Calling all $PAC Masternode owners, please re-cast your votes!

Calling all $PAC Masternode owners, please re-cast your votes!

The stability and growth of the $PAC project is 100% reliant on our global Masternode owners to take responsibility for their votes and to ensure only the best proposals receive funding. Otherwise $PAC could receive unneeded downward sales pressure.

Calling all Masternode owners, maybe you own a few $PAC masternodes? Maybe you’ve enjoyed the ROI so far and have been content with sitting on your investment as new coins get generated as commission for providing stability to the network and aiding in our growth as a leading digital payment network.

But your responsibility as a masternode owner doesn’t stop there. It is your duty as a major stakeholder to cast your vote on the many proposals that are currently on the $PAC network asking for funding. Your decision will provide weight as to whether or not these proposals receive the funding they ask for or not.

If you are already active in voting on the network, thank you. However with the recent fork that took place at block 155,000 this has ‘reset’ the voting pool on the network and as a result all existing masternode owners are now required to re-cast their votes on the various proposals on the network.

Some key things you must decide when casting your votes:

  • Do I trust the proposal submitter, are they an active member of the $PAC community and do they have the relevant experience to successfully deliver on their proposal?
  • Is this proposal going to add REAL value to the $PAC project? Is this proposal going to cost the amount of $PAC that they’re asking for?
  • If the proposal requires on-going monthly funding, have they delivered on their promises over the previous months? If not… you must seriously consider voting NO on the proposal instead of voting once and forgetting about it.
  • Every proposal that gets voted YES, might need to be liquidated that month on exchanges adding to downward sales pressure on the project and thus affecting the price, do you want to see the price of $PAC go down because you have voted YES on a proposal that has added no value to the overall $PAC project?

Voting on proposals is a serious responsibility for our global Masternode owners, to date only 68% of all Masternodes currently on the network are actively participating in voting for proposals. This is a number we’d like to see improve.

Is it easy to cast a vote?

Yes, very.

The easiest way is to open your PACcore wallet from your desktop/laptop, navigate to the ‘Proposals’ tab and then simply click YES, NO or ABSTAIN from the list of active proposals on the network. You can filter them from amount of Yes’s, No’s, Date of submission and more in order to find the proposal you’re after faster. Right clicking on a proposal and then clicking ‘Visit proposal website’ will bring you to the documentation that explains what the proposal is for, how they aim to achieve their goals and the amount of funding they are requesting.

Take your time to read each proposal and then cast your vote after you understand what they are hoping to achieve. Most proposals have contact details of the submitter attached to them so you’re more than welcome to reach out to the submitter to ask any questions if you have any before casting your vote.

Please ensure you cast your votes asap and continue to monitor the network for new proposals that get added monthly. Failing to cast your vote negatively affects the $PAC project as bad proposals can be voted through without a fair representation of the global Masternode communities opinion.

thank you.

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