New PAC BLOG & New Main PAC Website!

Today we are relaunching our BLOG and our WEBSITE as two separate entities.  Our main site will be a business card with no user interaction on it whatsoever.  The old main site got overloaded with users!  We have learned from this, and we have separated out the BLOG content onto a whole different server.  Most of the other coins use “medium” for their BLOGs, we will use our own.  Please drop us a line if you would like to start contributing content to our BLOG.

Our older web server was “being” held hostage, in the sense that we were unable to access our CPANEL and administer our server.  Hopefully now we will never have to deal with that kind of scenario again!  We appreciate your patience as we really like to communicate regularly and now we can again!

While we have your attention – DO NOT listen to any sister sites that claim to be official or claim to be PACcoin unless we endorse it on will be the authoritative domain for all things related to PAC – and we will even integrate ‘trusted’ Twitter channels and other trusted PAC sites if they are not malicious in their intent.

Here is the latest rendition of a coin concept we are considering for a real world “build”.  More to come on this!

Thanks for everyone’s ongoing support!

-saul wolf & the DEV team




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  1. I LOVE PAC : )

    1. How do you know the old wallet from the new wallet.. only see one wallet download in the website..

      1. The new wallet will be released soon – they will be clearly defined.

  2. Nice. 😀

  3. Awesome work guys.

  4. Awesome work guys. If you ever want to shoot out a press release let me know.

  5. Typo in first paragraph. “Out” should be our. We will use out own.

    1. Thanks bud – sometimes I move to fast! Thanks for pointing this out.

  6. Loving the new blog website! Great work dev team.

  7. Nice job. Thanks

  8. Congratulations on the progress. I like the new coin look. I think it may need a few connecting circuits between the 4Cs. Otherwise it looks great.

    Lets make this coin go to the moon and beyond!!!

    1. I agree with some further digital details but it kicks the existing logo into the dump 😆

  9. Saul,
    Thanks for the information and the new website. Really looks great DEV team! Eventually, will this replace the blog site PAC followers are currently using?


    1. No the new social site will – that is on deck now. We wanted to get our corporate and brand image cleaned up first.

  10. First comment!!! 🙂 Guys, the new site looks great. Keep up the excellent work!

  11. Masternode for February 1 redemption is still 500M correct? If you have 800M will all 800M be able to be redeemed February 1 or only 500M coin blocks? If you have 1B coins are you redeeming twice to get 2 masternodes or all at once? Thank you!!!

    1. Only masternodes – as we want to ensure the network is running well before coins get into distribution.

  12. Hi

    im in with 9.8million pac coins and is it possible to make a masternode? i have invested in 2 masternodes on another coins without bein into it, but i really wanna make my own masternodes know when im a fan of pac coin:D

    Anyone who can tell me what do you and what it need?

    1. You will need 500 MILLION for a masternode. You have plenty of time to get these coins.

      1. Hi SaulW,

        I have 271.6M Pac Coin. After several redemptions, how Pac Coins will I have?

        As I could understand, after 1000:1 I will have 271.6K, after 2000:1 I will have 135.8 Pac Coins, after 4000:1 I will have 0.03395 Pac Coin and finally after 8000:1 I will have 0.00000424 Pac Coin. It means in the end of this year, I will not have Pac Coin!

        How can you describe this?!

        1. Divide that by 1000 – so 271,000.

  13. Ihave downloaded wallet 2 weeks ago and have all my xoins transferred there.
    Do i still need to download the new wallet? And transfer coins from ols wallet…?

  14. Well done

  15. Great work PAC Devs . New sites & coin looks fantastic. I really think you should have your exiting logo updated to this level . I’m very excited for the community right now 💃💓💃🌃

  16. Could you post the REDMEPTION GUIDE somewhere that I see floating around on twitter. Just to make it “official”. Unless it is posted and I’m missing it.

    1. Yes it is posted now.

  17. When the Paccoin Wallet 2.0 can download?

    1. Very shortly! Hopefully in a few days.

  18. Has there been any more thought given to making a shared master node? Between my sister and myself we have over 600 million coins. we would love to be able to form a master node if we can.


    1. Yes – we are looking to partner with a third party to do this.

  19. Where can we fill the form to have our lost coins back?

    1. There will be more information on this shortly with the helpdesk.

  20. Very nice Good Luck


    1. A masternode is a two-way wallet essentially that is secured by 500,000 $PAC. They create ongoing flows of $PAC if you own one.

  22. i am vietnams, i love paccoin, thanks paccoin

  23. làm ơn giúp tôi .tôi có 3700000 pac trên yobit hiện giờ còn 3700 pac . tôi đã bị mất

    1. Your old PAC coins were redeemed for the new $PAC coins.

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