Another BIG Week & Some Solid News!

This week we were approached by an independent third party journalist that wants to start a series of press releases over the next few months.  It will be nice to get some exposure outside the cryptosphere for PAC in the real world.  For our current investors the first released will be a brief recap of the PAC story so far.  We have many other accomplishments and news to share:

  • The DEV team gave their weekly status report on their progress on the new code-base for PAC
    • They have setup branch Main, Test and RegTest codebases & are testing mining & masternode promotion
  •  PAC can be purchased directly on the website using LTC – we know how hard it is for people to get started on PAC
  •  We revamped the website to improve page load times & improve user experience
  •  A PAC video/explainer presentation on the new coin will be released in a few weeks – this is a professionally done presentation with a real spokesperson
  •  A Linux wallet compile instruction page was released this morning – using OSBOX as a virtual machine to compile PAC and load a QT wallet

In process & focus for next week:

  •  The domain transfers for & were aquired by the DEV team from the old founder.  He has also been working with us behind the scenes on transferring these assets so we can revamp the PAC story.
  •  PacFYLE test environment will be built and DEV team and moderators will be invited for feedback the last week of December.
  •  Website content pages for videos & marketing materials, banners etc.
  •  Banners for advertising campaigns – farmed out to several creative groups
  •  Relaunch Bitcointalk forum page for PAC – we need moderation help for everyone!
  •  Launching an affiliate program for RCO campaign so individuals can build PAC and earn some big rewards.

PAC will be a community coin – for many reasons.  The face of the coin will be the community and what we succeed and discover together.  Our DEV team will shepherd some of these technical ideas for the community to consume and discover.  We will develop a format for a decentralized town-hall meeting and continue to refine and grow PAC’s capabilities via virtual town hall meetings.



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  1. Great

  2. Good news

  3. very good guys 🙂

  4. Does this mean that everyone who holds pac before the March 1st hardfork will receive the new paccoin equal to their holdings? Does it matter if I’m holding in the pac wallet or do I need to be on an exchange? Much Question. . . .

    1. You will load the new wallet. send your current PAC in and new PAC will be sent.

      This will be done over a timeframe. Both Pacs chains will be working until redemption is completed.

  5. This is awesome. I want to put a shout out to all the developers and pac team. I know there is a lot of hard work that is done behind the scenes.

  6. please sir, create a paccoin wallet apps..

    1. There will be apps for the new PAC in March.

  7. What is your plan to place PAC in other exchangers?

    1. After the fork when we trade greater than one satoshi against BTC – then we are able to approach or have other exchanges carry PAC.

  8. How much will the total supply and the available supply be for the new coin?

    1. 100 Billion ~3.5 Billion will be in existence at that point.

  9. What will be the available supply for the new coin?

    1. 100 Billion of which ~3.5B will be in existence.

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