$PAC is Back on the Track!

A lot has been announced lately, we’re still refining the way in which we communicate with you all and through trial and error we’ve now put in place procedures that enable us to effectively communicate key information with you across our social platforms. So, let’s recap on some of the things you might have missed:


Prior to 2018 we saw some immense growth, growth we hadn’t prepared for, nor necessarily wanted at this stage in $PAC’s story, we’re thankful for the new faces that have joined our community but also concerned that we may not have been able to make all of these new faces 100% happy when it came to communicating – this seemingly absent voice we’ve had has primarily been a result of our focus being on releasing a working, tangible product which I’m sure you’ll all agree should be the priority. We now have the resources in place to communicate more effectively with you and we’re sure that these improvements will be noticeable almost immediately.


The beginning of January saw the combination of the our two largest trading pairs DOGE and LTC ‘overhwelming’ Cryptopia’s exchange systems. Since then their ability to take the old PACcoin has failed. It could be fixed, but they agree that the existing code-base-specifically the existing PACcoin blockchain has to many issues, considering we are less than 2 weeks away from releasing $PAC, we think you’d all agree that our focus should be on pushing forward towards this fresh start and truly pushing the future of the new currency.


They are willing to move people to the new $PAC automatically for us as they believe that is the best solution right now. We repeat, please don’t send any PACcoin there. We will have the new coin up and running hopefully on Feb 1st. We are still hoping they can re-sync to the current chain and that may resolve many of the current issues.


The other exchanges such as Yobit are actively trading, inbound and outbound transaction are now working again after a week long fix. I would now take the time to remind everyone that this is an open source decentralized currency. The old DEV has mounted several attacks against us and our team behind closed doors and also out in public. We are unsure of his motivations, but last time he did this he wanted a pay-out and we purchased his interests by buying PACIFICA-NATION.com & PACCOIN.org. He now wants to buy everything back. We have moved on from this and we will proceed forward with adding value. It’s not common knowledge, but I myself don’t actually trade PACcoin for that reason – to avoid future legal ‘entanglements’ but of course, you can, if you wish.


– Saul Wolf

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  1. HI. I have 700 000 Paccoins that i bought in december 2017.
    I don(t know where the withdraw them from my tradesatoshi account? On which wallet?
    THanks for your help. Urgent!!!

    1. TradeSatoshi has delisted old PAC, and will be swapping your coins automatically for the new $PAC coins on 3/26.

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