$PAC block structure phase 2 is almost here

$PAC block structure phase 2 is almost here

A reminder to our community that the $PAC block reward structure will be hitting PHASE 2 (as referenced in the whitepaper) at block 210,241

At the time of writing this (Jan 1st 2019) we are sitting at block 189,558. Averaging 550 blocks per day gives us an estimated phase 2 launch date of 7th February 2019.

What is phase 2?

Phase 2 is simply an increase in the amount of $PAC released by the network per block mined. Currently 13,800 $PAC is created per block with 75% going to the Masternodes, 5% going to the miners, 15% going to the treasury (proposals) & 5% to charity. Phase 2 see’s the block payout increase to 18,400 $PAC instead. An increase of 33.33%.

Currently Masternode payouts are 10,350 $PAC per reward, miners receive 690 $PAC per block

New Masternode payouts will be 13,800 $PAC per reward, miners will receive 920 $PAC per block

That’s all there is to it. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this, as this will happen automatically on the network. Thank you to our existing Masternode owners, we hope you enjoy your increased payouts, thank you for being with us early in our journey and for supporting our network.

We look forward to a productive and exciting 2019!

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