Chapter 2 – Breaking Through!

It is 2018, and we are entering the second chapter of our PAC story so far.  Wow, what amazing few months!   I am going to share with you quick story about the word ‘WOW’.  Did you know this is the one word that is universal across all languages!  Think about that for a second- now that we have digital currency isn’t it time for a universal internet penny?

Like I said in yesterday’s post, PAC is currently just under 3.5% of its final supply. If you own some PAC you are lucky!  Together, we got PAC here today because this is what happens when people believe and pull behind something that had little or no value months ago when the community relaunched it. We believe in PAC, and as a community we will define PAC’s future together. Let’s remember, we are a decentralized coin, and there is no single point of failure. We will build a system together as you are doing already!  The hurdles we have overcome already to get to this point are amazing!  The story is formidable and is being in these posts. This has all happened at a pace that we cannot sustain right now.

Important note – please be very careful trading PAC against Bitcoin or BTC or coins with a higher valuation – please.  It is very sad how many stories I have gotten from people about this.  As a coin community we will find a solution to this as well later on.  My estimates in my New Year’s Day blog post yesterday were off a little, we are actually at 100,000+ PAC believers and growing at a rapid clip.  Amazing to me how as a community we are quickly discovering uses for PAC and that it really isn’t worthless! Is there enough support for 100 Trillion internet pennies?

There is another HUGE announcement coming shortly that may benefit early HODLERS.  Details are being finalized before it can be consumed. It is in relation to the swap – that is all we can say right now.  But the community will be able to discuss and vote on it soon, this will be fun!

yours truly,

-saul wolf

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  1. You should look at the IPhone App called TOSHI, I just downloaded it for my Ehterium that I have. Very cool app, and VERY easy to use. Paccoin should be able to be traded just like that between people. if it is TRULY to become a Coin of the People

  2. Hi, please I really need help! I’m using Ubuntu operating system and my wallet has been downloading blocks forever so it is still out of sync. What can I do? Is there a way to transfer money to my wallet if it is out of sync? I even opened access to my firewall port 8112 but it is still downloading blocks . Please help, I’ve been having that problem for days now

    1. Sorry you have to wait. The blockchain is over four years old and very long. It will sync after several days. We will be releasing a blockchain boot file shortly for Linux.

      1. If I purchase Paccoin today and you guys will launch the new one with the smaller amount of supply what will be the simple steps of me owning the new one? How old that process work ?

        1. We will announce the redemption desk process – there will be dedicated IDs issued and you will send your coins there after you install your new wallet – and then we will send you your new coins.

          Plenty of time still!

  3. Please register pac on binance. This will really drive its value high!

  4. Is buying Paccoin on yobit legit?

    1. Yes – we caution investors to understand what they are doing before trading though. Do your research!

  5. Interested in the technology and would like to know more updates to invest in PAC coin.

  6. I am early holder… i love this coin! Go Paccoin! Bring it on!!!

  7. I want to buy the 2 billion Pac package. Do not you sell more? Pac to the moon 2018!! WoW

  8. I bought Pac on yobit using bitcoin. Is this still legit PAC ? Or did I just get scammed ?

    1. Haven’t heard any direct complaints of missing coins.

  9. Why keep everybody in the dark for so long? !Why don’t release anything (no team profile, no white paper)like other cryptocurrency do? !Why make your blog like a propaganda that informs ppl nothing but coaxes ppl buying and holding? Your behaviour makes PACcoin like nothing but a scam, though I am one of the fooled investors.

    1. You aren’t being fooled. We have grown this much in the last few weeks. We are releasing the whitepaper on Feb 1st.



  10. Is there any chance of lossing paccoins after syncing it to thr desktop wallet.?

    Or is it more safe to leave it on yobit.?

  11. Thank you PAC. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  12. how do i buy the “new PAC coin”?

    1. The new coin will be redeemed starting Feb 1st for masternodes only.

  13. I have a question I bought PACcoins on Cryptopia was wondering why isn’t there any movement but only sell orders and also I heard about a new release of PACcoins should I leave them there or send it to another wallet? Thanks.

    1. We are trying to work with Cryptopia so that there is a positive outcome for both parties.

  14. how to safely store my paccoin from existing cryptopia and yobit exchane? if any process there ?

    1. Cryptopia will redeem your coins for you. Once redeemed, you can send them to your new $PAC Core wallet for safe keeping. Download it here

      Yobit will not redeem your coins for you. You will need to send to your old/redemption wallet and follow the redemption guide. Download the redemption wallet here

      Redemption guide

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