Announcing the $PAC International Blockchain Conference, Nigera

Announcing the $PAC International Blockchain Conference, Nigera

Africa welcomes $PAC, at the first International Blockchain Conference, educating students and business owners on cryptocurrency, $PAC as an alternative payment ecosystem and how to organise their own community circles to begin commerce of $PAC in the region.

Lagos, Nigeria – Home to one of the world largest populations of un-banked people. Daily commerce and trade occurs mainly in cash, which in a country where crime is at an all time high provides considerable risk to both small and large businesses.

$PAC, is attempting to establish a foothold in the region by running a series of educational conferences and talks at various locations inviting members of the public, students and business owners to learn about cryptocurrencies and how $PAC can lead the way as an alternative digital payment solution and increase adoption with merchants.

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The first conference aims to attract 100+ attendees. The attendees will learn about $PAC in a practical manner, with a hands on approach via live demonstrations of the wallets, retailer focused technologies and how blockchain-based payments provide benefits over cash-only commerce.

All attendees will receive airdrops in $PAC so that can buy their food with established $PAC merchants in the area. Attendees can also participate in games and activities with the winners receiving a variety of $PAC merchandise (T Shirts, caps, USB sticks and glasses).

Juwon Ogunseye, $PAC African Ambassador and speaker

Juwon has worked with Dash over the past 2 years in establishing communities and adoption circles for cryptocurrencies in Africa, as an avid $PAC supporter and with a wealth of connections in the region he aims to bolster support for $PAC moving forward. His talks in the region will cover a welcome to crypto introduction, what is blockchain?, What is $PAC?, an overview of the $PAC wallets, how to use them and how to  cast votes on the DAO, Payment features of $PAC, $PAC vs other Masternodes coins, $PAC vs BITCOIN and ten reasons to buy a $PAC Masternode.

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