Open letter from the new $PAC board of directors

Open letter from the new $PAC board of directors

To our loyal and dedicated community,

Our mission at heart is to take $PAC to new heights of accomplishment and recognition. You our community are fundamental to this mission, every single individual. We do not say this because it simply sounds nice, we say this because our goals are based on the well being of every member of our community as an investor and user of the $PAC network.

I would like to acknowledge the effort displayed by the esteemed community we serve, in embracing the new Board of Directors, most of whom have been affiliated with the $PAC project from the early days, however, now blessed with the opportunity to lead.

At this moment, I would like to assure all of our community that we are committed to changing and growing $PAC. Our order of business is not just a rearranging of names or talent, this is a whole NEW Team, with a whole NEW way of doing things.

We will continue to explore every potential option that is aimed at providing high quality growth, innovation, and customized solutions with the help of our expert team and active community to deliver nothing but high-quality results. With this in mind, it is worth to note that last year was undoubtedly a rocky year but on the other hand an exciting one for such a young project and coin. A lot has been accomplished but some of the missteps may have turned off some of our community members, which places us in that same group.

Looking forward, we are prospecting an unlimited potential for our future partnership with our community to meet the expectations you have always presented to us. This will come into reality with our dedicated team which has learned from the mistakes of the previous year and the previous ‘management’.

To remain competitive and cutting edge, we are planning a reorganization which has been thoroughly verified and designed without haste, comprising a highly competent team and infused with new and fresh talent from the Business and Finance world, of which I am also included. Over the last few years in the cryptosphere and blockchain industry, different dynamics have emerged requiring reorganization to remain at the forefront of competition. Our project must professionalize and be pliable enough for the real world to foster a true-growth adoption era.

This reorganization of $PAC is built on our relationship with our community based on integrity, mutual respect, and trust. We make our unwavering pledge to our community and we stand by it. This reorganization includes new protocol, procedures, as well as a systemic approach at the departmental level to increase productivity and most importantly, efficiency. Our focus will remain primarily on our technical health and application innovation.

Work goes on unabated regarding improving our POS architecture, block times and code. Furthermore, we are seeking to add new full-time Dev talent to the team and are vetting some industry professionals with large pedigree at the time of publication.

Furthermore, we are studying improvements and additions to the business side from legal and compliance to business outreach. Other goals are identity/brand refreshment, unique products that can separate $PAC from the heard, among many other items currently being studied and/or executed.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly thank you for believing and working with us. We not only value our relationship, but we take responsibility you bestowed on us in providing our stewardship of $PAC to you very seriously. We will be releasing a similar short updates from the Board of Directors as often as possible.

Gratefully yours,

George Tyler (@linekiller28), Chief Strategy Officer, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors.

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  1. Good luck PAC team! All the best looking forward

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