$PAC Electrum Wallet Released

Enabling cross device wallet synchronization with the new $PAC electrum wallet

“Oh great… another $PAC wallet?” said a user from our $PAC Discord on April 3rd 2018, and rightly so, it was only two months ago we released the redemption wallet for the old PACcoin, 2 weeks after that we released the new $PAC wallet for the new coin and then 1 month later both iOS and Android wallets released. So what’s the deal $PAC? Why so many wallets?

Electrum wallets are fundamentally different from both the mobile and core wallets you might have already installed on your devices.

Electrum wallets focus on SPEED, LOW RESOURCE USE and SIMPLICITY to the end user.

Start up times are instant because the wallet operates in conjunction with high-performance servers that handle the most complicated parts of the $PAC system such as downloading and syncing the blockchain and broadcasting signed transactions to the network. Electrum is a great light solution for those that don’t want to give up their security. It allows the user to keep control of their private keys and to sign transactions locally without the need to download the blockchain.

Because it is centralized, any mobile wallet that we have released can use the electrum wallet to get information about anything from simple balance enquiries, price statistics or even Masternode monitoring features.

In fact something incredibly exciting about the new Electrum wallet is that our Woocommerce plugin for online retailers will be also be using it, or at least consuming its API’s to provide payment gateway features to truly bring $PAC adoption to the forefront of our efforts over the course of the future. The more adoption we see and real world use cases $PAC achieves then the more stable the global $PAC economy will become and it’s inherent value strengthens.

Our immediate plan for the electrum wallet is to create scale-ability as people use them more and more and the performance needs to increase for our servers.

Where do I get my hands on the Electrum wallet?

We will soon be adding all download links to our wallets.paccoin.net platform, but if you just can’t wait you can access the Beta from our Github:

Available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntus


Enjoy it!
– The Dev Team

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  1. $ PAC will start to be used as a settlement currency all over the world in a few years. I will envision such a future forecast diagram. You will face many difficulties in the development stage. I have a solid future of $ PAC’s brilliant future. Keep in mind that all the $ PAC holders support the $ PAC team from behind. Let ‘s go steadily towards the future together.

  2. Great all this news and all, but for now I’m already waiting days and I didn’t even receive my $PAC after redemption exchange. I’ve send e-mails as heads-up and after the transaction. I’ve updated my $PAC-coin wallet to the $PAC Core version v0.12.3.0-6faaeae (64-bit) version. It’s frustrating I never receive a response from the support-team and it’s frustrating to be uncertain where my coins are and when I get them back. I appreciate you guys trying to make PAC-coin better, but please also keep paying some attention to the people how invest their money in your coin. I might just be a small fish, but many small fish may seem like a big one. Would appreciate a response and would appreciate receipt of my $PAC-coin as a response to transaction-#: 31e9f59b72238d8329d66c8709d263c1a0dab01405f6b5a11cad0d09df83427a. Cheers.

    1. Did you email [email protected]? Or did you use the Contact Us on the website? The Contact Us doesn’t go to the support desk.

      1. Used the [email protected]. Twice: no response yet. Would seriously appreciate a solution. Starting to worry about my investment, relatively small as it may be. E-mail-address is the same as I provided when responding to this blog.

        1. I will contact them myself and have them look for your email.

  3. Please, we need that it work with XP 32 bit, not all person on the world have the last version of windows.. , especially in south America and other countries of third world..


    1. It works for 32bit.

  4. super travaille sur le nouveau wallet $Pac Electrum merci de mettre la langue française .

  5. I was able to “Mix” 90+ percent of my $PAC, but when clicking on “Start Mixing”, the note stays stuck on the “Last Pac Message” display. Has mixing been suspended?

    1. Hello,

      The maximum you can mix in a wallet is 100k $PAC.

      You can create a 2nd wallet and mix another 100k in there. But the maximum you can mix in 1 wallet is 100k $PAC.

      you can also change the amount in the settings but 100k is max in there aswel.

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