Introducing PacCoin Affiliate Program!

What a crazy week!  I hope everybody was able to take advantage of the surge in the Crypto markets over this past week.  This week we have a major release of technology to help support our growth plans.  We are launching an affiliate program for our early PAC ambassadors to share in the growth of introducing new people to PAC.  This will allow even non-PAC holders an opportunity to help grow our PacCoin growth story.

The rate for affiliate commissions will be 10%.  Basically, if you refer somebody that buys 100 Million PAC – you will get 10 Million PAC in commissions at the end of the month.  This will all be tracked automatically in your affiliate area of the website.

Why did we choose an affiliate program?  Well we don’t have marketing dollars, so we had some of the bigger PAC wallets contact me with some supportive PAC donations to support this marketing program for PAC.  Basically it works like this:

  • Sign-up as an affiliate and get your affiliate ID here:
  • When you get your affiliate link we will send you 10% of whatever is purchased by your referral
  • This is for help new people get into crypto trading easily and quickly

Affiliate commissions will be paid out at the end of December and the end of January etc.

There will also be 5 grand prizes of the following:

  1.  1,000,000,000 1 Billion PacCoins to the affiliate that refers the most new users
  2.  500,000,000 500 million PacCoins to the 2nd place affiliate
  3.  250,000,000 250 million PacCoins to the 3rd place affiliate
  4. 100,000,000 100 million PacCoins to the 4th & 5th place affiliates

We will also pay 10,000,000 for every banner that gets approved on DISCORD so we can get some good marketing banners for the campaign duration.  Anybody have some good creative skill?

We felt this was the best way to promote PacCoin to grow before the redemption & the best use of marketing donations since we don’t have marketing dollars.  We will start a new thread on DISCORD so you can ask your questions there.  Please be patient – we are a decentralized community not a business.  Sometimes there will be a wait.

Things will be a little rocky to start with – we are working on getting things moving!  The path to innovation will have some hiccups.  Also, please stay tuned – we hope to have the new Bitcointalk thread released next week when this program is running smoothly.



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  1. Can you please walk me though on ho to be part of Paccoin affiliate program, Do i need to create a wallet from paccoin to receive payment?

  2. hello i wanted to mine pac coin tell me the procedure

    1. We don’t recommend mining PAC. Sorry. Each block is only 500 coins. Not worth the time or electricity to mine it.

  3. Hi,

    Not good with graphics but I am a music (ghost)producer. Do you need a jingle for intro’s and whatnot?



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