any coins behind and was designed to mirror the existing coin supply of the old PACcoin.

When this was decided, the team calculated that even with the four months of POS rewards there would be enough coins to support the redemption of all the old PACcoin.

No cost, easy masternode hosting

The founding team has also decided internally to self-sponsor away from the DAO some larger initiatives and programs such as a management retention and incentive program and a ‘no cost, easy masternode hosting’ program.

We want to thank our community for challenging us and bringing some great initiatives and ideas to $PAC. Thanks to Brad, Koen and the moderating team for all their great ideas and hard work. Keep up the suggestions and excellent proposals.

$PAC founders

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  1. Great progress team! Keep it up. When can we expect to hear more about no cost MN hosting?

  2. i have asked for help with redemption but was not assisted, and my account was supended

      1. Hello . PLEASE HELP! I looked out for months on this website on how and when to redeem my old pac, and never found anything . AND NOW IT IS OVER EARLY!!!! I STILL HAVE 4 MILLION. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT TOO LATE!

        1. Hello,

          I am sorry to inform you that the redemption has been closed. The redemption was open from februari until the end of june.

          There is no way to redeem your old PAC to $PAC

  3. I still have my 50PAC, which were bought January 5, 2018. As at that time, I bought 50,000 @ $ 2.99 before it was reduced to 1000:1.
    Honestly, I don’t understand what the redemption is all about as I’m just hearing about swap/redemption of PAC for the very first time!

    Kindly advice.

  4. i tried swapping my pac lastnight and got screwed because the updated wallet is still syncing, are you saying i can no longer participate and my pac is now worthless and unswappable?

    1. Hello,

      If you opened a ticket before june 1st with the explanation of the problem with [email protected] then we will honor the 1000:1 redemption.

      If you did not then you need to open a ticket with [email protected] and apply to swap the 4000:1.

  5. PacCoin Helper, i did the redemption yesterday but my new $paccoins is not appearing in my Wallet what could be the Problem?

    1. Hello,

      You can check the status of your redemption here
      Every transaction gets revieuwed and checked by the redemption team.
      If you dont have your $PAC or not shown on that website within 48 hours you should email [email protected]

  6. I forgot to fill in a transaction comment with my $Pac wallet address for redemption when I sent my old Pac to redemption address on May 26. I contacted the PacCoin team, but I haven’t received any replies so I post my problem here now. Is there a way to get my $Pac back?

    1. Hello,

      You will need to open a ticket with [email protected].
      Include transaction information and explanation of the problem

  7. Как открыть билет ??? что вообще делать ??? я давно не заходил не знал, что все поменялось? как мне сейчас обменять старые PAC на новые ?????

    1. Hello,

      You will need to open a ticket with [email protected] requesting redemption.
      Since it is now on a Case by case basis

  8. hi exchange of old to new coin is closed..? plz tel me or send email regarding this thank u

    1. Hello,

      You will need to open a ticket with [email protected]
      request redemption with the support team. since the 1st window closed and now we are case by case basis

  9. Did you just change the rules? I still have some old pac and I remember redemption period was for around a year!

    1. Hello,

      The community voted to reduce the redemption time.
      That is why we moved to a Case by case basis.

      If you want to redeem coins you will need to email [email protected]

  10. please help me im so desperate i have emailed so many times but no response.

    i have sent over 60k paccoin to new wallet… its been loading since march and no luck.

    this is my address: PVUvpn3UADhUrZwm158wyuWAWWzWjF8pUJ

    1. Hello,

      If you sent old paccoin to a $PAC address the coins are lost since they are 2 different coins.

      If you are talking about $PAC then please message me on twitter Pac_helpdesk or on the $PAC facebook page.

  11. I have left my old pac coins in crytopia since Jan 2018 … i see they have been divided by 1000 .. is this correct? How do i become a masternode holder? Which wallet to move to ? Thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Yes that is correct. We went from PAC to $PAC and that was a 1000:1 redemption.

      To be a masternode holder you need 500.000 $PAC and can be set up with the paccoin core wallet is a guide on how to set up a masternode yourself.

      You can also join one of the shared masternode services.
      Disclaimer, All shared masternode services are 3rd party’s and not affiliated with $PAC. So do your own research and invest at your own risk.


  12. Dear PacCoin Helper , i have $PAC 47000 new pac in my yobit wallet , after 1000:1 redemption what can i do now please help me for this thank you

    1. Hello,

      you can put those coins in a shared masternode, or buy 453k $PAC more and host your own masternode.

      Setup Your Own Master Node

      These are all 3rd party masternode hosting services unaffiliated with $PAC. It is important to do your own research when choosing a masternode hosting service.

  13. ..I too have had no joy on swapping my old for new, wallet just didn’t sync, disappointed to say the least.

    What do I do now??

    1. Hello,

      I am sorry to inform you that the whole redemption ended on the end of june.

      There is no way to swap your old PAC to $PAC anymore.

      1. what to do with my old coins now ?

        1. Hello,

          There is nothing you can do with your old PAC

  14. I still have not received my full $PAC redemption in the swap. I have contacted customer service numerous times without any response. Can someone help me? I redeemed my old coins within the first 1000:1 timeframe and the support team is doing nothing.

    1. Hello Cameron,

      I have never seen a email from you.
      Can you send me the details? [email protected]

  15. I also contacted customer service,There is no reply from support.
    Can someone help me?

    1. Hello,

      What support did you contact?
      Please email [email protected] or contact us on facebook, Pac_helpdesk on twitter or on our discord.

  16. I have 66 million paccoin. It is is in my redemption wallet that seems to be absolutely worthless. Wow! Another loss. I invested into paccoin February 25. 2018. March 11, 2018 my buddy texts and says sell! I had 5,699,000 pac and my value was worth $74,000. Because, I believed in paccoin i decided not to cash in or trade. Shortly there after i began getting POS mining in my wallet. Thought was cool. to date it has grown to a staggering 66,000,000 shares. I am in it to win it. I am holding. I believe I am on to something. August 22 I received 25,000,000 pac. I could not belive it. Still again November another 9,000,000.

    So I decided what the heck lets see if I can withdraw some of it. Then I find out its worthless. Sounds like a damn ponzi scam.

    What to do?

    1. Hello,

      There was a redemption from februari until the end of june.
      This redemption let you convert your old PAC to $PAC.
      Now you are to late for redemption and we cannot help you any further.

  17. I sent a message to the support and I was never answered and I ended up losing the old PACcoin. This made me rethink and not invest and / or rely on $ CAP, in this case who lost most was $ PAC, as it lost my confidence and honestly, would not return to invest in $ PAC. I lost almost a thousand dollars to invest in PACcoin, sorry for that!

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      If you tried to redeem your old PAC to $PAC after the redemption period was over then you couldnt redeem your coins in any way.
      Since the redemption was from februari until the end of june. outside of that no coins were redeem and/or will be redeemed.

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