Introducing PAC SMS – Fast, secure, text-based monetary transactions worldwide

Introducing PAC SMS – Fast, secure, text-based monetary transactions worldwide

Bringing monetary transactions to all tiers of mobile devices worldwide, simple SMS/text commands bring financial independence to those without the need for apps and smartphones.

$PAC are pleased to announce the launch of PAC SMS, our dedicated SMS/text-based transaction service enabling ALL mobile devices worldwide the ability to perform safe, instant monetary transactions.

Not everyone has access to a smartphone, smartphones are costly and require access to a more advanced mobile infrastructure that many underdeveloped countries simply can not provide. Whilst it may be easy for the vast majority of our user base to have access to the convenience of the $PAC mobile/desktop wallets, our adoption efforts across the world require those without this software the same opportunity to utilize the $PAC network for daily commerce.

Welcome, PAC SMS.

How it works

  • Text pacbal to +16288770001.
  • Next it’s going to prompt you to set a secure pin, this way if your phone is ever lost/stolen a malicious user cannot access your funds.
  • Text pin ???? where you replace all ? with your own 4 digit pin number.
  • To deposit funds to your PAC SMS wallet use the command pacdeposit to reveal your secure wallet address.
  • Copy this wallet address and use any other PAC wallet to transfer funds to your SMS Wallet, such as the PAC desktop wallet.
  • Use the command pacbal again to check the funds are credited to your account. (note: the transaction must have confirmed on the network before your SMS wallet will update the balance, if funds are not immediately available please allow a few minutes for the network to confirm the transaction.)
  • To send PAC to another mobile device use the command pactip +<country code><phone number> <amount> <pin number>. Here is an example if you are sending to a USA phone number: pactip +15557223333 5000 1234 – this will send 5,000 PAC to the phone number +15557223333.
  • To withdraw funds from your SMS wallet to any other PAC wallet use the command pacwithdraw <PAC wallet address> <amount> <pin number>. Here is an example: pacwithdraw PN4e5GksXHp4bwDKad1QYnfrvfrH57nZiC 5000 1234 – This will send 5,000 $PAC to the wallet address PN4e5GksXHp4bwDKad1QYnfrvfrH57nZiC.

Note: Our initial roll out of this service covers the US, EU, Venezuela & Colombia. If you are from other countries these services will still work e.g (Sending $PAC from the Canada to the US), however you will be charged your standard network SMS fee for doing so for each SMS you send. If you do not wish to incur any unwanted charges DO NOT use this service until your own country specific phone line has been launched. If you are based in any of the countries above, this service is FREE to use.

$PAC has low fees and instant transfers. Transactions are immediately settled directly on the blockchain. The PAC SMS service never touches your funds.

Access your $PAC without an internet connection using SMS. Send $PAC to any text-enabled phone. The recipient doesn’t need an app or wallet to receive funds (we handle this for them) making this one of the most user friendly ways to gift someone $PAC or pay for your favorite goods/services.PAC SMS makes digital currency easy to use as money. PAC SMS enables instant transactions without internet, apps, accounts or passwords by providing an SMS gateway to the blockchain. With PAC SMS you can send $PAC to mobile phone numbers or any $PAC address. Recipients do not need to take any action to receive funds which are available to be re-spent once the transaction has confirmed. It’s the best tool for introducing new users to cryptocurrency and the ONLY tool currently available for billions of un-banked people with basic feature phones. Try out our PAC SMS service today and be one of the the first people to text $PAC to your friends/family.

Simple commands, easy to use

Here is a list of all current SMS commands and what they do:

pacbal – Sends a request to notify you of your available $PAC balance.

pacdeposit – Sends a request to create a new $PAC wallet address for you to use.

pactip <phone number> <amount> <pin number> – Sends the <amount> you type to the <phone number> you type, pay anyone using this method.

pacwithdraw <address> <amount> <pin number> – Sends the <amount> you type to the <address> you type, withdraw funds from your PAC SMS wallet to an alternative wallet of your choice.

If you wish to send $PAC internationally and accept the standard SMS fee, when you will need to input the country specific area code in addition to your recipients phone number.

Try it for yourself!

To get started text pacdeposit to +16288770001, enjoy! This is a US-based service line, we will be rolling out PAC SMS to more countries in the coming weeks/months.

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