Launched! PacFYLE Community now on deck.

Today we launched a new website that will be PAC’s main communication vehicle and entry point for users.  This day officially marks the beginning of a new chapter in our story so far.  Next week we will relaunch our Bitcointalk thread and start our marketing campaign to fuel the PAC hard-fork on March 1st.  We are still ‘content poor’ by this I mean we are still building our informational knowledge-base and publishing methods – but that will slowly change now that we have a good vehicle on the road.  Certainly we are moving in the right direction.  Please let us know if you experience any major bugs on the web site as we need everybody’s help.  Next step, we will be creating a English mirror in North America and another for the rest of the continental user base.

Let’s talk communication as it is what will fuel our growth and abilities to solve and identify problems quickly and efficiently.  What we have learned is that Discord chat is effective but creates other problems as well.  We will be getting the repetitive questions in focus more clearly on the website in the next few weeks.  Right now for example we know about a bug in the windows wallet that doesn’t allocate rewards properly that needs to be fixed.  The DEV team is working on this, but in the meantime the workaround fix will be documented for all.

We get the question of “who is the team behind PacCoin” a lot.  Well, let’s remind ourselves what PacCoin is first.  PAC is a digital currency like Litecoin and Bitcoin etc. and is moving to being a community coin.  We will not risk the future of PAC by betting on one person or DEV (like the old coin).  We will learn from our mistakes and build a community that can run build PAC into a solid trust-able brand.  In this sense, we are all ‘Saul Wolf’ – there is never a single point of failure.  My individual role right now is to get us to the scaling stage where I am not the single point of failure.  March 1st will give us access to resources going forward to make PAC HUGE!

Our road-map for the next 90 days will be released shortly and please remember our incremental approach to success.  Other coins and tokens have an inverted approach to success – by this I mean they focus on a solution and get a huge influx of money.  Few actually succeed and the crypto space suffers in the long-term.  We need to be smarter and identify this repeating problem and leverage it to PacCoin investor’s advantage.  Slow steady progress focused on growth that current resources can provide will win the race 5 to 10 years from now.  I don’t like inverted pyramids…..

Another common question we get is how much will PAC be worth in the next month or more specifically on March 1st.  Honestly, we don’t know but we do know that we will have more PAC brand ambassadors and more people will have heard about the PAC story as well.  Constant focused improvement on moving the ball forward is where we will align our efforts and skills.  The next big step for us is to grow as a community and organize ourselves and our skills to ultimately better PAC and in turn the market should reflect the price.  We believe that slow-and-steady will win the race against the scammy ICO promise the world mentality.

The coin redemption will solve many problems for PAC and these problems that are looking for immediate gains will be resistant to forward progress.  All innovation encounters major turning points and March 1st will be that for PAC.  We will try to minimize the FUD or “fear, uncertainty and doubt” via our new social platform called PacFYLE launching Jan 1st.  PacFYLE will be a focused community where anybody can discuss and help with PAC with our “growth challenges”.  We will need moderators and help will growing our coin based community into a stepping stone for the next major project after that.  Remember one of our focal-points “content” -hint, hint.

To help kick off our campaign we will soon be releasing a press release outlining our non-ICO approach to relaunching PAC in the next few weeks.  Expect from buzz from that.  We also encourage everybody to join the social commenting and sharing Bounty on Discord.  Share and comment on any PAC social asset and we will give 10,000,000 for these efforts.    This will help us spread our approach and attract users to our community.

Thanks for everyone’s energy and exuberance around the new direction of PAC!


-Saul Wolf

-PacCoin Development Team

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  1. Nice… let’s make a better world!

  2. wow! i am excited with the new development, with this pac will be among the first hundred name listed on coinmarketcap.

    1. What will b the price in March

      1. We believe it will be much higher. Masternodes are already in demand!

  3. Dear website creators, the Russian version of the site does not look right. It seems to me that there will be only an English version, than a low-quality version in other languages. Sorry for my English))).

    1. This is a google translation plugin. Sorry for the confusion. We are working on getting a Russian version of the site later.

  4. Looking Forward to PAC’s Development and progress!

  5. What are masternodes ?

    1. Masternodes are just like othe PAC nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra transaction based services to the network. These services include:
      • PACsend which is an anonymization for increased privacy of transactions
      • InstantPAC transactions
      • Provides a voting system for decentralized governance
      • A decentralized budgeting system
      • Immutable proposal and voting systems.
      For providing these services, masternodes are also paid a certain percentage of rewards for each block. This can serve as a passive income to the masternode owners minus their operational costs.

  6. Can you tell me more about mining opportunities with PacCoin please?

    1. At today’s price levels and with POS rewards being so strong it is easier to buy PAC.

      The new PAC will be mineable.

      1. When do you foresee the new mine-able PAC coming?

          1. Thanx Saul!

            I’m new to cryptocurrencies and would like to start mining eventually.

            What is the best way to get started?

            Also what equipment will I need to mine the new coin?

            I’d like to use the next few months to learn all that I can.

      2. Will it POS and POW? or are you switching to POW only?

  7. Vai ser a melhor moeda do mundo Paccoin.

  8. Mal vejo a hora de cada paccoin valer no minimo 1 real cada ou 0,50 cent usd

  9. The pac is pos?
    I mean if I have a balance in my wallet, do I get a reward every day?

    1. Yes after the coins age 30 days there are POS rewards of approximately 7% per month.

  10. can we have a paper wallet and a ledger-nanos wallet support pls?

    1. There will be both of those on the new coin fork. We don’t want to create a problem with old coins that cannot be redeemed later.

      The new coin starts on Feb 1st via an early redemption for masternodes.

  11. How many coins for masternode?

  12. Here’s looking forward to the future, cheers!

  13. You all are doing well! Keep it up and move higher!

  14. Doing well Paccoin! Thanks for all your work.

  15. Sorry for my question, I am new to this stuff. It’s about PoS: I see, that a wallet must be running with coins older that 30 days. But that must be _uninterrupted_ 30 days, or 30 days in all?

    1. 30 days in all – the clock accumulates 30 days. If it is interrupted it still works.

  16. PacCoin will have a great future because we aknowledge our errors and fix them and that is the way to go forward.

  17. hey bro
    Paccoin now 0.000001$
    when will be 0.01$ ?

  18. Thank you very much for this coin. I will monitor this closely.

  19. Let Share this to the World! Post this on social media daily.

  20. let’s get make it grow 😀
    buy some pac coins when you buy coins make the market bigger then the price grow and see profits. The way for make this coin profitable is buying some.

  21. There are millions of similar crypto coins like Bitcoin, LightCoin and PacCoin!!
    You gotta make special feature to make your coin different from others!! Like use for game,energy,hospital,computer,etc…

    1. Kim – it will be different – it is different already. PAC’s foundation will be a community – focused on content, charity and choices via the new PAC.

  22. if I buy 100 000 000 coins 1 Mar when will the new wallet I will do the same amount in the new wallet?

    1. Yes the new coins will be sent when the new ones redeemed. All will be visible on both blockchain explorers.

  23. Just clarification please. I have YoBit PAC. I want to make sure I don’t lose my coins on 1 MAR when the switch over occurs. What do I need to do to ensure ALL my coins switch over exactly (whole amount)? What time will the switch happen? (Time zone)

    Also, I don’t completely understand your business model. What is your goal? I’d like to spread the word but if I can’t answer what you really do, then I can’t market it.

    1. No need to worry – there will be plenty of time for people to move their coins off to the redemption wallet. It cannot all happen in one day.

      As for the coin – we are rebuilt from the community – focused on building a social network for PAC that will evolve into our system to run PAC projects and bring solutions to PAC users and the crypto-sphere. Our biggest strength is we have thousands of investors in 3.4% of the total coins market cap of the coin.

  24. Awesome, looking forward for March 1st.
    More Power for PacCoin ?

  25. Is the Mac wallet safe to install on my computer? It says that the developer is unknown and I have to change security settings to use the wallet.

    1. Yes it is safe – it is because we are not ‘Microsoft’ certified – it is a security caution on their part.

  26. Really? Cryptography developers using WordPress to make and host a site? What is the legitimacy of this coin then? We want more answers and more in depth plans.

    1. They are coming – please read the blog. We are doing the best we can with what we have. Always improving, getting better. We will keep working.

  27. Is pacflye same as steemit and community system?? If it is paccoin can go to the moon!!!

    1. It will evolve into a facebook for cryptos. Yes.

  28. Where is the link to your whitepaper on the homepage? Why have you not written one? This shows signs of a scam coin

    1. PAC is a digital currency that was relaunched by the community. Not a “scam” coin – but a great ticker that was worthless months ago. There is a management team assembling and a DEV team as well. The whitepaper will come when we put resources to it. It will not be the “words” of one person or DEV either. Thanks for your candor.

  29. hi wolf,
    i believe your vision. i have two question
    when March or in 2018, do you have plans about mobile wallet?
    and list on coin exchange site?(binance, upbit etc)

    thank you for your effort!

    1. Mobile wallet will be on the roadmap – yes. DEV team is looking into this.

  30. Good evening , im writing to you pertaining to the (redemption) currently i bought about $200 of paccoin..with the redemption of 1000:1 new paccoin.. If the value goes up let’s say it hits the market at 1 penny or 0.01… I would only be holding about $5.00 worth of paccoin…so im out $195.00 USD.
    …paccoin would have to hit at least 0.37 cents for me to regain my initial investment of $200.. So this is not making anything better for failing to see the increase of value..

    1. Stay tuned – we are announcing a better explanation shortly.

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