$PAC Desktop Wallet v12.4.0 is now live (additional governance features)

$PAC Desktop Wallet v12.4.0 is now live (additional governance features)

$PAC is happy to announce the launch of the $PAC Core Wallet version 12.4.0 – Featuring new governance tools and proposal statistics, improving the way our community can vote on and monitor $PAC funded projects.

Firstly we would like to thank Discord member ‘Boost_dmg01’ and ‘dev_fsc’ for making the updated $PAC Core Wallet and its newest features possible. ‘Boost’ is a $PAC community member/developer who noticed an opportunity to integrate $PAC’s proposal network into a user-friendly and time efficient add-on to the $PAC Core Wallet, allowing $PAC Masternode owners and shareholders the ability to view an overview of the $PAC funded proposals currently on the network, their vote statistics, requested funds and more from the comfort of your desktop wallet.

The addition of this feature is a much needed quality of life improvement for the entire community. You no longer need to visit a separate third party website to cast votes, monitor stats and read information on the latest proposals on the $PAC network.

Above is a short demonstration of the new wallet features.

Breakdown of new features:

  • New ‘proposals’ tab added to the left hand column of the $PAC Core Wallet
  • Vote YES, NO or ABSTAIN on any live proposals currently on the $PAC network*
  • View vote statistics for each proposal currently on the $PAC network
  • View proposal documentation for each proposal currently on the $PAC network
  • View the start and end date of each proposal currently on the $PAC network
  • Filter proposals by # of votes, % of Yes’s, Amount requested and more
*Only Masternode owners can vote on proposals.

This new governance add-on to the $PAC Core Wallet is a perfect example of the amount of passion contained within the $PAC community. Whilst larger market cap digital currencies such as Dash are taking the limelight when it comes to exposure-driven campaigns, $PAC is fundamentally choosing to back community project such as Boost_dmg01’s wallet update that improve the ease of use and accessibility to more of $PAC’s network features to a larger audience.

We hope that with this update, shareholders who previously might not have been aware that their Masternodes are a key voting tool for the expansion of the $PAC brand and the projects it funds will now actively take part in project voting. Previously, someone would have to copy and paste a long string of code and paste this into the debug console of the $PAC Core Wallet to cast a vote, whereas with this add-on the process is just two simple clicks. Even digital projects with larger market caps like Dash/PivX have not had the foresight to make quality of life improvements for their users to interact with their network from their core wallet like $PAC, which is truly exciting.

Download the new $PAC Core Wallet v12.4.0 here.

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