PAC to $PAC Redemption Guide – Info

The redemption for PAC to the new $PAC will begin on February 1st for master-nodes only.  A masternode is a fully functional node on the new $PAC network that takes POS blocks on the existing PAC and puts this block creation on the second tier on the new $PAC network.  To secure the network, each master-node will need to “STAKE” or lockdown 500,000 of the new $PAC (equivalent to 500,000,000 or 500 Million OLD PAC).  Doing this enables a master-node to be integral in supporting features such as InstantPAC and PrivatePAC payment options.  Think of it like “ATM” on the new $PAC network, where the owners share equally in the new block creation of 45% of the new coins generated amongst them.  These new coins are distributed every month.

The redemption window will be supported by a redemption team and a helpdesk ticket system for individual redemption related issues.  We took this approach to ensure there is transparency and trust in the redemption process.  There are a host of “people” that will consistently try and instill “doubt” in the process so we will try and mitigate this as much as possible.

The steps will be as follows:

  • Download a new $PAC wallet from – the new wallet will be different from the old and looks like the image below (not available Feb 01)

  • Get your new $PAC receive ID it from the Receive button on the new wallet and then Show button – the Address ID will start with capital P and have a bunch of numbers after it. Like this: PSq47Qxhg83wWXTe9TWwUHGPz5y46NFFRD
  • When you send your old PAC coins to the redemption desk you will use this new $PAC address in the comment field in the transaction – we will post a video showing this process on Youtube.
  • Your transactions to the redemption wallets can be checked at:

you will be able to see your transactions to the redemption wallet

  • Once recorded on the blockchain the new $PAC is yours.
  • The new $PAC will be sent to your new $PAC wallet!

We expect that not all the coins or old PAC will come through the redemption window.  Whatever coins are unclaimed in the redemption windows will be allocated using the same ratio as the coins generated in the future.   15% will go to operations and 5% to charity.  These amounts will be calculated at the end of each redemption window based on the total outstanding supply.


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  1. So does this mean that my pac i already own are werthless unless i swap for the spac

    1. No it doesn’t mean that – but the current PAC has value mainly because of the path we have given it.

    2. I feel sorry for those who only have 500 pac….. they will be screwed. LOL

    3. samstag 10.03 über 2 Millionen PAC gesendet, heute 12,03 noch keine neue $PAC bekommen

  2. Ok. Trying to follow instructions. Where is the new $pac wallet. I downloaded and installed it from site above “” and it looks exactly the same as the one before. It does not look like the image above.

    1. The new $PAC wallet will be out very shortly!

  3. Hey Saul- how do I know that I’m downloading the new PAC wallet? When I go to the website to download, it looks like the old wallet. Any insight?

    1. This is the old wallet still – the new wallet will be clearly different for $PAC.

  4. Is anyone else having issues downloading the wallet from OSX? No issues downloading the old wallet.

    1. We haven’t had any other complaints.

  5. What of those that still have there Pac coins at exchangers like cryptopia? Do they still need to undergo these process when the new web wallet is launched?

    1. The coins at Cryptopia will be handled on the exchange – you will not have to do anything.

      1. So basicly i could just send all my pac to Cryptopia and don´t have to do anything?

        1. No – please do not send your coins to Cryptopia – this is only if you already have coins there now.

      2. My pac coins are in cryptopia do you or exchange change from old to new pac automatically or i have to do something?
        I if we have to do then tell me when and how?

        1. They will convert automatically – more details to come.

      3. So… if my “old” paccoin are at cryptopia… there is nothing to do? no transfer to the old wallet & following the steps in the redemption guide? my “old” paccoin will automatic transform into the new paccoin?

        1. Nothing to do correct- the redemption guide you are referring to was a draft and not the real “guide” – our marketing department erred.

  6. hey dear, i have deposited my paccoins in cryptopia ? now they are stuck there ? can u tell me is it safe to hold the paccoins in cryptopia ? they will provide on exchange redemption within the cryptopia ?

    1. They will not be stuck – they will be converted automatically.

  7. where can we found secure redemption adresses?Can anyone found?

    1. Wait for the official announcements please.

  8. Did u publish new wallet for macbook?

    1. We will be shortly.

  9. I have 87000000000 Pac, in the wallet almost 200,000 transactions – so it’s almost impossible to send coins. Can they somehow be exchanged for a new $PAC?

    1. If they are valid coins and we can validate them then we can convert them.

  10. I saw the last comment regarding the coins at Cryptopia. I never had a wallet to begin with, so all my PAC coins were always on the exchange. Just to reiterate: I can leave all the coins on Cryptopia and once the redemption is over I can move the [fewer] coins to the new wallet. Please confirm!

    1. Yes you can leave your coins on Cryptopia they will convert over fine.

  11. Hi Team!
    Is there a YouTube video available that shows this process?

    1. There will be yes.

  12. Hello. Whether will prompt yobit to make an exchange 1000: 1 old paccoin on new paccoin?

    1. We will try to get Yobit to do this as well.

  13. which day should I transfer the old coins from old wallet to thenewone? one dayafter redemtiion? or can be any day? evenbefore redemption???

    1. We will never be able to transfer coins to the new $PAC wallet from the old one.

      Only $PAC can go in the new wallet.

  14. Coins on yobit will be processed on the exchange

    1. Yobit hasn’t talked with us yet about the redemption process. You may have to do it.

      1. I have my old paccoins in yobit, how do I do the transfer to the new paccoin wallet

  15. Pac coins at cryptopia need to be in cryptopia pac wallet ? In that i case i shall cancel my open order.

    1. Yes you should cancel any orders or open positions so your full balance is available.

  16. is the same with YoBit exchanges ? do we have to do any process?

    1. We are not sure yet on the Yobit coin redemption yet.

  17. is YoBit the same? shall I do any new process for the PACs Kept in YoBit ?

    1. We haven’t heard from Yobit yet but we will ask them for the same actions as Cryptopia.

  18. I bought my Pac on YoBit and it’s still there, I haven’t got any wallet yet. Do i need to do something? I read we may not send to the new wallet yet.

    Thanks for your help

    1. Your coins will be able to be sent from Yobit to the redemption desk. Then you will be able to get your new coins.

  19. Why do u need 500mil pac coins for the redemption i thought it was 2million old pac to qualify for the stake! What is going on?

    1. It is 500 million for a masternode. There was an older price of 2Billion – maybe that is where the confusion lies?

  20. I have 1,069500 pac coin will this have value when i swap for that 1001 on my money March first when lets say pac turns into .04 cents cutting off 3 digits of the zero?

    1. We hope for a similar price valuation for the converted amount of coins.

  21. Just to be really sure if I understand correctly. I have my Paccoins on Cryptopia market and currently, I can not withdraw them. I am in a panic to lost my coins so I ask you is it ok if I leave them there and after the fork, I will still have them but in balance MY COINS/1000. So is it ok to leave my coins on Crypropia market or is it necessary to put them on wallet?

    1. No panic – your coins will convert on Cryptopia automatically.

  22. So if I have mine on Cryptopia do I wait till March? Trying to make this as easy as possible

    1. Yes – please wait.

  23. My pac coins in yobit. What i have to do?

    1. Your choice – we are recommending that you wait for the redemption and then send them at that time.

  24. saulW – When you say “handled on the exchange (i.e., Cryptopia),” do you mean that my PAC will automatically be converted to $PAC without any action from me?

    1. Yes – that is what we are to believe right now. We are working on the details of this with Cryptopia now.

  25. people will lose a lot of money with this new pac coin
    people who has millions pac coin will be worth in thousands only

    1. That is rather negative! We hope this will not be the case. Sorry you feel that way.

  26. Do I have to send my all coins to old wallet from my exchange?

    1. Wait for the new old PAC wallet release that will make the redemption easier.

  27. I have around 700k pac coins on cryptopia like a month ago. I am trying to understand the redemption since i am a noob. Am I obliged to transfer my pac’s to the new wallet? Or can I leave them at cryptopia’s wallet. Thank you for your underdtanding. Someone told me that I need to transfer my coins before 1st of february…

    1. The wallet is broken on Cryptopia – they have offered to convert them automatically – details are coming.

  28. hello saulw

    i bought pac coins from cryptopia. please let me know i have to wait till march or it move automatically to pac wallet. ?

    what is old and new pac wallet or coins

    1. You can leave them there they will convert automatically.

  29. Hello, I do not understand where to send the old pac? I have an old wallet.

  30. Hello i sended my old pac coins to the redemption adress more than 24hours now and not received the new coins on my new pac wallet
    Is it normal?

    1. Yes. There has been delays due to high volume. You should be receiving yours soon, if you haven’t already.

  31. Just to be clear, I have PACCOIN in an offline wallet that I downloaded probably at the beginning of January. How and when do I send them to the redemption desk to convert them into $PAC?

  32. thank you for great support

  33. I’ve got some PACcoins in old wallet. How do I participate in the redemption process?

  34. Does TradeSatoshi convert?

    1. No

  35. Hello,
    Can I move my pac coins from yobit to the old wallet that shows redemption on it?
    Or is it better to send them from yobit to the redemption adress?

    1. Send to the redemption wallet.

  36. Hey guys,

    I have my coins on Yobit, will I have to wait for them to do the conversion or do I have to transfer the coins to the New Pac Redemption wallet and follow the redemption process myself.

    1. Transfer to the redemption wallet and follow the redemption process.

  37. where I can find a redemption address , could you help me please??

  38. I have my coins on Cryptopia am I good? Will they convert on their own?

    1. Yes

  39. Hello!
    Is there a clear guide for setting a Masternode (or a youtube video) as my english is far than perfect!

  40. HI

    I have 2 wallets – the old wallet and the REDEMPTION WALLET.
    I transferred all my paccoins from cryptopia into the old wallet
    After I downloaded the redemption wallet all my coins were in the Redemption wallet

    Please advise next step
    What do I do next

    I tried to download the $PAc wallet but was unsuccessful

  41. Buen día. tengo mis monedas en Yobit, entonces debo esperar hasta el primero de marzo para enviarlas a la nueva billetera e iniciar el proceso de cambio a la nueva moneda. muchas gracias.

    1. General redemption is now live. Use the same addresses as the masternode addresses based on the CST timezone for the correct day.

  42. When can I redeem coins that aren’t for a master node? I have just under 1mil.
    I already sent some as the pdf didn’t specify masternode only like your blog does.

    1. I haven’t recieved any new coins yet thats why i ask

    2. General redemption is now live. Use the same addresses as the masternodes.

      1. Sorry cn delete as i have received 🙂

  43. After successful redemption, can I send new paccoin to yobit?

    1. Once new $PAC is live on Yobit, yes.

  44. Hello. .
    Until now. .I have my pac coin at Yobit.
    Could you let me know what i have to do. . .
    Have you discussed with Yobit about automatic converting?
    should I send my pac coin to old wallet that downloaded from your site. ????
    pls let me know how to do. . .

  45. how do you know where to send the new coins when I send my old to the redemption adress from YoBit?

    1. You send a support ticket to [email protected]. Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and your $PAC Core wallet address.

  46. Will my coins on yobit convert automatically? I’m having trouble opening the wallet.

    1. No. Only Cryptopia is helping with the redemption.

  47. I have old PAC in tradesatoshi, I send withdrawal request to my old PAC wallet. its still processing stage.

    Is something wrong..

    Is new PAC will be distributed to old PAC in 1:1 ratio? once i send to redemption desk?

    1. Make sure you check your email for a confirmation.

      Old PAC to new $PAC is 1000:1 ratio until June 1st. On June 1st, it will go to 2000:1.

  48. If I move my current pac coins to Cryptopia from Yobit, would i receive new $PAC coins automatically on Cryptopia ?

    1. yes cryptopia did automatic swap

  49. i have coin to cryptopia. what to do

    1. Leave it alone. They will swap your coins for you.

  50. Can some one provide PAC old wallet info. i brought pac Coins on 02/18/2018. and also my tokens are in cryptopia. will they redem automatically. or do i need to initiate any process. Please advice

    1. Your coins will be swapped automatically on Cryptopia.

  51. pour la date correspondant à l’adresse d’envoie, ou se situe votre société, car aux Etats unis, il y a plusieurs fuseaux horaires, sur ce point vous n’aider pas beaucoup

    1. It does say to use the CST timezone.

  52. I have pac coins in my old wallet. If i download redemption wallet, will that erase my old wallet and coins in it?

    1. Create a backup before doing anything, just to be safe.

      The redemption wallet is just an update to the old wallet. It will overwrite and update the old wallet to allow redemption. If for whatever reason your balance doesn’t show up after syncing, you have your backup you can use to restore it 🙂

  53. Quem não aparece no Googlе, Yahoo e Bing, não existe.

    1. I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question.

  54. I sent my coins to the redemption wallet but didn’t realise, for some stupid reason, to include my new wallet address in the comment, I have all the transaction details though. Any idea what to do??

    1. Submit a support ticket to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  55. What is the address to send old pac to? not sure how to redeem at all.

  56. How long does it take to receive the new $PAC after sending paccoin to the redemption address?

    1. Averaging around 24 hours.

  57. Hi , Still have my coins on tradesatoshi , they don’t let me withdrawn them,- it says coins are disabled!!!!!!!!

    I opened the ticket,-but still nothing!!!

    By any chance, could you help us (i believe it is more people like me) to solve that problem with tradesatoshi?
    Maybe you can contact them too?/ Or maybe it is possible to exchange coins automatically same as on cryptopia?
    So Disappointed.

    1. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for a response from TradeSatoshi.

      From what I’ve been told, they are manually sending people their old PAC coins back.

  58. I had purchased more than 200k Pac in Cryptopia and then coin swap to $Pac already completed. But, why is my 200+ $pac value a lot less, than 200k Pac value?

    1. Because the price of PAC went down.

  59. Where can I found the address of Paccoin redemption?

  60. please help me to swap my pac coins from my windows wallet please help me team

  61. I had my 1 million PAC on Yobit and when I checked yesterday it was changed to 1000…. do I still need to send to redemption wallet?

    1. No. The 1000 balance is new $PAC 🙂

      1. Thanks…. might want to let those that are holding coins on yobit know maybe through telegram or twitter.

  62. I still have my coins on yobit. I finally got my old wallet to sync… I think it took about 3 weeks. Should I send my coins on yobit to the old wallet?

    1. Yobit has already swapped old PAC coins for new $PAC coins on their exchange. It’s still listed as “PAC” since they can’t use the $ symbol on their exchange. So your balance is new $PAC.

      1. Thank you for that So if I send my newly swapped $PAC coins on Yobit to the new pac wallet, i won’t lose anything?

        1. That is correct.

  63. Why has no one responded to my 3 requests to your help desk and on here! I have not seen my new pac in 3 weeks. please help

    1. You should have received a confirmation email from [email protected] when you sent your email.

      1. I just sent my 4th email. Please help!

        1. Let me know if they don’t respond to you by the end of today 3/13.

  64. Hi team in the month of Jan I got 58,000 pac coin. Now as per the above information it is mentioned with new redeem plan which is 1000:1. So other people are saying my old 58,000 pac coins are now only 58 pac coins which is completely loss for us in India. Please confirm if that is true or my 58000 paccoin still exists.

    1. 58k old PAC = 58 new $PAC. The price of new $PAC is x1000 of the old PAC. So it’s the same value, just fewer coins.

  65. Hello, I have 25 million in my old wallet. Do I send them to the new wallet? Basically I have my coins locked.

  66. i didn’t realize i had to update my old wallet to a “redemption wallet” My wallet was synched and up-to-date so i followed all the instructions….i checked to see if it was “in process” via my transaction ID and I’m not seeing anything. Did i just lose all my coins??

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  67. I sent a new wallet from a wallet that is not a Redemption Wallet.
    Please tell me how to return it.

    1. Did you send old PAC to the redemption address? Or did you send old PAC to the new $PAC Core wallet directly?

  68. hello today i transferred my old pac coins to windows wallet from cryptopia. should i wait now or what to do to convert them to new ones?

    1. I don’t see how that is possible, since Cryptopia already swapped all the old PAC coins for new $PAC coins.

      If you somehow do in fact have old PAC in your old PAC desktop wallet, then follow this guide to redeem them:

  69. I send old PAC to the new $PAC Core wallet directly.
    Txid has already been confirmed.

    1. Old PAC and new $PAC are not the same coin. You can’t send 1 kind of coin to a different coins wallet. It doesn’t work. When you installed the new $PAC wallet, there’s a warning not to do this.

  70. Guys question. I used to have 427000 Old Paccoins in my Yobit exchange. I hadnt checked in months and today i logon and now have 427 coins. Does that mean i know have the new $PAC coins in my Yobit exchange wallet? Nothing else needed from me? Also Can i transfer the new $PAC coins to the new $PAC desktop wallet?

    1. Yes. Correct. Yes.

  71. please tell to convert our paccoin to new $pac so that we wouldn’t loss our coin there thanks

    1. Follow us on twitter @PacCoinOfficial and @PAC_HelpDesk. We’ve shared the news of TradeSatoshi opening the old PAC wallets for people to withdraw. They will swap your coins for you on the 25th, if you leave them there.

      The choice is yours. Withdraw and redeem to ensure nothing goes wrong, or, let the exchange swap your coins.

  72. 7 days and nothing, maybe i lost ma Money here and now 3 days waiting for moderation

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  73. how about the old Paccoin on trasatoshi exchange? How can I do?

    1. You have until March 25th to withdraw your old PAC from TradeSatoshi. On the 25th, if you haven’t withdrawn, they will swap your coins for you, and then delist old PAC from their exchange completely.

  74. Status: 1039 Bestätigungen
    Datum: 10.03.2018 08:48
    An: PLGzmNKRgUVLc4wdc6v1u6hKJ7mWXqfV96 Aw9yEjiCUXtoJzav9vCiFTm98UBk5GombU
    Belastung: -2100300.9998 PAC
    Transaktionsgebühr: -0.0005 PAC
    Nettobetrag: -2100301.0003 PAC
    Transaktions-ID: 5c420adb6ed52aec7ea999e3bc3acff11915cbfa968e382526c019125a8cf7ff

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  75. Did Yo Bit convert my Pac Coin automatically? I had over 800,000 pac coin in my yobit wallet, now I have over 800 coins in there. If I want to send it to a pac coin wallet, do I send that to the new or the old wallet? Please advise.

    1. Yes. Yobit swapped your old PAC for new $PAC.

      You will need to send them to your new $PAC Core wallet.

      1. Thank You.

  76. Where can I simply exchange the old PAC for something else without going to an exchange? I downloaded the new wallet but it’s giving me problems loading & syncing. I don’t want to fix this. I just want to exchange them.

    1. Old PAC has been delisted from the exchanges.

  77. Hi..
    I have 200K PACCoin on cryptopia before the fork. Now it only 200 $PAC. What should i do to revert back the value to 200K ?
    Since now the value is only $1,78

    1. BTC can only go 8 decimal places after 1 whole. (0.00000001 or 1 sat). It can not go any lower, but the price of a coin, can. Pairings such as DOGE/LTC/USD/etc show the true price of any coin that goes lower than 1 sat.

      At the time of redemption, old PAC was 0.000000003 (which is 3/10 of 1 sat if BTC had 9 decimal places). We said from the beginning that new $PAC would be x1000 of the old PAC price, and that is exactly what we did. At the time, 3/10 of 1 sat was $0.00003. x1000 made new $PAC $0.03. It has since fallen to $0.01.

  78. So we had 670,000 of the old PAC which was just under $100 USD. Now 670 of the new PAC converts to about $5.90 USD. How is this worth almost the same since the exchange? Considering we received no warning that this was coming from PAC or our exchange, it seems a bit sketchy. Our exchange is yobit. Yobit does not show a $PAC code existing, only PAC. Also, our entire order history of PAC is gone from there.

    1. BTC can only go 8 decimal places after 1 whole. (0.00000001 or 1 sat). It can not go any lower, but the price of a coin, can. Pairings such as DOGE/LTC/USD/etc show the true price of any coin that goes lower than 1 sat.

      At the time of redemption, old PAC was 0.000000003 (which is 3/10 of 1 sat if BTC had 9 decimal places). We said from the beginning that new $PAC would be x1000 of the old PAC price, and that is exactly what we did. At the time, 3/10 of 1 sat was $0.00003. x1000 made new $PAC $0.03. It has since fallen lower.

      Yobit wasn’t scheduled to take part in the redemption process like Cryptopia was. They came to us and offered to do it, and they did within 48 hours.

      Yobit can’t use the $ symbol on their exchange, so it’s listed as PAC, but it is the new $PAC. Since old PAC has been delisted, the order history and transactions have all be deleted as well.

  79. In Cryptopia it tells me how many coins I have after the conversion. It looks like they have been converted in the new PACcoins. Do I do anything or do you move them into my new PACcoin wallet?

    1. Cryptopia swapped your old PAC for new $PAC. You are free to do with them as you please. You can send them to your desktop $PAC Core wallet, or you can leave them on the exchanges.

  80. Maybe I am.getting something wrong.
    I have an old pac coin wallet and I tried to do a redemption, downloaded the “latest” version of the old wallet also downloaded the new pac coin wallet. I reinstalled the old wallet after the download however it does not state anywhere “redemption wallet” (as shown in the manual). Where do I download the redemption wallet from? Am I doing something incorrect? How do I redeem the coins? Thank you for your answer.

  81. Where can I get the REDEMPTION WALLET for Mac?

  82. Hi I transacted my old pac coins for new $pac coins it’s more than 56 hours did not got the new $pac coins. This is my 3 Rd round I have generated 2 times before of 500000 and 5000000 with new $pac address. Please let me know what to do.

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  83. fazem mais de 15 dias e nada de cair na minha wallet, já enviei email pra voçes e nada de me retornar

    1. If you tried to use the “Contact Us” on the website, you won’t get support help that way.

      Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  84. I sent my old paccoins to redemption address and it has been 24 hours and have not received anything in my new wallet. How long should this take? When I look at the transactions on my old paccoin wallet, it says that status is unconfirmed and has a question mark right next to it. Did it fail? It shows zero balance. Please help.

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  85. I want to do the swap, but I have realized that I have missed a month.
    Will this influence my swap ratio?

    1. No. 1000:1 through May 31st. June 1st starts 2000:1

  86. Hello. I have a paccoin in Cryptoria. Instead of having 900k+ old paccoin, right now the value for the old coin is 900+. What I want to know right now is, 900+ coin that i have right now is the new value for the new paccoin?

    1. Cryptopia swapped your coins at 1000:1. 900k old PAC = 900 new $PAC.

  87. Hi everyone, i need some help withdrawaling my old pac coin from yobit to my wallet, i have fallow all the instruction and i tryed so many times and my request was cancel..
    please help thanks..

    1. Your coins on Yobit are already new $PAC. You have to send them to your new $PAC Core wallet.

  88. I still have not received my new Pac Coins to the new wallet. It has been 2 months. I have sent several emails with no response.

    please advise.


    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  89. sorry here is the correct confirmation, when transferring them to an redemption wallet, they did not arrive yet so pls help.

    Status: 99960 confirmations
    Date: 2018-02-25 18:46
    To: AxqfDhAkhbna8Ft9WmqE2QwVqQUEfnNRnh
    Debit: -422985.664 PAC
    Transaction fee: -0.0001 PAC
    Net amount: -422985.6641 PAC
    Transaction ID: e2af0f8e10e543890d6e8ee90dfe160ec840893a7cd81ba82406b1a6052ecb2a
    Transaction comment:

    1. Send an email to [email protected].

      Include a screenshot of your transaction ID, amount, date, time, and include your new $PAC Core wallet address.

  90. Hello, I didnt realize we had to do a coin swap. Can i still swap my coins from the old pac wallet to the new one?

    1. Yes. You have through May 31st to redeem at 1000:1.

  91. what is going on, i have been waiting for over 2 months and no response, then again couple of days ago i sent an email to [email protected] , no one has gotten back to me yet. where is my coins.

    1. I will contact them and have them respond to you.

  92. Question

    May I send to new pac wallet from old wallet to exchange? Is it automatically be redeemed?

    1. No. Only the old PAC that was on the exchanges at the time they performed the redemption were/will be redeemed.

      You must follow the redemption guide.

  93. I was busy & didn’t notice the new PAC. How will I transfer my old PAC coin from my old wallet to new wallet?

    1. Follow the guide linked above in the article.

  94. can we redeem without new pac wallet, I done mistake by moving from Crypotya exchange to PAC wallet, and now new pac wallet is having so much problem, and they want to transfer Old Pac wallet coins to new first.
    I got tired with this scam. coin.

    How to exchange my coin without downloading new pac wallet? (my coin is in old pac wallet)

  95. hello , i have 200,000 old paccoins, my wallet is old (not redemption wallet) I got a copy from wallet.dat and remove wallet from my mac. Now i must download the redemption wallet and paste wallet.dat to application folder ? and then change it new pac’s ? please give me an instruction. thank you

  96. Hello, I have PAC on YoBit since Jan 2018, do I have to do anything or are they already exchanged for new $PAC?

    1. Yobit did the swap for the users!
      So you have $PAC on yobit 🙂

  97. Trying since 5 month. Pac coin redemption wallet always having prob. How can i convert my coin to new coins

    1. Hello,

      If you want to redeem now you will need to open a ticket with [email protected] and ask then if you can redeem. Since it is on a Case to case basis.

    2. how to redeem my coin, look like I got scammed by this pac team in whole process, got I bought 2501000.00 PAC coin last year, and transfer from exchange to pac wallet as told , later transfer them to redemption wallet and never able to redemed inspite several attempt due to errors in your new wallet.
      how to sell my pac coin in redemptopn wallet

      1. Hello,

        You cannot redeem your old pac to $PAC anymore. The redemption was from februari 2018 until the end of june 2018.

        If you had problems with your wallet back then you should have contacted us for help.

  98. So is it 2000:1 now that it’s Jume 2018?

    1. No the community voted to cut of the redemption. So from the 1st of june it is on Case By Case basis. If you still want to redeem contact the redemption desk at [email protected]

  99. i have no information about the redemption of old PAC Coin to New PAC Coin until now. I have 2mil PACCoin in my wallet but I don’t know if they are old or new? Kindly, help me how to transfer if that is the case.

    1. You can see it by the wallet. If it is the old wallet then it is paccoin, if it is the Paccoin core wallet then it is $PAC.

      If it is PAC and not $PAC. You will need to message [email protected] with the request to redeem your coins. Since the 1st window is closed and now it is case by case.

  100. What happened if I don’t do anything about my old PACCOIN. I don’t even know if I have the old coin or the new once????
    Do I lost all my PACCOINS If I don’t do the transfer?
    I have 2 Mil. coins.

    1. You wont lose your coins if you dont do the redemption.

      You just will have PAC and not $PAC. PAC is traded nowhere. so i would recommend you go and redeem

  101. When is the last day to redeem old paccoin. My wallet is still trying to sync?

    1. Hello,

      The open redemption ended on the 1st of june. Now we have a case by case basis redemption.
      You need to email [email protected] to request the redemption of your coins.
      in that email please include the amount of PAC you want to redeem and the reason for the late redemption.

  102. Awesome artiϲle.

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