PAC Debit Card Design Contest – Finalists

PAC Debit Card Design Contest – Finalists

Head on over to PAClyfe to cast your vote for these 6 design finalists


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There were over 380 different designs submitted from hundreds of different PAC community members, each with their own design style and vision for the card design. We wish we could have chosen more than 6, however the ones we did choose, we felt showcased a professional look and feel that was necessary for a public facing financial product.

There were plenty of fun, vibrant card designs which, although by themselves were well drawn and thought out, did not represent what we felt was needed for a mass produced corporate card design. These cards would be excellent as one off ‘special edition’ cards to commemorate key milestones in the PAC project and they have been saved as well as the designers details and can be explored in the future if the time arrives to create a card design that needs a little more ‘life’ thrown into it.

The finalists shown are in no particular order:

How to cast your vote
1) Register for an account on PAClyfe
2) Navigate to the PAC Debit Card competition group
3) Filter by ‘Updates’ by clicking on the drop down
4) ‘like’ the name/title you want to win. You can vote for more than one design if you like by ‘liking’ more than one option. Voting ends on the 8th Aug 2018 at 00:00 CST.

#1 | PAC Black Stealth (by Kiselmix)

#2 | PAC Global Connections (by Brad)

#3 | PAC Crystal Colors (by Alrejtar)

#4 | PAC Blue Matrix (by Evan Doll)

#5 | PAC Digital Connectivity (by Segapelo Samuel)

#6 | Bright World (by Annan Zubair)


Thank you for all of the amazing design submissions. We look forward to crowning a winner soon. Vote on PAClyfe now!

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  1. #1 and #2 looks so plain and lacks imagination where the other 4 have some structure about them.
    #3 looks clean shaped and colourful, some great imagination was put into this card and it seems to be aimed with a feminine touch, but I like that, it is easy to look at yet professional looking, The “PAC” LOGO really needs a yellow colour to stand out more, but I like this one the best.
    #4 and 5 seem to busy, they just don’t seem to fit with crypto and look like they are hiding something, to me nope I would not like any card looking like that,
    Last and least #6 you guys sure you didn’t put the worst card up for us to see, that’s a shocker and nope it looks cheap and nasty and “PAC” credit card does not need to look like that.
    so in all to me, #3 is the best, clean, crisp looks trusting and the best I think for “PAC” as a credit card
    I would definitely use a card looking like that.

  2. I normally enjoy seeing the artistry and designs in the Crypto World. But honestly I just read about this design contest this morning and not sure how long it ran for, but it seemed rushed, hope it was longer than a week. I don’t like the designs, too common for credit or debit cards. Bring in the PAC logo and it colors harder make them pop. Don’t try and fit in with ten thousand other cards. Be who you are, be $PAC. Black and Yellow pop good together. I hope your team chooses another route.

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