Major PAClyfe Governance Portal Update 17.09.18

Major PAClyfe Governance Portal Update 17.09.18

The $PAC core team are happy to announce a major update to the PAClyfe governance portal, featuring much needed UI improvements, additional features to improve community involvement and communication between the proposal owner and investors.

PAClyfe, since launch has been under-performing, and I believe the main reason for this was because it did not offer what YOU the community needed from a proposal portal. If you are looking for a place to find all of the information on the current proposal network, information about the submitter, the funds requested and the voting stats, YOU as the community need this information instantly.

On launch the UI (User Interface) for PAClyfe did not provide any new features or display any new information that you could not already obtain (and faster) on other third party platforms that were already built or available online. Which was (in my personal opinion) the biggest flaw with the original site and which contributed to why user levels for PAClyfe haven’t been what we wanted them to be.

I am pleased to talk about many of the new features in this short video here:

PAClyfe Update Patch Notes:

1- New table design, allow users to see several proposal at the same time.

2- User can filter proposal using several parameters.

3- Proposals display an image. If the proposal was created in PAClyfe user can select the image, if proposal was created out of PAClyfe it will display a generic image.

4- Statistics section was redesigned and shows more accurate data.

5- Clicking a proposal it will display a modal.

6- Users are able to submit feedback.. When a proposal is created a blog/forum/page is created too, here PAClyfe logged users are able to post comments.  (Blogs for proposals created out of PAClyfe could be created in a period of 24 hrs.)

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