$PAC adoption efforts across Africa, charity outreach expands to Maraban-Kajuru

$PAC adoption efforts across Africa, charity outreach expands to Maraban-Kajuru

The $PAC African team, lead by community ambassador ‘Juwon’ has made some incredible strides in adoption of $PAC as a currency across Africa, whilst bolstering our charitable efforts in the regions worse affected by violence and gun crime.

Maraban-Kajuru, one of the largest communities in the Kadana State of Africa, have been hit with a devastating loss of life and resources at the hands of gunmen who attacked the province earlier this year. More than 100 lives were lost and more seriously injured, damages equating over 50 million Naira also occurred to property and businesses operating in the region.

As a result of the crisis, more than 7,000 Kajuru citizens are now homeless or in a severe state of poverty.

Most families are housed in government-owned basic accommodation with hundreds of children attending only 1 school set up in an IDP camp. “Within this camp you will find children who have lost their parents, women that have lost their husbands, husbands that have lost their wives and more. We are glad to have the support of the $PAC community in the form of vital aid.”

The $PAC contributions have helped with the running and maintenance of ‘Bege’ a community hospital and health clinic within the confines of the camp allowing the staff to accommodate three times the usual capacity of patients under usual conditions. Mr Nelson, who is the chief medical practitioner commented, “At the moment we have over 30 people in full time care at all times with various extensive medical needs, in just the last 20 days, 3 people have died as a result of their injuries. The $PAC contributions of food, water, medicine and supplies are helping us manage the workload and keep patients in better health.”

If you would like to read the full story on the $PAC charity outreach program you can read it here along with a whole host of images of the efforts there.

$PAC adoption in the region is growing

Not only are the charitable efforts of Juwon’s team expanding, but so too are their business adoption efforts. Thanks to the many $PAC conferences being held in the region their team is attracting numerous retailers, merchants and small businesses who are keen to adopt digital currencies into their payment methods. Just recently, two new merchants have been signed onto the program and are now accepting $PAC as payment for all goods and services.

‘A+ hair salons’ across Africa and local bars are also now opting to accept $PAC as a form of payment. We couldn’t be more thrilled that these venues are seeing the benefits of accepting $PAC, the instant, secure irreversible payments offer these businesses a safer way to do commerce in a country where credit card fraud is at an all time high. You can see both these merchants accepting $PAC in the following videos. Please, like, share and show your support for these retailers as they are just the first of many new businesses who will be joining our $PAC ecosystem in the coming weeks/months.

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  1. Olá! Eu estou querendo configurar um Masternode e gostaria de saber se o PC terá que ficar ligado por durante 24h por dia com a Wallet/Carteira aberta?

    1. Hello,

      We recommend setting up a $PAC masternode on a VPS with the guide on masternodes.paccoin.net.
      If you do it like this your PC does not need to run 24/7 that does the VPS.

      You can also choose to use one of the 3rd party masternode hosters on https://paccoin.net/useful-links/

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