$PAC Bit-Z Community Vote & 500,000 $PAC Airdrop reward

$PAC has qualified as an A-level project by leading Chinese exchange Bit-Z https://www.bit-z.com

Bit-Z has an average daily trade volume of $200 million. To put that into perspective – Cryptopia’s 24 hour trade volume is $15 million, this will be the largest volume exchange our coin could be listed on if our community can band together and get us there!

How do we get $PAC listed?
For a coin to get listed on Bit-Z it must prove that it has a strong enough following to deem the coin a worthwhile addition to their exchange. On March 5th 2018 Bit-Z will hold a 7 day voting challenge for us.

We must reach a target of 1 million VTC (Vote coins) within this 7 day period.

You will need to sign up to their exchange using this referral link:


Using this code rewards you automatically with 50 FREE Votecoins (VTC). You can then spend those 50 VTC to vote for $PAC to be listed.

If you wish to, you can purchase more VTC to vote up to a maximum of 200 VTC per person. Once the voting period is FINISHED you will get ALL of your VTC coins returned to you, whether we hit the target or not.

Some important MUST KNOW info about the vote
DO NOT register on Bit-Z without using the above referral code, you will NOT receive 50 free VTC if you do.

You MUST achieve level 3 authentication on Bit-Z to be able to cast a vote for $PAC, this requires uploading proof of identity such as a passport/driving licence. We have gone through the process to test safety, legitimacy and speed for you and our test account was verified to level 3 within 24 hours.

$PAC Community Incentive
The $PAC team is happy to announce that we’re offering a share of a 500,000 $PAC airdrop reward to anyone who takes part in the Bit-Z community vote!

This means if you vote you will be rewarded with bonus $PAC:

• If you vote 50 VTC you will earn 25 $PAC
• If you vote 100 VTC you will earn 50 $PAC
• If you vote 200 VTC you will earn 100 $PAC

Remember you get ALL of your VTC coins returned to you when the vote finishes. Maximum Refundable Number of Votes: 200 VTC

We look forward to achieving great things with our community. This is just the beginning.

How to Vote tutorial
Video guide coming soon…

Thank you

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  1. I have already registered and verified at bit-z.com using refferal link, but my VTC balance is still zero. When it will be credited?

    1. Did you setup 2FA?

  2. hello i had 604000 coins and in the redemption i got 604 new coins . but i had a profit of 7000% and when i try to cash out 400 new coins the value is not the same. now i lost my coins and my money . can you please help me with this situation.

    1. BTC can only go 8 decimal places after 1 whole. (0.00000001 or 1 sat). It can not go any lower, but the price of a coin, can. Pairings such as DOGE/LTC/USD/etc show the true price of any coin that goes lower than 1 sat.

      At the time of redemption, old PAC was 0.000000003 (which is 3/10 of 1 sat if BTC had 9 decimal places). We said from the beginning that new $PAC would be x1000 of the old PAC price, and that is exactly what we did. At the time, 3/10 of 1 sat was $0.00003. x1000 made new $PAC $0.03.

  3. hello,
    I want to know if the vote on Bit-Z is finished?

    1. Yes. It ended.

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