Exchange Applications for $PAC Update

 As of April 13, 2018 *Please note we will be unable to comment any further about the status of exchange applications*  Many of the exchanges require the process be kept discrete.     
 Exchange Application Progress 
 Cryptopia, Yobit and Tradesatoshi are all LISTED     
1Bittrex yes in progress 
2HitBTC yes in progress 
3Poloniex yes in progress 
4Coinexchange yes LISTED 
5Bitstamp yes in progress 
6Koineks yes in progress 
7Okcoin yes in progress 
8Huobi yes in progress 
9Korbit yes in progress 
10Bithumb yes in progress 
11Kraken yes in progress 
12Bit-z yes in progress 
13RightBTC yes in progress 
14Okex yes in progress 
15Coinsbank yes in progress 
16EXX yes in progress 
17bitfinex yes in progress yes in progress yes in progress 
20kucoin yes in progress 
21coinone yes in progress 
22coinegg yes in progress 
23coinnest yes in progress 
24exmo yes in progress 
25bitsblockchain yes in progress 
26livecoin yes in progress 
27lakebtc yes in progress 
28itbit yes in progress 
 29Crex24 yes  LISTED 

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  1. Good job!!! in PAC we trust!!!

    1. tut mir leid .Da kannst du dein ganz vermögen verlieren.erstmal 1000Pac=1 $Pac dann nochmal durch 10.
      Nee ,es fehlt nicht an cryptowährung,es gibt genug

  2. Holy crap! This is amazing progress!! going from 3 exchanges to this many would be GREAT.

  3. Wish the applications are accepted and provide more visibility to the coin … any timelines by when it will be listed in other exchanges ?

    1. Next update will have more notes. This was the first status – we will get more next time.

      1. How has the situation changed for two months?

        1. Exchanges are still being worked on. We’ve had some denials, which was to be expected, but we are still working very hard to get listed.

          We will be announcing an update very soon.

  4. cool.. looks like you put in lotsa work

  5. This is amazing

  6. This is great, nice work

  7. very good news i hope soon moon pac coin

  8. About time

  9. We want Binance!!! Where is Binance?????

    1. We will ensure that is added to TheOne’s list. I know we have had an application from others on the team though.

  10. Hodl!!!

    1. We are working on them – Github is out shortly!

  11. Will it be on cryptopia? Worried about my coins on cryptopia. Should i leave them there and wait?

    1. We are now recommending that people just wait for the conversion to the new coin.

      Cryptopia doesn’t want to run the old PACcoin code anymore. It is to problematic.

  12. nice job i trust you

  13. So Cryptopia will automatically convert my old pack to the new spac?

    1. YES! Details are being finalized.

  14. +1

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