$PAC has been listed on KureCoinHUB – The largest digital asset exchange in Africa

$PAC has been listed on KureCoinHUB – The largest digital asset exchange in Africa

Until today, $PAC was not easily accessible to our community members in Africa, however with our latest listing with
Kurecoin exchange investors in Africa can now easily buy, sell and trade with ease.

Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algorithm (PoS) offering the entire cryptocurrency community a seamless and secured mode of transactions for investors within the KureCoinHUB ecosystem.

Being a self-service banking platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is currently the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Africa. According to founder Tega Abikure they have created as a much easier way to buy and sell in the region thereby helping Africans access to the previous almost innaccessible crypto market.

Targeted at usage by even the average African, Kurecoin is aimed at using Blockchain technologies to solve problems such as access to capital by creating a system of ‘collateral loans’ using your crypto assets; making use of the influence of easy transactions and exchange of bitcoin, Naira or other local fiat currency. learn more at https://kurecoinhub.com/about-us/

Why does $PAC benefit with this listing?

BUY – Kurecoin have a simple and hassle-free way to purchase $PAC at the best market prices.
SELL – Kurecoin have simplified the process of selling $PAC by creating an intuitive user experience that helps Africans to buy and sell $PAC with ease.
LOAN – Kurecoin will give Africans access to as much as 50% quick collateral free loans in their local currency on all banked digital assets.
BANK – Kurecoin will provide a mind-blowing periodic interest on $PAC digital assets. The telegram channel already has around 22k members and their twitter handle has almost 15k followers we will be having a $PAC airdrop on their platform soon as to create a awareness for the project with their followers in Africa.

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