PAC Named Most Positively Discussed Digital Asset on Social Media

PAC Named Most Positively Discussed Digital Asset on Social Media

24-hours after a StockPulse News article highlighted PAC’s shared 1st place position for “most positively talked about Digital Asset on social media,”(i) PAC has broken the tie and stolen the lead.

In order to calculate public market perceptions and sentiments for financial markets, StockPulse evaluates over one million messages, forum posts, comments and tweets each trading day. StockPulse scores are understood as short term indicators and are regularly updated. Based on their collected data, PAC scored a +99 out of 100, outperforming all other coins from the top 100 list.

This latest accolade for PAC culminates a month of positive announcements and accomplishments following the acquisition of two new and notable advisors: the former VP of Global Brand Strategy for Twitter, Joel Lunenfeld and the former Creative Strategy Lead for Facebook, Chris Gomersall.

PAC is a uniquely hybrid digital asset that combines the third largest masternode network at its foundation and compliments this with a vibrant, intelligent and driven community. These networks combine to provide a strong foundation for PAC’s future.

PAC has additionally grown to be the third largest digital asset network over the past six months according to The recent outpouring of positive recognition helps foreshadow an encouraging future of continued success.

Thank you to StockPulse News for the thorough research and recognition. For additional information on this progressive currency, please visit


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  1. Whats the new update for Paccoin Do you guys have an idea, when we can start reaping the fruits of the redemption

    1. Hello,

      if you want to stay up to date on all the developments and have a chat with everyone i would advice you to join our discord (on the top right of

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