Growing Steady!

Another exciting week in our space with Bitcoin bouncing up and down as the Crypto-sphere starts making more and more headlines around the globe.  We want to thank everyone for all the personal e-mails through the website.  As a team we couldn’t be happier with the way things are growing.  Slow-and-steady as she goes – we are happy to see an average of 30+ wallets a day get downloaded and installed.  Today is trending to be the biggest download day yet!  To build on that them here is another quip from my mom that I like – “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”.

Many people are asking us for the inside scoop on the redemption and our long-term roadmap.  We are going to do our best to run like a decentralized business -but we are still in the early stages of building that foundation for viral growth.  We do have those ideas -and they will be released gradually as more and more resources come onboard and join in building our story.  We will release a 90 day, and 180 day plans on Dec 1st – with the forewarning that the longer term goals are solely dependent on resources.  Resources to us mean capital & time – we don’t want to promise anything that is unrealistic to our community.

A quick update on the transition of Pac Coin as a Pacifica Nation coin and now a “Community Coin” has been very active behind the scenes.  I am personally working behind the scenes with Bill C, the old DEV and we are very optimistic that you will be happy with some of discoveries we are making.  I would ask that the community keep their passion for the new direction under control and not attack him personally or directly.  He is why we are here today!  He has a good intentions and he just wants what is best for PacCoin brand ultimately.  Why wouldn’t he?

Kudos goes out to our sub-communities especially our Russian contingent.  They are some of the biggest PacCoin fans today.  We have added a language translation feature to the website now – we hope this helps!

Our social channels are growing slowly as well.  Our YouTube channel has launched – any Youtubers out there?  Also, last week we started a mirror our weekly blog on Steemit – here:

Our accomplishments this week are great again as Xandorman one of our PacCoin DevTeam has almost finished a Raspberry PI 3 image for the PacCoin wallet!  This is an awesome innovation for us and will help the new fork gain some steam!

As for the PacCoin redemption and the new fork – let’s clarify some things.  Dec 1st there will be a kick-off for a three month campaign or relaunch of the coin.  This relaunch runs until March 1st, 2018 when we will start converting PacCoins into the new coin.  The specifics are being developed so please stay tuned.  The three months before the fork gives our current early supporters an early chance to position themselves accordingly to take advantage of the fork.  The old chain will be kept supported – however it will most likely be off-exchange.

The fork will solve many of the existing problems in the current codebase of PacCoin which was build off of a PPCcoin fork.  The DevTeam has promoted a hybrid POS/POW code-base that is awesome!  We can’t wait to give our community a sneak peak in a month or two.

The market is in a consolidation period right now and there is no reason to “hit any homeruns” today as our current supporters like the price levels where they are today.  On that note, we did discover that around 20%+ of the coin supply exists on Cryptopia.  One of the big wallet holders has contacted us directly and is very supportive of our current direction.  He will be moving his coins off-exchange to POS shortly as well!

Watch the coin supply rocket the next few months leading up to the redemption!  The POS rewards are very generous.  People have asked us about mining and we are suggesting that mining is not worthwhile as it is much cheaper to buy the coins and POS them in relation to the cost of electricity etc.

In the meantime we encourage our community to keep giving us ideas & join us on the Discord chatroom.  We will be launching our official Facebook page next week as well.


-Saul (PacCoin DevTeam)


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  1. Hello, I love PACCOIN, just a query, you said “watch the coin supply rocket” Does this mean you’re adding more coins to already 3+ trillion supply?
    How is it going to affect the current price? Will this make the coin even more cheaper?

    1. We are anticipating growth as more wallets POS before the redemption. Our comments on affecting price are not of concern as we don’t support investors looking to get rich quick. We are in this for the long haul!

  2. I’m not looking to get rich quickly, My concern is you’re going to devalue the coin when you add more coins to the already 3+ Trillion coins. And that is a concern for everyone who already invested their money on the coin. I hope you understand that too.

    1. We are going down 3 billion to 100 billion max. You are not understanding the reverse split 1000 to 1 to other way.

  3. I just bought this coin, I like the ideas and long term hold here, how do I transfer the current pac coin into the new coin when it comes out? Don’t want to lose my coins completely. Thank you in advance

    1. It will be fairly simple – sned them and watch them in & then you will get your new coins.

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