Landmark partnership between The Flame of Peace, GlobalBoost and $PAC

Landmark partnership between The Flame of Peace, GlobalBoost and $PAC

A cooperation agreement has been signed on the 2nd of March 2019, between Sir Sandor Habsburg – Lothringen, from ‘The Flame of Peace’, Bruce Porter Jr. who is the CEO of ‘GlobalBoost’ and Robin Matthes, Director of Charity at $PAC.

The goal of this partnership is to combine forces and resources striving to use the blockchain technologies for the fulfillment of our charitable goals. The agreement can be viewed below:

The Flame of Peace is a charitable organization that is active in over 70 different countries. The Flame of Peace is ran by the House of Habsburg, a royal family with its lineage dating back since the time of the Roman Empire and the House of Lorraine (Pronounced Lothringen in German). Their genealogy can be viewed in the Appendix.

The Flame of Peace supports the donation of clothes and old furniture to hospitals in impoverished neighborhoods of surrounding countries. The furniture is willingly donated, even though the transportation is conducted by a third party they too willingly deliver the goods for free in a collaborative effort alongside The Flame of Peace.

GlobalBoost, famous for its visually impaired veteran hockey team called the Washington Elite (which is where the name came from for the blockchain & A.I. summit). A few months ago, GlobalBoost joined $PAC on their mission to save Venezuelan refugees. As the next step, Bruce envisions to create jobs for Veterans which can go hand in hand to sustain $PAC’s efforts in the region, one such initiative is the refurbishing of mobile phones for Venezuelan refugees to then use to transact in $PAC for everyday goods and services.

View the moment when the agreement was signed LIVE at the European Blockchain Investment Congress, Vienna.

The partnership will open up a variety of new connections, adoption opportunities and exposure for the $PAC brand, we hope you are as excited as we are about embarking on the next stage of the journey. The next steps in the partnership are to attend an event organised by the Flame of Peace in October 2019 for the Prince of Monaco who is also involved in many charitable initiatives.

Appendix I – Genealogy of the House of Habsburg

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