Announcing PAC Global, the future of the PACcoin project

Announcing PAC Global, the future of the PACcoin project

We are happy to announce that $PAC (PACcoin) will officially be re-named PAC Global as of the 1st August 2019.

The $PAC project has seen some significant changes throughout its short lifespan. Originally the ‘Pacifica Nations’ coin, taken over by a new and talented team to be re-branded as $PAC – The People’s Alternative Choice and now, in response to the entire digital asset space seeing one of the most severe shifts in market capitalization among the projects in the industry, the $PAC project is stepping up and truly transforming itself into a brand that better reflects our future service offerings and ability to becomes one of the most valuable assets in the industry. Welcome, to PAC Global.

Projects are disappearing almost daily, the year long bear market has caused many, many projects to close up shop and bow out of the industry due to lack of interest and ability to bring a working product to market. Bitcoin at the time of writing is near an all time high of market share at around 66%. This has caused the value of the entire alt coin market to plummet to yearly lows, this is showing a global lack of faith towards lower cap projects as market sentiment and money moves into Bitcoin as a store of value whilst Ethereum, XRP, Dash and many of the top 50 coins see losses against Bitcoin.

This shift comes largely due to the fact mainstream media, governments and legal organisations are talking about Bitcoin and it’s hedge as a long term store of value and an alternative to gold. With the launch of Libra (Facebook’s global coin solution) looming, many people are staring to re-evaluate their positions on the alt portfolio.

What to expect in the short term?

The entire team behind the new PAC Global project has taken immediate steps to ensure the legitimacy of the new brand and move the project into a more professional and accountable legal entity.

PAC Global Holdings LLC

Is our new legal entity, directed by our existing board members and overseen by our new CEO Drew Saunders (please refer to website).
PAC Global Official Github

Over the coming weeks and months all of our existing brand materials, wallets and code will be released to main net and the future of the PAC Global project can begin.

Work has already begun on the new wallets that will be available to download and begin using once our new code is live.

We are in the process of agreeing on a re-brand LIVE date with our exchange partners, CoinMarketCap and all additional third party platforms.

We have a near exhausting list of all platforms, websites and branded areas that use the current branding and we will be working systematically on changing these in the near term, however we would encourage our entire community to help relay this information to any websites or platforms that currently support $PAC to let them know of the coming changes and to inform our team if we have missed anything.

A full brand guideline document, assets and creative tools will be made available on the new website coming soon to allow anyone in the community to start building their own PAC Global artwork and helping to share this incredible new step for the project.


The PAC Global Team.

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  1. is there any changes in total supply or circulating supply or any coin burn after name change ?

    1. Hello,

      Supply numbers do not change. But we have a burn address if anyone would like to burn coins to never be accessed again.


  2. What happens with the exchange on because in this exchage the old PAC is still being exchanged and not $ PAC?

    1. Hello,

      Yobit is currently in maintenance.
      They need to update their wallet to the most recent version to resume trading there.
      Yobit was trading the new PAC and not the pre-2018 PAC.

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