$PAC announces official translation department. Apply, earn and grow with us!

$PAC announces official translation department. Apply, earn and grow with us!

What is the $PAC Translation Department?

$PAC’s Translation Department is formed of committed members who want to see $PAC succeed. This young and growing department has an ambitious agenda to translate $PAC’s important announcements into numerous languages. The intent is to further spread the positive message of $PAC to additional communities, helping them learn more about $PAC.

What we translate:

  •  Updates of high important previous articles
  •  Exchange Announcements
  •  Community Contests
  •  Partnerships
  •  Community spotlight
  •  $PAC Technology
  •  $PAC News
  •  $PAC Defensive Articles (correcting facts)
  •  Whitepapers
  •  Masternodes Maintenance Articles
  •  Blogs
  •  Website content

Our Purpose:

  •  To raise awareness
  •  Build Credibility
  •  Tailor information to that particular language
  •  Help manage reputation
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Promote brand values
  •  Strengthen International community relations

Our Social Platforms:


Each language that we translate to will have their own twitter account which will translate the tweets from @Paccoinofficial. On this twitter we will also share the translated blog articles.


When a blog post is translated it will be added to the blog.paccoin.net as a translation option.


With every new language that gets added to the translation department we will translate the whitepaper to that language which will be then added to the website.


For Every language we will need at least two translators. One to translate and one to proofread. If there are not 2 translators for a language, that language will be inactive until a second translator becomes assigned.


The function of a translator is to translate the blog post that has been given to them by the translation department manager. This translation needs to be completed and returned within 24 hours.


The function of a proofreader is to proofread and perform any needed final edits on the piece that the translator has written. After translation, the Translator will submit the document for proof reading. Upon passing the proofread, the document is then given to the translation department manager who will then add it as an available translation on the blog.

Twitter translator:

Next to being a translator/proofreader you can also be a twitter translator. You will be provided with a twitter account for example @Paccoin_NL and you will translate all tweets from @PACcoinOfficial to post for your regions community. It is prohibited to tweet anything that is not approved by $PAC or first tweeted by @PACcoinOfficial.

Compensation Structure:

A Twitter post translation will compensate 0.50 USD

A Blog post translation will compensate 0.01 USD each word.

Below you can see what is expected each month.

The compensation structure is subject to change with thhttps://blog.paccoin.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/pasted-image-0.pnge relative $PAC market price. All work will be documented by the account managers in excel and all compensations will be payed out once a month.

If you are interested and want to apply please email the following questions to  [email protected]

What is your name: (Can also be only an alias if you want to stay anonymous)

What is your Discord name:

Where do you live:

What is your main language:

Into what language do you want to translate:

Do you have experience translating into that language:

Why would you like to translate for $PAC?

Extra information:

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