PAC Global Board Of Directors Update 1st Aug 2019

PAC Global Board Of Directors Update 1st Aug 2019

After a long month of developing the code for the PoW to PoS swap in the algorithm, as well as fixing bugs in our test networks, we have great news regarding the board of directors.

After again, a long month of transferring domains, establishing new relationships and trimming the old ones, the Board of Directors is proud to announce that the chain is in test net and we are adding two new directors to the team that will be working on call and on demand for any related business requirements

Director: Barry Styles

Barry has been voted in very recently by board of directors. He will be our new lead developer for blockchain innovation and development. Barry is fully capable, experienced and efficient in ensuring our network is at top health. He has many ties and connections into the crypto space and with the community blockchain engineers working together in testnet the chain will be unbreakable, resilient, faster than ever and first of its kind to implement both the Deterministic Masternodes and Proof of Stake in the same algorithm.

Barry is highly skilled, passionate about the project, dedicated, reliable and everything this coin needs to succeed on the chain development side.

That being said, the board of directors decided to make a vote and cut ties with the old chain developers. 

We appreciate the lengths and genius ingenuity throughout their stay, as well as the fixes to stabilize the chain under heavy attacks presented to us in the past. We wouldn’t be where we are without them, so we leave on good terms, but will never turn back and only move forward to being the largest, strongest, go-to payment method, and brand for the planet at large.

When doors close and windows open, we have another new director to announce as well. 

Director: Oz Sultan 

Oz Sultan has been in the cryptospace since 2013, he is a man with many connections in many different industries. Oz has taken interest into the project and has expressed interest in how we can expand our blockchain horizons and using our chain beyond the means of being only a payment network. He has many connections in the hemp space as well. He is very well spoken and has a loud strong voice which could be very beneficial to the projects look over all. We thank him for joining us in the journey and story the coin is on in becoming a more reliable global payment network.

Director Updates:

Working with Barry in test net getting the network established by the end of August, then preparing to launch hard fork. Added burner address as a dev/community tool. Throw your coins in a wishing well, maybe it will come true.

Hi all, firstly I would like to apologize for my lack of updates as of late. I recently moved house and as such had limited access to wifi so I was unable to post my updates to the team and thus focused primarily on offline content for the new brand over the last few weeks. More than 100 individual pieces of re-branded artwork was created as well as communicating all of our brand changes to our hundreds of third party platforms, CoinMarketCap for e.g.

Marketing for the project is still a priority, however as per the marketing portal site, only 6,000,000 PAC has actually been sold, currently 32,000,000 PAC remains unsold and in storage until OTC buyers become available. It is not my intention to market sell any of our marketing budget due to the unfavourable liquidity and price conditions at present.

I will be producing the first of my promised PAC Weekly Youtube updates this weekend and keeping this going indefinitely as we progress.

Good afternoon everyone, a couple of interesting things have happened since the last update. 

First off, PACVZLA got on a big broadcasting channel called LaTeleTuya the video is being subtitled and will be launched in asap. LaTeleTuya is a news broadcasting channel in Venezuela with over 80 thousand followers on Twitter alone.

We have also established ourselves on cryptmint, a company that makes physical laser engraved coins that could also be made with gold plating. This is a physical wallet, that can be used in all the same ways for example a mobile wallet. Half of the net proceeds will go to Cryptmint and the other half will be put towards saving refugees. 

Their website can be found here:

Another awesome ongoing initiative that I touch on briefly last time is the art made by refugee children that got tokenized. The proceeds of the sales for these art-tokens will go towards aiding more refugees. We’re planning on repeating this initiative with the new logo and adding more tokens to the collection. Let me get you guys a link:

We’re planning on repeating this initiative with the new logo and adding more tokens to the collection.

Lastly I’d like to touch on a charity – sustainability project we have been developing in regards to self-sustainable charities that is starting to gain traction which is the PAC Africa project by Juwon. For those of you who aren’t familiar, we are setting up a project where we will clean up a polluted piece of land. And plant fruit bearing trees for those in need. To prevent further pollution, we are looking to implement a waste management system. We will do this by incentivising the people helping us cleaning up as well as by handing out garbage bags to people so they can collect their trash and receive a bounty in return. 

We have already spoken to a couple waste collecting organizations as well as a waste processing company and are looking to make a physical appointment with the relevant minister. 

A couple of constraints we’ve identified are for starters the ownership of the land, it has to be available for the plans we have in mind. Another one is the government red tape, for which we have an open line with earlier mentioned relevant minister. Another constraint is the physical infrastructure for picking up, transporting and processing the recyclable trash as well as turning these processed recyclables into usable products and we are actively busy partnering up with different companies who deliver such a service. 

As mentioned before, participants will receive a bounty initially in PAC Coins for their participation. They can receive a USB that contains the PAC PC wallet. They can also hand this USB in to receive the equivalent value in their local currency. We can SMS PAC to those who don’t have access to a PC. And use paper wallet for those who don’t have a phone either. In doing so we will gradually turn villages into sustainable eco villages. 

Aside from Juwon executing the eco village project with his team in Africa, PACVZLA will also be executing this eco-village project in Caracas. The first thing that needs to be done is us finding a solid piece of preferable unowned or donated land that we can start on. It’s important to integrate this plan top-down into the villages. Since villages have a hierarchical structure. Unlike refugees where no one is in charge, where a more horizontal approach can be applied. Hence after establishing our process, we’d want to start planning with the village leaders before anything. That’s all I have for now!

Oz Sultan
Oz is working on establishing crypto ATMS in places like Afghanistan and Guatemala to get places with failed economies new methods of crypto payment and has decided $PAC is the best option for this. 

Tim is investing in PAC and rolling over masternode rewards because he believes it is not the right time to be selling. 

Is working with johnny litecoin on a new event coming soon.

Working on sustainability programs with Robin and Pac Africa on waste management programs and is taking a more progressive role in global cleanliness. We are looking to partnership with NGOs (Non Governmentmental Organizations). We been having period discussions. They thing that we are emphasizing is sustainability. That is the buzz word, Sustainability. 

Added guide to recover your coins from iOS and Android wallets, started twitter advertising, as well as got promotional mode on my twitter for the first time. Right now we are running 6 advertisement accounts posting on average 200 posts a day, as well as my twitter account pushing out information. Also running the Official Instagram Account, my instagram account. I’m around much more this month than last month because I know we’re about to roll out some real good code and programs devices, and products (down the line) to put a real use to the brand ahead of just its function. I have a bunch of content creators that want to help out and make $PAC successful, and other social media gurus on my side as well. I’ve been working with PACvzla on instagram and behind the scenes giving input on charity projects as well as organizing the community to creator bridge. I’m running the presidential alternative cabinet discord, social media discord, $PAC poker some weekends, and also help in the official discord.

Continuing testing of latest code drop. Working on plan and creation of fleet migration and update scripts for both single Masternodes and multiple Masternodes to ease in upgrading once the new code drop hits. This will also include referencing existing Masternode documentation from upstream Dash as well as existing documentation to simplify both the onboarding and troubleshooting experience for user.

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