Mandatory $PAC wallet upgrade Oct 2018

Mandatory $PAC wallet upgrade Oct 2018

  1. After more than six months of network stability, we are releasing an update to protect our master node networks current sizing requirements and are looking forward for another 12 months of growth. From February till chain abuse  our bootstrap “blockchain” size was about 550mb in size, however, because of our recent surge in the chain, the need for more active memory usage in our wallets has increased. As a result our forecasted minimum masternode requirements have to be increased as well.

The major focus of this code release is the addition of fees to transactions.  This will prevent bad-actors from abusing the chain who are looking to hinder the growth of $PAC.  These additional transaction fees will be paid out to the masternode holders. As a temporary fix to this problem we are releasing new wallets for all platforms immediately.  The downloads are available on – The most up to date version for our $PAC wallets is 12.5.0, please don’t download from any other sources for your safety.

IMPORTANT! – This update needs to be installed by block height 155000 – approx time 30 Oct 2018 07:12:12 +- or your wallet/masternode will be disconnected from the network.

Please follow the steps below to implement the update for the new code release:

Step 1: Update your wallet

Download the 12.5.1 wallet for your platform here – your wallet is already backed up on windows Mac platforms, but please ensure you have your wallet.dat file safely accessible to ensure recovery of your funds.

Step 2: Upgrade your VPS

The minimum size of a $PAC masternode in terms of disk space needed that we are recommending is a VPS with an SSD size of 25 GIGs going forward. Recommended websites are: ($5/mo) or (€1,99/mo). +hetzner+linode

Step 3: Updating your masternode – Is your server already installed yes or no?

If the answer to this question is no, please skip to the next page.

Yes – I have a 1 GIG VPS with an SSD size of 25 GIG

  1. Ensure your wallet that your masternode is registered to is update first!

Yes – Part 2: In your Linux VPS and copy/paste the following command:

rm ./pac-up*.sh* && wget && chmod +x && ./

This will in order : 1) remove any old installers (problem for a few people) and 2) pull the latest 12.5.1 and 3) run it

Very important:  IF you are upgrading from 12.5 to 12.5.1, DO NOT restart your MN from your desktop wallet. You don’t have to do anything else, just sit back and it will be enabled again in about 15-20 minutes and you WILL maintain your queue position.

BUT if you are upgrading from an older protocol 7013 to 7014, then you have to have the upgraded desktop (aka cold) wallet, go to the masternode tab, select your MN, and click the start alias button to remote start it (broadcast it) on the network using the same upgraded desktop and MN versions (12.5.1).

After a little while you should see:

Press (CTRL-C) and type the following:

./paccoin-cli getinfo

You should see a window with version 120500 and protocol 70214.

You have now updated your masternode successfully, now go to your wallet’s masternode’s section and restart your masternode.

Now you should see the protocol in the third column change from 70213 to 70214.

Wait 20-30 minutes and your masternode should move to ‘enabled’.

No – My SSD size is lower than 1 GIG memory and 25 GIG SSD

Go back to step 2 and follow the steps in @Dijida’s guide on the complete installation of a VPS for a $PAC master node which can be found here: then add the code under Yes – part 2 of the yes-section above. In case of a new IP for an existing masternode please use the old genkey which can be found in the masternode config file (and remember to change the IP & Alias to the new ones).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary fix to a persisting threat to the network. A permanent fix is in the making – We all loved the almost zero fees that $PAC provided!  In future releases we will be revisiting the fee structure to ensure our future merchant adoption agreements and charity projects will have the best terms in place.  Network security is our current focus. If you don’t upgrade your masternode, your masternode will disconnect from the network and not be able to send coins. Your coins are never in danger remember as the coins actually exist on the chain!  Your wallet and keys unlock them. Please revisit this page for more FAQ’s. We will keep it updated with other questions and answers.

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  1. Excelent, network is ALL !

  2. Will the update push my masternode back to the bottom of the queue?

    1. You need to reset your MN to update it. So yes you will lose your position in the que.

      If you expect to be payed out before block 155000 then i suggest you wait until you get payed. But update before block 155000!

  3. Any help regarding WATCHDOG_EXPIRED?

  4. Olá,
    Eu desinstalei a carteira anterior e instalei a nova versão, mas não está atualizando. Poderia me explicar o motivo e o que devo fazer para atualizar?

    1. Hello,

      If you are on version 12.5.1:
      – Backup your wallet
      – Go to tools> repair wallet > reindex

      This will reload the whole blockchain

  5. Hi, i lost my pac when upgrading to 12.5 version. 650k of pac are gone. Can anybody help me to get back it? However the transaction still exist only not show in the available..kindly help

    1. Hello,

      You can email [email protected] or join our discord and ask one of the moderators

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