$PAC Leadership Restructuring & The New Directors Roadmap

$PAC Leadership Restructuring & The New Directors Roadmap

Since $PAC relaunched in early 2018, the entire team has been focused on achieving a continually evolving goal of building one of the largest digital payment networks in the world, nestled within an industry that itself is in its infancy.

Managing such a large decentralized team that is spread across all corners of the globe, and in doing so meeting the expectations of our thousands of community members has proven to be a challenge that cannot be met whilst adhering to the existing leadership structure that $PAC currently operates under.

As a result of our collective experiences over the past year, the $PAC team has concluded that new leadership is required in order to better meet the demand of our community and become a market leader in one of the fastest growing industries of the past decade.

We are excited and pleased to introduce a new structure of leadership for $PAC

Ever since the original whitepaper $PAC has had four main pillars. ‘The four C’s as we call it.’ Charity, Community, Content, and Choice. The four C’s are the pillars that summarize $PAC as a project and what this aims to leverage for the betterment of a truly user-focused digital currency, that will become a increasingly prominent entity within the digital payment space.

Uniquely, those same 4 pillars will also be how the new leadership of this coin will be recognized. A Board of Directors (BofD) will be assembled, made up of both existing team members that have consistently proven to be invaluable to the growth of the project (who each represent one of the 4 C’s) and introducing new talent who are at the forefront of their industries. This BofD will be a modest group of individuals, each who will have or currently have purchased a significant stake in the business, ensuring that they are sufficiently invested in the success of the project for the future.

The New Board of Directors

Brad Marsh – Content

“I am a firm believer in the success of $PAC. $PAC and its team has already proven time and time again to be resilient and commanding in their approach to solving any problems that impact $PAC’s mission to be a world leader in the digital payment sector. A part of this journey is the optimization of the CONTENT that we as a team create, the conversations around the product we release and the relationships we build. Under my guidance $PAC is going to portray itself moving forward as ‘the standard’ for merchant adoption through professional and accountable communications with both our community and our corporate clients.”

Drew Saunders – Choice

“Representing Choice, I will recognize that there are a lot of areas $PAC can be outstanding. It can be outside of what other Crypto projects have already chosen to be. The $PAC community has the power to choose what $PAC will be now and forever. That includes the product we offer, the partners we pursue, the team that guides us, the updates we make, and the mark we imprint on this blockchain industry. My goal is to always give the community that choice. To listen to the people, learn from the people, and apply what the people really choose $PAC to be. It is OUR choice of what $PAC will be. I will ensure that.”

Robin Matthes – Charity

“As chairman for Charity my aim is to create self-sustaining cryptocurrency (sub)economies globally, where we encourage both supply and demand as well as create jobs and improving the general state of being on the planet through charitable use cases we build from the ground up as a team and a community.”

Koen Peters – Community

“For me, $PAC is a dynamic community where each member has their own unique talents. A dynamic, adaptive and holistic attitude is the result. My goal is to grow $PAC into the world’s largest interactive community.”


Fresh Talent Joining The Board

Along with the announcement of this new leadership restructuring, we are also pleased to announce 3 additions to our team who will also have a seat at the Board of Directors table.

Tim M. Betts – CEO, Summit Blockchain

Mr. Betts has served as CEO and Director of the Company since its inception in July 2018.

From December 2014 through October 2015, he also served as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chief Financial Officer of Muscle Maker, Inc. Mr. Betts has also served as the Chairman of the Board, Secretary and Manager of each of Muscle Maker Development, LLC and Muscle Maker Corp., LLC since August 25, 2017 and September 15, 2017, respectively.

From June 6, 2017 to September 15, 2017, he was the Chairman of the Board, Secretary and a director of Muscle Maker Brands Conversion, Inc. From December 2014 to June 5, 2017, he was the Chairman of the Board and Secretary and the Manager of Muscle Maker Brands, LLC, which converted in to Muscle Maker Brands Conversion, Inc. on June 6, 2017. From December 2014 to October 2015, Mr. Betts was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Muscle Maker Brands, LLC. Starting in June 2012, Mr. Betts served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of and co-founder of American Restaurants Holdings, Inc. (“American Restaurant Holdings”), the direct parent company of American Restaurants, LLC, which formerly owned more than a 90% equity interest in Muscle Maker prior to the Spin-Off of Muscle Maker in March 2017.

Mr. Betts was instrumental in the acquisition of the brand portfolio of American Restaurant Holdings (including Fresca’s Mexican Grill, Canyon Fireside Grille, and Jojo’s Pizza Kitchen) and was involved in the daily operations of American Restaurant Holdings. With over 20 years of business/financial experience, he served as the Managing Director of Nobis Capital Advisors, Inc., a business advisory firm, from December 2008 to May 2012. From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Betts was the Director of Investment Banking for Westcap Securities, Inc., a licensed broker/dealer. Prior to joining Westcap Securities, Mr. Betts was a Managing Director of CK Cooper and Company, a broker/dealer engaged in the oil and gas and technology markets.

Early in his career he was a Senior Research Analyst for a Taiwan-based Venture Capital firm, SKY Capital Partners, that made numerous investments in computer and information technology companies. Mr. Betts was featured on Undercover Boss on CBS (Season 7/Episode 4). He received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Jon Keeyo – VP of Structured Finance at top 5 Global Financial Institution

As a seasoned financial veteran professional with a career that spans the disciplines of structured finance, mezzanine finance, and asset/portfolio management, John has the better part of 20 years working for a number of the world’s top 5 global financial institutions, where he currently serves in an executive level position for one of the largest international institutions. Most recently, but prior to his work with our leadership team, John has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

For the last 5 years, John worked to immerse himself in the industry, which has helped to propel his status within the cryptocurrency circles, towards which he now claims a legendary status among his peers within the industry. As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, John has participated in a number of different Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and crypto-centric projects across a number of different industries. John utilizes his extensive financial background to help us design and implement sound financial structures, ultimately working to position us for sustainable growth throughout the foreseeable future.

George Tyler – CEO, Radiologex & Blockchain Asset Group

George Tyler currently serves as the CEO of Blockchain Asset Group and Radiologex. In addition, he also holds the title of Vice President of Operations, and General Manager of Technology Services. George Tyler is a seasoned technology professional, with a number of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, proven expertise, and demonstrated success throughout nearly all of his professional endeavors, mainly, having spent over 23 years in the Radiology industry, handling large scale MRI and CT equipment sales/service/and buildouts of imaging centers and Hospital radiology departments. As a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, George Tyler’s startups maintain high-stakes valuations, with many of them reaching into the multi-millions.

Growing up, he was completely inseparable from his computer. Drawn to the concept of computer programming at a young age, George Tyler worked to create his own programs and design software solutions on his first computer system, a TRS-80 Radio Shack “Rig.” As he continued to grow and hone his skills, George Tyler studied Political Science at the
University of California, Irvine to help gain a more well-rounded base of knowledge. Currently, George is a certified Blockchain Solutions Architect, with an extensive expertise in crypto technologies that dates back more than 8 years. Always maintaining a cutting-edge level of knowledge and innovation within the industry, George works each and every day under his numerous titles to help forward his technological and groundbreaking approach to Radiology, and was recently accredited by MIT in Blockchain under the tutelage of the elite MIT cyrptoeconomics labs. He will bring his intuitiveness to $PAC and help us with our approach in landmarking $PAC in this space.

This introduction to four heads of leadership, along with the BofD to help guide them, will ensure that $PAC is in good hands for the future to come.


Saying farewell to Eric Hays (former COO of $PAC)

Eric Hays (Expos) has been instrumental in the day to day management, direction and financial backing to the $PAC project since the re-launch in August of 2017. His contributions have been well received both internally and among the global $PAC community.

It is with regret that Eric Hays is, as of this publication, formally announcing his resignation from the $PAC project in order to step down from his former leadership position to adopt an advisory role with us and to focus on valuable sub-projects that will add merit to the $PAC network in their own niche areas.

“I am very proud of what we have built $PAC into with the resources we had. Unfortunately, the market hasn’t reflected my optimism. I will continue to support $PAC through a transition to a new leadership team. Remember that in the real business world the guy that started the original organization is usually not the same guy that scales it to success. The competitive digital asset space has matured now, with elevated expectations. I look forward to being a contributing team member working with this new leadership team. $PAC deserves a newly energized leadership team with a fresh set of ideas and execution to move the project to the next level. I will be focused on a new venture that is a huge use case for $PAC – stay tuned!”

I would like to be the first to wish Eric all the best with his new role and that his contributions to the $PAC project continue like they always have, albeit from his new position. Eric is welcoming any feedback on his decision via Discord, please feel free to message him directly if you have any questions regarding his decision.


New Directors Roadmap

This is no mere leadership handover. With this change comes dramatic changes to the day-to-day operations of the $PAC project. All current board members, developers, team members and contributors will be subject to the scrutiny of the new leadership with each board member able to ‘vote out’ or ‘vote in’ members at any time.

This is part of a new mandatory process to ensure accountability for each leaders position within the project and to ensure consistent delivery of results, progress and set a new standard of leadership to community transparency.

As part of this re-structuring each core board member has agreed to implement an initial 1-3 month road map of deliverable objectives, this will give YOU the community faith in their commitment to this new role and to prove their ability to deliver within their departments. We are thrilled to reveal the individual road maps for each department leader as follows:

Drew Saunders

  1. To ensure the timely delivery of the new difficulty re-targeting algorithm change for consistent blocks. This will also include the exploration of different algorithms besides the current X11 and to see if a change better fits $PAC and its goals moving forward. (end of June 2019)
  2. Explore solutions to the current coin inflation and more importantly to present a timely solution, such as lowering the amount of guaranteed produced coins per block while keeping the originally projected 100 billion max supply. Possible solutions such as lowering mining rewards and reallocating the remaining amount to the superblock to fund other initiatives that benefit the growth of the project instead of adding to downward price pressure. (end of June 2019)
  3. Organize our community devs into a powerful resource for all future development, where any and all dev minded individuals can chat, code, test, and commit to our main github for review and deployment by the core development team. Community devs will lead the way, apply and test different utility use cases to our $PAC chain to see what amazing features we can showcase on our large network for real world usage. (end of August 2019)

Brad Marsh

  1. Successfully deliver the new 2019 white paper for the $PAC project, including full 1-3 year road map. (end of June 2019)
  2. Launch new marketing proposal to the $PAC DAO network covering new digital, physical, PR, News & Business adoption proposed budget. (end of June 2019)
  3. Lay the foundation documentation for a brand new Business Adoption Department, that’s main focus will be the on-boarding of merchants and new payment partners for the $PAC project. Explore the appointment of a new department head for this division, compensation structure and ensure a timely launch. (end of July 2019)
  4. Launch Internal Beta for PACdirect our direct FIAT>$PAC purchasing portal. (end of June 2019)
  5. Launch Open Beta for PACdirect our direct FIAT>$PAC purchasing portal. (end of July 2019)
  6. Establish a new media partner list for 20 of the top blockchain publications, both digital and physical. Ensure this new list can be paired with the (hopeful) delivery of the new marketing proposal and use this to launchpad our PR/News exposure throughout Q3 2019. (end of June 2019)

Robin Matthes

Koen Peters

  1. Mandatory discord revamp, including the removal of under utilized chat channels. (end of June 2019)
  2. Improving our discord protocol & community guidelines, which would involve the un-banning of previously banned members and messaging them in private to ensure a healthy welcome back into our community. (end of June 2019)
  3. Explore the implementation of tiered discord community members and to update the community moderation paper & rediscover the moderator compensation package. (end of June 2019)
  4. Help Micheal with the $PAC ambassador/embassy program. (end of June 2019)
  5. Create an accountability document with the core tasks of each team member to ensure delivery of tasks. (end of June 2019)
  6. Further grow the $PAC translation department and find a way to get more visibility to our foreign language channels. Discover a way to push the translated articles out to foreign press channels alongside Brad’s expanded press campaigns. (end of August 2019)



$PAC is not stopping. It never will, $PAC’s coin design takes us as far as 2043 until all coins are mined into circulation. The project is not even in it’s SECOND year. What has been achieved in the last year alone is mind blowing compared to coins of similar market caps. It is my firm belief that our work ethic and determination alongside our shift in leadership will bring $PAC to a valuation that it truly represents. Starting TODAY, this is a new $PAC.

We cannot wait to explore this journey with you, our community and our valued investors.

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  2. This is quite some change. I wish the best for the PAC project!

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