$PAC is now available at General Bytes Crypto ATM machines worldwide

$PAC is now available at General Bytes Crypto ATM machines worldwide

$PAC is proud to announce their most recent partnership with General Bytes; an organization that brings digital currencies based on blockchain technology, to new and user focused places, making it possible for people to purchase and sell $PAC to their local fiat at one of the thousands of General Bytes ATM machines located in over 2,100+ venues (and growing) around the world. General Bytes is a rapidly increasing ATM network that hosts its devices with numerous commercial locations throughout Europe and the USA territories, with central offices in Prague, The Czech Republic and Florida, USA.

The Core company values of General Bytes, which are Truth, Freedom & Privacy align well with $PAC Coin’s 4 C’s – Community, Content (Truth), Charity and Choice (Freedom) in combination with $PAC’s private send feature (Privacy).

Overlapping Core Values in GeneralBytes and $PAC

Truth is important, without truth one can’t live real life,” say General Bytes, and $PAC agrees. To compliment $PAC’s private send feature, General Bytes states: Without privacy your behavior changes and it’s not yours.” These are the Core Values which ring true with many values of $PAC, such as: Freedom of speech, Freedom of choice, Freedom to act and Freedom to own”.

As $PAC moves forward with releasing our global technology platforms, $PAC will assist General Bytes in fully defending these core values.

General Bytes ATM locations to date

Combining Forces

Aside from clearly displaying what they stand for, the mission of General Bytes is to become the world’s leading bitcoin and blockchain technology provider. This aligns with $PACs mission to become the largest payment network worldwide. $PAC and General Bytes intend to combine their forces to reach both their goals. The first android based Bitcoin devices General Bytes introduced were the BATMOne and BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM units that took the Bitcoin community by storm. $PAC, currently the third largest crypto network also has a history of delivering landmark results in short timeframes having released more retailer focused tech and applications in a 6 month window than the majority of blockchain projects in the space this year.

General Bytes were the first to introduce sending digital currencies via e-mail from the ATM, they also offer fingerprint authentication for strict KYC/AML, have implemented support desks for $PAC transactions using their machines and issue $PAC NFC wallet cards directly from the ATM to ensure your newly purchased coins are safe in transit from cold to online wallet.

The $PAC team in partnership with General Bytes have made the on-boarding process to obtain $PAC that much easier, giving users the option to purchase $PAC in a ‘boots on the ground’ setting as opposed to visiting an exchange online, which, up until now was the only method of obtaining $PAC.

As the General Bytes ATM network expands. So does the reach and ease of accessibility of the $PAC currency.

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